Wednesday, August 03, 2005

East Kingston woman reports second UFO sighting

EAST KINGSTON - It’s happened again. An East Kingston resident said she saw a "silver-cigar" shaped object in a daytime sky last week. This time it was a homemaker who, like the first person to give an account of witnessing an unidentified flying object, wished to use only her first name, "Lucienne." The sighting allegedly happened about noon on Monday, July 25. Lucienne said she was standing in a meadow behind her house on North Road when she saw the long object in the sky. She described it as a pill shape, because it had rounded ends and was longer than it was wide. Dark spots lined the object, which she said appeared to be windows. Lucienne said the incident lasted about 30 seconds, and she didn’t have time to run into her house to get binoculars. When she saw the object she yelled for her husband, but he was too far away to hear. This report comes about a week after a 48-year-old Navy veteran claimed to have seen a similar object when he was in the back yard of his home in Exeter. "David," as he wished to be identified, said he saw the object at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20. He provided a detailed account to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. Lucienne said she didn’t read the first article in the News-Letter about David’s account until Wednesday, July 27. When she read the second article about people questioning the validity of David’s account, she contacted the News-Letter because, she said she believes, she saw the same object in the sky just days after his encounter. Like David’s account, Lucienne said that, before the object disappeared, it stretched out to about twice its original size. But, unlike David’s account, Lucienne said the object did not change color, and she did not see any flames under the object. Also, the "windows" on the object did not extend to each end; rather, each end of the object was solid and without windows. Lucienne wrote down her observations so that she’d have documentation, but she had not submitted the information to UFO authorities as of Monday.

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