Saturday, August 27, 2005

A REVISIT on "What will happen on December 21, 2012?"

On this very same day I posted a prediction from an early Mayan Civilization under the heading "What will happen on December 21, 2012?" The original article was taken from and I do not have a lot of knowledge about these Mayan Calanders and civilizations but when I went through the article it seemed like it had some kind of meaning bugged inside it, so I thought of sharing it with you people. But Here's a comment from a reader who doesn't blindly believe what he reads. He says...

1. You are dumb
Do you even know what a technologist is?
2. You should probably research a little deeper before you post... i mean sure you never thought anyone would read it but it makes you look like an idiot most of your psts make you sound crazy
3. Ya i know all about this theory ive researched quite thougholy and its quite complicated in having to do with "our spirit"you see each person has a certain frequency that it vibrates at. A high frequency shows good karma(really just that you are feeling that youve done something good raise the vibrate rate..Hz) and bad deeds lower your vibrationand we have already enter this wierd cloud that we enter every 21000 yrs.... if you actually read anything about the mayan hypothesis then you would know that this is one of the cycyles that their calendar goes around.
Their calendar counts down not up and on december 21st it ends and if you read anything about space. then you know about the comet that recently passed mars cause one of its moons to shift orbit... some scientists predict it will fall out of orbit and hit earthwhich helps proves that in most of the cultural history of man they predict the end by a meteor type event. Those who are on the other side of earth predict earthquakes tsunamies cause by collisionthis will happen after the 21ston the 21st we will enter the full power if the cloud andthis cloud is high frequency... so all those that have a high frequency are supposed to either not die or leave into an alternate universe to be safe from destructionalso some thing about jesus being there.. but whatever..
So I hope you learn to research instead of rant like a lunatic!

Well, thankz for letting us know what the reality is. In future, if you find these kind of mistakes in our site please do respond! We'll be more than happy to accept.


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