Thursday, April 27, 2006

E.T. true believers to descend on desert 'UFO-ville'

By Benjamin Spillman, USA TODAY

LANDERS, Calif. — "E.T." has been back home for years, and now earthlings claiming contact with space aliens are planning a homecoming of their own Saturday in a section of the Mojave Desert that looks a lot like the moon.
Nearly three decades after a free-thinking Californian named George Van Tassel hosted his final gathering to honor alien visitors, pioneers of the UFO culture are coming back to the site of the nation's earliest extraterrestrial rallies.
They will be coming to see the Integratron, a dome-shaped building said to have been commissioned in 1953 by creatures from outer space; to view the Giant Rock, site of the early rallies; to hear tales by those who say they've had experiences with extraterrestrials; to see demonstrations of "new technologies" by UFO experts; and to enjoy a UFO-themed opera and art exhibits.
"This is where the x-files were talked about before there was The X Files," said Barbara Harris, who is organizing the first formal reunion of alien "contactees" at the site since Van Tassel died in 1978.
"I did not want this history to pass away," she said.
Harris, her husband, Rob, and those helping her want to rekindle the spirit that from 1954 to 1977 attracted thousands annually to this remote desert area about 150 miles east of Los Angeles.
Harris said the philosophy of peace and harmony with aliens fostered during the old rallies is an important counterweight to today's portrayals of extraterrestrials as hostile invaders — E.T., of course, being an exception. Earthling contactees describe "alien people who were here to help humanity," Harris said.
Harris said as many as 500 people — some from as far as British Columbia, Canada, and Montgomery County, Md. — have registered for the reunion, which costs up to $195 and will include a recording studio for early contactees to recount their experiences.
Van Tassel was a test pilot who left Southern California's booming aerospace industry for the desert in 1947. He and his family lived a simple existence in a home a prospector had dug under a seven-story-tall boulder called Giant Rock.
In 1953 Van Tassel claimed to have been visited by aliens who instructed him to build a structure aimed at extending human life to help people take advantage of the wisdom acquired through age. He called it the Integratron, and it became his mission for the next 25 years.
"The Mojave Desert has been UFO-ville since 1947," said Joseph Trainor of Attleboro, Mass.
From 1996 to early 2006, Trainor operated a website about UFO sightings.
Trainor counted the Mojave Desert rallies and sightings among significant postwar developments that still influence UFO culture today. They include alleged UFO sightings in Washington state, Idaho and New Mexico in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
"Giant Rock, I would say, is probably one of the key UFO hot spots in the U.S.A.," Trainor said.
The highlights of the original rallies were speeches by Van Tassel and others who claimed not only to have seen extraterrestrials but to have communicated with them.
Witness accounts and TV documentaries indicate that at their peak, the rallies attracted as many as 10,000 people. Guests trekked to the desert by car or landed airplanes on a small strip called Giant Rock Airport.
There, Van Tassel and other speakers regaled audiences with tales of flying saucer rides and attempts to channel alien messages through their bodies.
"They came from all over. It wasn't just from the United States," said Robert Short of Cornville, Ariz., who attended the early rallies, claims to have been in contact with aliens since the early 1950s, and will be on hand Saturday.
Short, a Christian minister who makes appearances to detail his alien claims, says the gathering Saturday is an important homage to early believers who by speaking publicly risked ridicule from others.
"A lot of them are gone now," Short said. "People are paying tribute to what took place out there."
"It is one of the best things that ever happened as far as an event in my life," Bob Benson, 60, of Wildomar, Calif., said of the reunion, which he plans to attend.
Benson lived near Giant Rock from 1972 until Van Tassel's death. He says he didn't see any UFOs but he believed in the healing power of the Integratron, which he helped build.
The reunion, Benson says, is validation that the work he and Van Tassel did is still relevant.
"You finally realize it is for people," said Benson during a recent visit to the building and Giant Rock. "It is for everybody, it is not just for myself."
The proceeds from the Retro UFO Space Convention will go to a local historical society and to preserving the Integratron, which despite being built without nails, survived a magnitude-7.3 earthquake in 1992.
In addition to raising money, Harris said she expects the reunion will bring new energy to the Integratron by highlighting its UFO past for a new generation of people who still want to learn about the phenomena.
Dan Woodman, 56, of Anaheim, Calif., says he's looking forward to the event.
Woodman, who has had five generations of relatives living full or part time in Landers, remembers Van Tassel and the early rallies.
"I'm seeing the next generation enjoying the story," Woodman said.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Has UFO visited Bridlington?

Did you spot something strange flying over Bridlington on Easter Sunday?

Bridlington UFO fan Paul Sinclair spotted the object over Blackburn Avenue at around midnight and managed to get these photographs.He said: "I cannot explain why or how but I sensed something and looked up into the sky. It was very dark with low cloud cover. "I could see an orange light and a dark oval shape of some kind within the cloud.""I have to say it was strange knowing there was an object of some sort in the sky."Paul runs his own UFO website which details other accounts of sightings in the area. Anyone interested can visit their website at
Have you spotted any UFOs over Bridlington?
Please feel free to post your comments

UFO Sightings Increase For HBCC UFO Research (by Brian Vike)

Recently I have been reading where some believe that UFO sightings are on the decrease, due to the lack of interest and a lack of reported sightings in their areas, in Canada, the United States or worldwide. Personally I found this to be untrue in my case, mainly due to the large amount of reported sightings that I receive here at HBCC UFO Research. As a matter of fact, there is so much material coming in, that HBCC UFO Research has now gone International. The idea behind this is to have UFO investigators scattered all over the world willing to take on and investigate the cases that are sent in.
After reading an article on the decrease in UFO reports, I placed a short and to the point survey/poll on my site, just to get a feel of what others thought. Were sightings of unknown objects on the upswing, or were they indeed decreasing ?
Poll Question: Are UFO sightings on the increase ?
People were asked to check one of three boxes, yes, no or not sure. As of today out of 309 people polled, below are the results.

Yes - 208 votes, 67.31%
No - 31 votes, 10.03%
Not sure - 70 votes, 22.65%

The results give an indication how people feel about this topic.
I started HBCC UFO Research in mid 2000 at which time I only received maybe a handful of UFO sighting reports. 2001 rolled along and things picked up a little and actually I worked on several good cases which took place at the end of that year. One involving the Vanderhoof, BC crop circles and the other a cow mutilation out of the Falkland BC area. The latter one in particular I assisted the RCMP in trying to solve the mystery.
At the beginning of 2002, for whatever reason, it was like night and day. Reports started to come in at a fast and steady pace. Some of the cases were simply amazing and certainly there is no doubt in my mind that something rather unusual was taking place here in the Pacific Northwest in British Columbia. Multiple witnesses for some events, and video footage and photos taken of some of what folks were observing reiterated my thoughts on the matter.
I believe this area did become the UFO capital of Canada for two years running. (2002 - 2003).
A good example for such excellent cases took place in the summer of 2003. On July 22nd, a single report came in with multiple witnesses to a bizarre incident. What appeared to be a solid cylindrical shaped object tuned into two parts, and both parts leaving in different directions. This was the start of what people would call a UFO flap. Reports of unusual objects started to pour in from July 22 onward. From jet aircraft chasing an unknown object down Okanagan Lake, to a large circular craft having wedge shaped objects dropping from it. Green balls of light making some fantastic maneuvers in the night sky, and a major UFO event on July 28, where I ended up receiving information from well over 200 eyewitnesses.
That was followed by a missing time case out of Kelowna, BC where two women stopped at the side of a highway, got out of their vehicle and noticed lights moving across the sky and forming a triangle. As the lights dropped down from above, they became one solid, bright green neon ball of light which sat stationary ahead of the ladies just above the highway. What was to take place was an incredible experience for both women. One was left with bruising , and the other had a large burn mark on her tailbone. There also were eight independent eyewitness to the incident who observed the green ball of light hovering over the highway. After the experience one of the ladies was hospitalized and continues to have resulting medical problems.
Reported sightings kept coming in at a good rate, from 2002 and continue to this day with no slow down in reports of unexplained happenings. HBCC UFO Research took in just over 900 sighting reports in 2005 and cases are increasing each year. This year seems no different... reports keep coming in and it looks like 2006 will be another bumper year.
Many people believe we are interested only in new UFO sighting reports and not UFO experiences that go back many years. Not true. I have personally found that a lot of the older sightings were some of the most incredible experiences that people have had and you sure are welcome to submit your details of such occurrences. Many such accounts can be heard on a double Cd I've compiled. The Cds are audio reports from actual people telling me what they saw.
If you have been witness to something unusual in the day or night sky, please feel free to contact Brian at my website which can be found at: or you are welcome to call me at: 250 845 2189.
Brian Vike
April 25, 2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Extraterrestrail type III civilization manipulates the star systems in galaxies

Extraterrestrail type III civilization manipulates the star systems in galaxies. Scientists are finding astonishing evidences with the computer simulation models.
Canis Major dwarf galaxy is one of the closest galaxies to the earth. It is colliding with our Milky Way. Our Milky Way is slowly and systematically taking away the stars from the Canis Major which is a much smaller galaxy.
When simulated in a computer it shows very clearly how our Milky Way have systematically taken stars away from Canis Major and grown approximately 1% more in mass at the expense of the smaller galaxy. Simulations show that, over a period of two billion years, the stream of stars lost from the Canis Major dwarf galaxy are able to wrap around the galaxy three times, giving rise to a complex structure which is seen as a immense ring of stars from Earth.
When the data was put in a knowledge base and the inference engine was asked to reverse engineer the model, it clearly showed how two gravitational sources can interact to transfer stars between them. It was absolutely astounding to note that the transfer is totally organized and controlled. The artificial intelligence system allows back calculating the model with which two colliding galaxies have interacted. They do not crash on each other, one is slowly absorbed by the other.

Secret UFO bases along the interface of the seven large and many small tectonic plates

UFO bases need to be deep under the ground because the UFO crafts need to be close to the mantle of the earth. Servicing of these crafts can be done in that electromagnetic environment only. In addition according to this theory the crust must be as thick as possible in that area. That is only available where one tectonic plate moves on top of another tectonic plate.
The UFO researchers are now predicting that there are many UFO bases at the sub-tectonic level. Most of these are in remote areas or under the ocean. The UFO vehicles according to these researchers are fuelled and serviced in an environment that has much higher electromagnetic flux. UFO bases are along the interface of the seven large and many small tectonic plates meet each other. According to the UFO researchers, the underground UFO bases are deep under the ground where multiple tectonic plates push on top of each other. For example the Indian plate and Eurasian plates colliding against each other along the Himalayas makes it an ideal location.

Why UFOs are so difficult to see and capture in conventional cameras

Computer models have shown that very high intensity electromagnetic flux in a subdued mode does emit unpredictable visible spectrum of light. That is exactly what we humans can see in bare eyes. The glowing light unfortunately does not stay for long because the extra-terrestrial UFOs increase the intensity of the electromagnetic flux for stealth purpose after reaching the desired stable speed. That is the main reason why people sometimes see these glowing lights for a short while, and by the time they try to get a camera or other eyewitnesses, these lights are gone.
The high intensity electromagnetic flux that we are talking about, expressed in Maxwell or Weber is far beyond human imagination. Even the strongest super conductors that we know of are not capable of generating such high intensity electromagnetic flux.
In case of Extra-terrestrial aircrafts, the light that is visible comes from the subdued high intensity electromagnetic flux. The extra-terrestrial UFOs are mostly invisible. But the high intensity electromagnetic flux that surrounds them does emit visible spectrum of light when the flux intensity is brought down somewhat.