Friday, August 05, 2005

Who's Controlling Space Agency Activities? E.T?

A secret common protocol exists that are honored by all the international space agencies. This became evident recently as China started implanting the manned lunar travel mission. Chinese engineers and aerospace scientists are reporting secretly that they just cannot do what they like. Invisible laws make their life harder. When asked, they are told that all the Space Agencies does that and China cannot be an exception either. Chinese aviation and space exploration achievements are remarkable but till this date China, it seems, never had to abide by these universal laws. But today China and Indian Space Agencies as they cross the boundary of actual Space, are told to follow protocols that are harder to follow, more expensive to implement but never the less a must for future space travel.
Many researchers say it is the extra-terrestrials in contact with the six Space-travel capable nations (US, Russia, France, Britain, China and India) set these invisible protocols and guidelines that must be “followed” by the Agencies. If you track the use nuclear powered traction in Space, you will understand what we are talking about. Recently, China and India are going through a lot of redesign of thrust mechanisms to accommodate the same. Russian Aviation and Space Agency (RASA) and NASA both have communicated among themselves in terms of these protocols.
You may guess why Americans went to Moon in 1869 and never again made a trip to land humans there? Russians gave up the idea all together? Europeans never attach a lot of importance in sending humans anywhere. And the Indians and Chinese are dancing right now. But most likely their enthusiasm will dampen once they are told by the same entities what they can do in moon. Once they understand that they will also decide – there is no use of wasting money on moon. Unmanned vehicles, probes are very common and are allowed but humans are not because human beings cannot be really sterilized in the sense made germless. That is the biggest concern of the Universe. Many question if America went to the Moon at all? What difference does it make – since after the moon mission America focused on exploring the entry, exit and reentry of the atmosphere with the Shuttle technologies. And exploration of the nearby space restricted to a small area in the outer space. It is possible that unless these Space Agencies achieve in pollution free technologies and humans sent are void of all germs, actual space travel will never be allowed.

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