Thursday, August 11, 2005

Communicating with Aliens using Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields

Finally science is ready to break the barrier of conventional physics. Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields of specific resonance factors are being used to generate signals through the higher dimensional spatial structures of the hyperspace that can penetrate and reach the Parallel Universes as well as the extraterrestrial alien civilizations thriving in those environments.
The alien civilizations prosper in the parallel universes where chances of physical destruction of the Universe itself are much less due to the presence of higher dimensional spatial structures. Any advanced civilization will try and find a way to shift its presence to the parallel universe of much higher dimensions. And therefore, it is essential to harness technologies that can penetrate the barrier of our physical Universe and traverse the parallel Universe.
That is exactly what is happening in experimental labs all over the world. The Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields of specific resonance factors create strange wave like disturbances in the ether medium engulfing the higher dimensions of spatial structures. The resulting effect is astonishing. The human generated pulse can finally create much higher dimensional disturbance in the parallel Universe. This is exactly what happens when we focus our mind in something or try to communicate something to someone through the use of telepathy. According to some recent theories on remote viewing, the remote viewers and psychics unknowingly create the exact same effects when they use their mind to explore, navigate and feel. The communication also takes place with higher dimensional spatial structures.
The spatial disturbance can be read by the human mind very well. Scientists have tried to find the mechanism by which the mind is able to generate the signals, receive and decode the signals. The electromagnetic change of field or flux has guided scientists in creating similar effects artificially. The initial experiments have produced fantastic results. According to some researchers, our civilization is supposed to communicate and traverse into the higher dimensional parallel universes in the coming 100 years. If these experiments are correct, we will achieve the same much faster. We will communicate with many other advanced alien civilizations and also our past and future.

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