Sunday, July 31, 2005

Earthquake lights show Extraterrestrial UFOs in the vicinity

Most of the earthquakes above 4.0 Richter are associated with a strange phenomenon called earthquake lights. It is similar to an aurora like Northern lights but the span of the same is dispersed and sometime very short in area of sky covered. The lights appear before and around the same time earthquakes start. Scientists had different opinions on these lights. Some even called these lights hoax or reflection or refracted light and so on. Now scientists are realizing these strange glowing lights are electromagnetic change in field density or flux that is resultant from the change in earth’s electromagnetic field intensity from the earthquake and massive tectonic force and momentum. What really happens is that the intense electromagnetic flux in the environment at that moment neutralizes the electromagnetic stealth of the Extraterrestrial UFOs in the vicinity. The UFOs have two levels of electromagnetic shields. The first layer provides security and an equivalent of impenetrable armor. The outer layer of electromagnetic shield provides the stealth. The earthquakes cause the neutralizing of the outer layer and thus expose the inner level of electromagnetic shield. That shield glows and the light is known as the earthquake lights.
People who report these earthquake lights knows very well these glowing lights at the time of earthquakes are sometime single, sometime two and sometimes these are many. The reason is simple. The number depends upon the number of UFOs in the vicinity. Sumatra, Andaman, Nicobar Islands in recent days experienced maximum number of earthquakes in the last six months. These islands and surrounding region in the ocean have experienced innumerable earthquake lights before and during the earthquakes. The number of these glowing lights and the position of these lights are all different. Normally once the lights come in the sky or the UFO stealth shields are taken out, the UFOs stay stationery busy to rebuild the shields as fast as possible. That is why the lights stay in one place and sooner or later disappear.
Most interesting is the way these lights disappear. It goes off all on a sudden and there is no fixed time frame for that. The reason is again simple. Different earthquakes produce different level of electromagnetic flux. The UFOs as a result lose their electromagnetic shields if stealth and their positions are revealed. At that moment the UFOs employ all their resource to rebuild the shield. The moment they are able to rebuild the shield, the glowing light so-called earthquake lights disappear.

Top-end X-files revealed

SECRET documents released by the Northern Territory Government reveal a mass of UFO sightings across the Top End, many of them unexplained.
The documents - declassified after 30 years under lock and key - detail a history of UFO activity across the Territory by a wide range of 'sighters', including RAAF crews and weather forecasters. The files were classified and only became available to the public from the National Archives in Darwin, after 30 years. One sighting, by the crew of a RAAF Hercules in Darwin in 1968, also appeared on radar, although no known aircraft was identified in the area at the time.
The crew described a series of lights which crossed their take-off path from Darwin airport, with no visible fuselage or structure. RAAF command in Sydney said the contact may have been a foreign aircraft. "The fact the sighting was made by an RAAF aircrew and detected by the aircraft's radar leaves very little doubt ... (that something) was in the area," RAAF command said."As the aircraft has not been identified, a violation of our national airspace cannot be discounted." Another of the secret documents, obtained by the Australian UFO Research Association, describes a sighting by a weather bureau forecaster at Daly Waters in November, 1966. The forecaster was tracking a weather balloon with a theodolite when he noticed a flying object in the sky. He reported sighting a metallic-grey, oblong object flying at high altitude.
A check with the aircraft control office in Darwin revealed there were no aircraft in the area at the time. A third file reports the sighting of a saucer-shaped object by a group of nurses in Alice Springs in 1967. The nurses spotted the UFO in the middle of the day and said it was a silver colour with a copper band around the centre.
UFO archivist Dominic McNamara said there were many NT sightings but most were unsubstantiated. "The NT is a hot-spot for sightings particularly because of its remoteness," Mr McNamara said. "But the cases where people actually see substantial objects and can describe them are the ones that stand out."
He said tracking down the files was an arduous task because a serial number needed to be quoted to retrieve any file. So he cross-referenced files from related items, eventually narrowing the field to 170 documents.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The experience of traveling in an Extraterrestrial UFO

So how does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization? It is all in higher dimension. We will enter a world of perception, conceptualization and visualization. It is the world of dream that we cannot retract or even remember for long. It is a world of parallel Universe where time and space do not exists in the form we know. All our sciences and physical existence hard facts fail. Things happen there with the help if mind and soul – the source of very powerful unleashed energy.
The most interesting feature inside a UFO of that advanced nature, according to UFO researchers is the process and mechanism by which they transform existence and conceptual phenomena to the three dimensions and time. Their mechanism allows them to operate in a higher dimension but let the effects happen in the four dimensions of our Universe.
The gravity, propagation, navigation and stealth all are part of our four dimensional Universe. They can transform their existence and though processes into our dimensions.
A simple example of such an experience (though a very crude example) will be a dream of flying an UFO into outer boundaries of the Galaxy.
Simply put they can see us but we cannot. This is because they exist in dimensions that we cannot perceive yet. Think about an ant trying to look at a runway where aircrafts are taking off. What does the ant see? It does not even care. It is just busy making a living in the ground, which seems a difficult task given all the constraints any way.
Time and space are modes in which we think and not conditions in which we live, said Einstein. That is exactly what it feels inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization.
They have cracked the mystery of multiple dimensions. They travel from one parallel Universe to another. They can project their mind to make things happen in higher than four dimensions. They are just advanced beings. If you see them you will feel they are creating miracles all the time. But it is just that their mind is free to perform things that need application of controlled and programmed energies. Out mind is also capable of doing that but we cannot just let it go. If we do, it is said that we are creating magic or miracle.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Super Stealth from the ET UFOs

The ultimate stealth comes from mastering the technologies of bending space and time when and where you need the same. These same techniques provide the extraterrestrial UFOs to move through a wormhole or a blackhole to another part of the universe or even out to another universe. Scientists are studying the UFOs for a long time to reverse engineer the technologies that can advance terrestrial technologies by leaps and bounds. The fact that extraterrestrial UFOs can disappear instantaneously before any one can prove anything, indicates that the extraterrestrial UFOs possess super stealth that is way beyond what we can understand from out conventional physics.
According to some scientists and engineers, extraterrestrial UFOs use manipulation of time and space to provide the super stealth that can make them completely disappear from anywhere anytime instantaneously. According to these researchers, they may be using “dark matter” and application of higher spatial dimensions unknown to human civilization that makes this kind of miracle happen. There are two methods of achieving this super stealth. First is the method of applying spatial infinite dimensions of the parallel universe to move an entity out from the four conventional dimensions of the Physical universe. The other is acceleration or deceleration of time dimension to make the entity also disappear in a flick of a second.
Computer models simulating the conditions inside a black hole shows interesting concepts. The gravitational field is intense and does not even allow light to pass through. But localized presence of dark matter in the black holes provides the mechanisms for space and time manipulation. Within the collapsing time and space concepts, a local area can be preserved for propagation and stealth through the use of spatial strings. The technology that allows extraterrestrial UFOs to travel through the black holes also provide them the means of super stealth. You cannot move through a black hole out of Universe unless you have mastered the technology of bending space and time with ease.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is it a U.F.O.?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Up in the sky -- a bird? -- or a flying saucer?
To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard's digital photo appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon, Utah. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape.
The photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission says he's a "believer" in UFOs because as a 10-year-old he saw three blurry gray spheres rotating in the sky before suddenly disappearing.
A representative of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle thought the sphere looked like a bird. Woodard scoffs at that, as well as the theory that the image could be nothing more than a speck of dust on his film.
He says none of the 100 photos he shot Tuesday contained a similar mark. The war of the skeptics and the believers continues.
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Crop circles to be work of ET

BEIJING, June 18 (Xinhuanet) -- Strange circles have appeared in a grass field in the village of Znamensky in Southern Russia. Locals think they are the work of extraterrestrials.
According to reports from Russia's NTV television channel, the circles are connected by straight lines. Similar patterns have been found in different locations across the world, and their origin is still the subject of intense speculation. The extraterrestrial version of the story has not been ruled out, though the most earthly theory suggests the circles are a result of bio-energetic charges emanating from the planet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

THQ reveals UFO survey results

THQ Inc., publisher of tomorrow's new game release Destroy All Humans, has announced the results of an out-of-this-world survey, dramatically revealing that 73 percent of respondents believe in the existence of extra terrestrial life and almost half believe they have already visited Earth.
The survey went on to reveal that a staggering 39 percent of respondents know someone who claims to have seen a UFO or alien and 14 percent actually know someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens.
More worryingly, nearly 80 percent of over 24 year olds think the British government is actively covering up the existence of aliens and 18 percent believe that aliens are already masquerading as celebrities and politicians.
The survey, hosted online, was conducted ahead of the release of Destroy All Humans!, available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, offering players the chance to invade Earth from the perspective of the aliens.

10 Things U should do if U encounter a UFO

1. The No. 1 thing to remember is REMAIN CALM! But protect yourself from any hazards real or perceived. Be prepared to take evasive (but not aggressive) action to get out of its way. Remember: You might be witnessing the event of a lifetime and will want to remember every detail. You can't do that if you are hysterical.
2. Be objective. Not every UFO is extraterrestrial. Eliminate every other possibility (within your means) first. Only after that should you consider the possibility that what you saw might be a true UFO.
3. Use a camcorder or camera to record the event. Try to keep reference points in the field of view, as this will aid researchers in analyzing the film. If you do not have a camera or camcorder, draw pictures of what you saw and the area around it.
4. If you have a tape recorder, record your description of the event as it happens. Include reference points on this tape also. For example, "I am about 10 yards from the big oak tree and the craft is 30 yards beyond that." If you don't have a tape recorder, write down your observations right after the event.
5. If other witnesses are present, ask them to write or record their observations. But do NOT discuss the event with them (at least until after your observations have been recorded) as investigators want to know what you saw, not what your neighbor saw.
6. If the UFO left some trace of its presence behind, do not disturb the area around it, and restrict access to the site (it's not a crime anymore; it's now a crime scene). Photograph the area around the site before you enter the area, and make note of the exact position of everything. Take close-up photos or videotape the evidence before touching it. Remember: You don't know what you're touching, where it came from or what type of hazards might be associated with it.
7. If the sighting is from a distance, at an arms length, what would it take to cover up the object? A quarter? A penny? A dime? An aspirin? Or would it take something bigger? A golf ball? A baseball? Or a tennis ball?
8. Try to judge the distance from you to the object, the object's altitude and its speed. Was it across the street or was it over the next field? Was it treetop level or was it a few hundred feet up? Did it cross the sky in five seconds or five minutes?
9. Should you encounter some type of extraterrestrial being associated with the craft, be prepared to take evasive action to protect yourself. From a safe distance, in a concealed position, photograph or videotape the being. If you are unable to safely get photos of the being, draw it and write down a description as soon as it is safe to do so.
10. Immediately report the event to a UFO research organization for investigation. There are several such organizations around the world. The Mutual UFO Network is the largest and most noted of these organizations, with investigators in all 50 states and around the world.

How do you know an extraterrestrial UFO is in the vicinity?

Scientists and UFO researchers are ever anxious to find if there are ways to find if extraterrestrial UFOs are around before being able to observe any signs with human eyes. Those who research with UFOs in many different countries have recently noted some very interesting observations. UFOs use electromagnetic flux for armor at the first level and for stealth at the second level. When the UFO comes out of the wormhole for a very little time it is stealth-less though armor part of the electromagnetic change in field intensity stays. The first signs of an extraterrestrial UFO are unusually high change in electromagnetic field intensity with respect to that of the earth. It is almost like a huge dynamo running and dissipating the energy all over. This is the first indication of an extraterrestrial UFO hovering in the vicinity.
The time taken to put the electromagnetic stealth in place is tiny but still it can be as long as 15 seconds or so. During this time, it is possible to see glowing flickering lights surrounding the UFOs. When the electromagnetic flux is in full force, the UFO is invisible to all terrestrial technologies. An earthquake normally generates extraordinary level of electromagnetic energy and flux. That nullifies the electromagnetic flux intensity and the glowing lights are visible which looks like disjointed large spots of Northern lights or Aurora. If you really want to know if an extraterrestrial UFO is really near you, look at the animals and yourself. It is now scientifically proven that super high intensity of electromagnetic flux makes all living beings depressed. Our living soul is electromagnetic energy and it cannot tolerate an influence of an external very high intensity of electromagnetic flux that is uncontrolled by our soul. So all living beings become depressed and the thinking process gets difficult in the presence of extraterrestrial UFOs. When you find all animals are lethargic and you also feel the same, the possibilities are very high that one or more UFOs are near by. If you are lucky to see an UFO nearby, then watch the lights. If the lights are static, it is terrestrial aircraft. If the lights are glowing and are pulsating in a very smooth sinusoidal manner, it is an extraterrestrial UFO. If the light is above some kind of water, look for a reflection in the water. Electromagnetic flux is not a light; it is aglow for the change of field intensity with respect to that of earth. Normally the reflections are invisible. If it is visible, it will much less intense that the actual glowing light.

UFO files opened

Are we alone? For the first time the accounts of people who believe there is something else out there are being made public.
Dominic McNamara was an electrical engineer and head of the Australian UFO Research Centre.He spent several years unlocking hundreds of restricted files from the government's top secret national archives, detailing UFO sightings from outback drunks to military personnel.According to the unlocked files, Woomera, in outback South Australia, had the highest rate of UFO sightings of anywhere in the world.There were even some people who said they had been beamed up and taken aboard friendly flying saucers.

UFO sighting in Exeter - again

EXETER - There was something odd in the sky last week, something that caused a Navy veteran with 10,000 hours of flight experience to have his own close encounter. The former flight engineer, who wished to be identified only as "David," said of the experience, "this was like nothing I’ve ever seen before." What the retired Navy chief petty officer said he saw last Wednesday could only be classified as a UFO, an unidentified flying object. It was a bright and sunny afternoon, about 3:15 p.m., and David was outside preparing his lawnmower. He had filled the mower with gas, checked the oil, and took a sip from a glass of water he had poured. When he tilted his head back to get the final sip, through the bottom of the glass he saw a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky. David said windows were equally spaced around the object, however he didn’t see anyone or anything inside. The size of the object was enormous. By comparison, he said, consider what an ultralight plane would look like next to a Boeing 747. He said it was about the size of two USS Nimitz aircraft carriers. At first glance, through his empty glass of water he thought it could have been the Hood blimp. "But, the instant I put my glass down, I said, ‘that’s not a blimp.’"
The object moved from west to east, very slowly for something that size, he said. His initial instinct was that the object was moving at about 100 knots, but something that big shouldn’t be able to stay in the air if it’s going that slow, he said. The object began changing colors from a bright silver to an orange-ish red. A strange cloud of red and orange flames began surrounding the object, and before he knew it the object stretched out like a rubber band. It grew to about twice its original size, and then it was gone. The entire incident lasted about 10 minutes, he recalled Monday morning, but he is unaware of the specific time because, "it felt like time stopped." He went into his house and first thought to call the police. He decided not to because he didn’t think they’d take him seriously. So he went on the Internet and searched for "report UFO," and found the Web site for the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center.
Peter Davenport, director of the UFO reporting center, said David’s report was astonishing because of his history with flight. "I have no question on his reliability."
He said he gets several accounts each year, but this one stood out. The report was well written and scientific, Davenport said.
"In my view, that’s one of the cardinal rules of an account," he said. The center was founded in 1974 by UFO investigator Robert Gribble. The center’s Web site,, has a large list of UFO sightings. According to the site, the center’s primary function is to receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have witnessed possible UFOs. David’s report, which will soon be on the Web site, will be among dozens of documented sightings to be formally reported to the center.
Not the first time
The Exeter area is no stranger to UFO sightings. In 1965, two Exeter police officers and hitchhiker Norman Muscarello, who was with them, gained national attention after seeing a UFO hovering over Route 101 in Kensington. The sighting was documented in a book called "The Incident at Exeter." And then there was the incident involving Barney and Betty Hill, a husband and wife from Portsmouth who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The couple was driving from a vacation in Canada in 1961 when they saw a UFO. The object moved directly over their car, and before they knew it they grew drowsy. They later claimed to have been abducted by aliens and gave identical accounts while they were hypnotized. But for this recent sighting, David said he believes that there is life beyond Earth. He said the galaxy is so enormous, it’s hard to believe humans are the only intelligent life. "To the point of not being obnoxious, it’d be egocentric to think there is no other life out there."

Monday, July 25, 2005

UFOs are capable of changing the Genetic Signature

Genetic engineering provides one of the most advanced military weapons in the Physical Universe. The Extraterrestrial UFOs are capable of manipulating genetic signatures of the enemy. And now defense scientists are finding this as the most advanced form lethal weapon in the possession of any military. There are two ways of changing genetic signatures of humans. The first is through programmed induction of germs. The germ warfare is well known and many countries of the world work on these germ warfare techniques. The second method is the use of laser induced plasma pulsed energy projectiles. The process involves analyzing and manipulating chemical changes that occur in DNA, aging, stem cells and during disease. Changing genetic signatures can induce fatigue, headache, heart malfunction, other diseases and many similar effects in the enemy.
The alien technologies are capable of using electromagnetic flux to change the genetic signatures of the adversary remotely. Many countries have taken clue from this and have started in mid nineties the secret projects of changing the chemical signature of the enemy. No one knows the long-term effects of these weapons and obviously no country openly discloses their genetic signature changing experiment and military projects. Experts predict that in the future, epidemics like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Bird’s Flu will be very common as various countries try to experiment changing human genetic signatures and develop weapon systems. World Health Organization in a memorandum recently has called for the danger of experimenting with genetic signature changing experiments.
There are two ways of changing genetic signatures of humans. The first is through programmed induction of germs. The germ warfare is well known and many countries of the world work on these germ warfare techniques. The second method is the use of laser induced plasma pulsed energy projectiles. Most of the advanced military projects are focused on remote sensing and remotely induced genetic signature changing capabilities. The concept can be scary. Sudden outbreak of diseases, epidemics and natural causes of death can grip a community because of application of advanced genetic engineering applications. It is also possible on the long term that diseases like cancer, AIDS and so on can be cured by altering the genetic signature of cells in the humans.

Intergalactic subway of wormholes for UFO travel

How do UFOs travel thousands of light years and visit the earth from distant galaxies that we do not even know exist?

Results by astronomers using instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope now indicate that all galaxies harbor one of the dense blackholes. In all the galaxies studied, star speeds continue to increase closer the very center. This in itself indicates a center millions of times more massive than our Sun is needed to contain the stars. This mass when combined with the limiting size makes the case for the central blackholes. The central blackholes are entry points to the wormholes that connect a massive network of subway type wormholes. The extraterrestrial UFOs travel through these wormholes from the other distant galaxies and visit the earth all the time. The blackholes at the center of the galaxies are massive and the core of these massive black gravity beasts collapses into a point close to the point of singularity. These are entry points to the internetworking wormhole highways or subways. Various advanced civilizations use these network of wormholes to travel from one galaxy to another.
The central blackholes also act as a dense gravity source to contain all the stars in the galaxy. It is the brain and soul of the galaxy. It is the capital or the nerve center of the galaxy. The central blackholes are increasing in gravity intensity at its core. A galaxy dies when the central blackhole becomes so powerful that it starts eating up the whole galaxy. The blackholes at that point of time absorbs stars from its galaxy and delivers them to spatial structures of the parallel universe. The parallel universe also has the mechanisms to give birth to new galaxies. The life and death just like stars continues. Extraterrestrial UFOs use these blackhole entry points to traverse from galaxy to galaxy. Moving through a blackhole is not easy. That is where the alien civilization has surpassed the real technological barriers. The process is performed by controlling dense gravity with the help of controlled dark matter with varying intensity at the different positions of the black hole.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Communicating with the Extraterrestrials with the help of Electron acceleration

Believe it or not we are in constant touch with the Federation of Universe. The mind control techniques of the Extraterrestrials are far more advanced that once thought by the UFO researchers.
Electron acceleration for the generation of Infra Red and other optical emissions, and to create additional ionization in selected regions of the ionosphere that could be used to control radio wave propagation properties have shown strange behavior in human mind. According to this theory, techniques of fast ionization with the use of a computer algorithm controlled accelerator can produce the effect. Science is now silently breaking the code of speechless communication between the human minds and Extraterrestrials. The communication is ongoing and takes place all the time. The mind network of humans, animals and plants are all connected to the outer space. According to many UFO researchers, we are told to everything. Even innovations are the effect of the closed circuit connectivity.
Very recently researchers are realizing that extraterrestrial UFOs contact human beings through their advanced mind control techniques. Many claim that the Governments, individuals, animals and plants are all in constant communication with the extraterrestrial entities.
The extraterrestrials according to this theory have the technology to communicate by methods that is nontraditional in terrestrial terms. People, who have claimed that they have experienced UFOs, are especially sensitive to charged ions in the environments and Extra Low Frequency waves. Some UFO researchers believe that there are reasons that human beings in different parts of the world though not in any physical communications with each other have developed same technologies in different parts of the world. Pyramids and similar looking structures were built thousands of years back in Central America and Egypt. Similar technologies are discovered in different parts of the world at the same time. These UFO researchers believe that the human beings – all of us guided by extraterrestrials through artificial mind control mechanisms experience these techniques.

Extraterrestrial UFOs navigate with more than six degrees of freedom

Normally any flying object fron the earth can fly in the open space with maximum six degrees of freedom. There are three linear axis (x, y and z) and three more rotational degrees of freedom around those axis. Recent study of flight pattern of UFOs when modeled in a wind tunnel laboratory, revealed astonishing results. Computer models just cannot match the flight patterns, propagation and navigation with anything in the terrestrial world that is constrained with six degrees of freedom available in the physical universe.
When further analyzed, scientists found that these extraterrestrials somehow are using more than six degrees of freedom. Where are these extra degrees of freedom coming from? The laws of Statics and Dynamics (extension of Physics) stop there and are perplexed. The Extraterrestrial UFOs are using extra degrees of freedom from the spatial structures that extend into the parallel universes.
This has major implication. This means these UFOs can never be caught or damaged or even encountered unless they decide to do so. The reason is that at any point of time they can shift back into a different time dimension or a parallel universe of higher dimensions.
No wonders they can play hide and seek game and confuse the hell of us. Even if we break their stealth to catch a glimpse of them, we can really never see them. Their seventh and higher degrees of freedom allows them to shorten their flight pattern, create wormholes any time between physical and parallel universe and move into the deep space many light years away in a flick of a second.
Many UFO researchers believe that smaller UFOs are dispatched to the earth from large mother ships. Where are these mother ships – why we cannot see them with powerful telescopes? The answer is simple; these mother ships stay in the parallel universe.
The use of more than six degrees of freedom makes it very clear why UFOs can never be seen, encountered and photographed so easily without their explicit consent. The UFO stories now starts making sense. They can literally make themselves vanish in a flick of a second.

The parallel universe exists within us...

The parallel universe may not be far away. You may not need a wormhole to propagate and navigate to a parallel universe. According to contemporary physics that can look beyond the quantum physics, the parallel universe overlaps the physical universe and all the time we move in and out of parallel universe. The parallel universe consists of much higher dimensions. The length, height, width and time is non-existent there. The unknown higher dimensions allow existence without physical existence. In a flick of a second we can move in and out of the parallel universe.
According to many researchers, the ultimate goal of physics is to solve the puzzle of physical universe. It may be impossible. It is almost like solving for the point of singularity, which exists in theory only. What makes is amazing about the parallel universe is the fact it is so close to us. Parallel universes are extremely close to us, perhaps only atomic dimensions away but perhaps in a higher dimension of space-- an extension into what physicists call superspace. Modern neuroscience through the study of altered states of awareness, schizophrenia, and lucid dreaming could be indications of the closeness of parallel worlds to our own.
The super space of higher dimensions defies all known laws of physics that holds true in the physical universe. It is a universe in which time does not exist as a dimension. It is a universe in which you can create parallel time dimensions. The physical objects collapse into multi-entity objects. For example one energy source can have many parallel existences in different parallel time dimensions.
According to advanced researchers, parallel universes have other parallel universes of even higher dimensions overlap them. The cycle never ends. Do we have a clue where the parallel universe is? The answer lies in the fact that we belong to multiple parallel universes right at this moment. For example, someone’s physical body can be in the physical universe while the soul or the electromagnetic source of energy may be in the multiple instances of many parallel universes. While the physical body is in the physical universe, the rest of us are actually not in the physical universe. We communicate with us from the parallel universe and guide the brain to do work and live our lives. Once we die, we continue to live except we withdraw from the physical universe since the body is not usable. We continue to live in the parallel universes.
”As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality”, wrote Albert Einstein. And may be the essence of parallel universe right within us and yet cannot touch it, feel it or manipulate it. We actually live in the parallel universe and our physical body stays in the physical universe.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

UFOs Sighted in The Crimea

Crimea, the southernmost point of the Ukraine, reports a UFO outbreak along the Black Sea coast. According to Crimean ufologist Anton A. Anfalov, "On Thursday, June 14, 2005, at 10:30 p.m., several witnesses along the south coast of the Crimea saw a lengthy but disk-shaped UFO emitting red light. The disk traveled in mid-air along the coastline of the Black Sea near Yalta and then began hovering around the peak of Mount Mogabi (elevation 804 meters or 2,655 feet). The UFO then crossed the sky southwest of Yalta and hovered above Aypetri Mountain. The disk then emitted two bright flashes of the mysterious red light, which were pointed towards the ground. After that, the UFO swiftly zoomed upward and vanished in the night sky."
On Saturday, July 2, 2005, in Simferopol, Crimean ufologist Yuri A. Pugachyev reported, "while standing on my balcony on the eighth floor of Building 88, an apartment complex on Kievskaya Street, I saw a brightly- lit object emitting yellow light moving across a night sky saturated with stars over Simferopol. It was neither a satellite nor an airplane. The UFO remained bright during the several minutes of the sighting and moved away in a zigzagging trajectory." Simferopol is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of Sevastopol in southern Crimea. (See the Ukrainian newspaper Krymskiye Izvestiya for June 22, 2005.

Luminous UFO seen in central Argentina

"The person in charge of a farm in Peru, a town in La Pampa province" in central Argentina "found himself witnessing the path of a low-flying luminous object that changed colors continuously from red to green and passing through an intermediate orange stage."
"It should be noted that this farm is crossed by a 132-kilovolt high-voltage power line that links the city of General Acha and Guatrache."
"The time was 7:30 p.m. and Alberto S. noted a mysterious spectacle of electrical arcing taking place over the high-voltage line in question. Filled with fear, he decided to return to the residential area where he discussed the event with other (farm) employees."
"On the next day, he returned to the site where the incident took place and found that a maintenance crew from the Administracion Provincial de Energia (APE) was already on-site. The repairmen were acting on a report related by the control station and were trying to ascertain the precise location and cause of the interruption in the power supply. Having located it, they proceeded with the needed repairs."
"The repairmen found that the connecting elements joining the two lines had melted and shrunk lengthwise, leaving only a small seven-centimeter (3-inch) chunk. These connectors, known as puentes (Spanish for bridges-- J.T.), are metallic and usually one meter (3 feet, 3 inches) long and 25 millimeters (1 inch) thick."
"While no evidence regarding the power failure was found at first, they found a (crop) circle approximately 5 meters (16.5 feet) in diameter outlined in the grass. They also found that the soil presented a high degree of hardness and compactness."
"After being told of the farmer's experience the night before, the technicians concluded that some kind of interaction occurred between the electromagnetic field of the 132-kilovolt power line and the energy field of an unidentified flying object." Guatrache is in eastern La Pampa province, located about 500 kilometers (300 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, the national capital. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Raul Oscar Chavez para estas noticias.)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Strange Colorful Cloud Over Metroplex

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A weird-looking cloud sporting the colors of the rainbow appeared to many in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex early Thursday afternoon. The cloud stayed in the southeastern sky for several minutes, but was obscured by other clouds at times. NBC 5 Meteorolgist James Aydelott offered one possible explanation, saying that the sun was hitting the cloud at just the right angle, similar to a phenomenon known as "sun dogs," causing the colorful display. He also said he had never seen a cloud like this before. NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock noted in Thursday's Weather Blog post that a viewer e-mailed the station, where he explained the display was possibly caused by a "fuel dump" from an aircraft.
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"UFO" Hits Car

A motorist driving through the Heyden area was startled when an unidentified object struck the driver’s side window of her vehicle, at approximately 6:15 last night. It appears that whatever struck the car was thrown by some one hiding in the bush area adjacent to the Highway 17. No damage was done but had the window been down the driver would have been hit by whatever had been tossed her way.Sault O.P.P. Detachment officers patrolled the area but no suspects were located. There is no need to elaborate on the dangers involved in this type of practice. There is a need to stop those responsible lest we face much more serious consequences in the future.
If you have any information that would assist in locating and detaining whoever committed this act call Crime Stoppers. The Crime Stopper telephone numbers are 782-7867 or 1-800-222-8477(TIPS). You will remain anonymous and your information could earn you a cash reward.

See how easy it is to fake UFO's

While surfing the net I happend to come across these pics... thought it might interest u readers out there.

Next time you see a UFO pic, think twice before you come to a decision. There are lots of fakes out there, made to hide the truth.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

World's biggest hacker held for hacking UFO Files

A London man described as the "world's biggest computer hacker" has been arrested.

Gary McKinnon, 39, was seized by the Met's extradition unit at his Wood Green home.

The unemployed former computer engineer is accused of causing the US government $1billion of damage by breaking into its most secure computers at the Pentagon and Nasa. He is likely to be extradited to America to face eight counts of computer crime in 14 states and could be jailed for 70 years.Most of the alleged hacking took place in 2001 and 2002. At one stage the US thought it was the work of the al Qaeda terror network. The former Highgate Wood comprehensive-pupil was granted bail today at Bow Street Magistrates' Court.

Friends said that he broke into the networks from his home computer to try to prove his theory that the US was covering up the existence of UFOs. He is accused of a series of hacking offences including deleting "critical" files from military computers. The US authorities said the cost of tracking him down and correcting the alleged problems was more than £570,000. The offences could also see him fined up to £950,000 if found guilty on all charges.

He was arrested yesterday evening but the US first issued an indictment against him in November 2002. Prosecutor Paul McNulty alleged that McKinnon, known online as "Solo," had perpetrated "the biggest hack of military computers ever". He was named as the chief suspect after a series of electronic break-ins occurred over 12 months at 92 separate US military and Nasa networks. McKinnon was also accused of hacking into the networks of six private companies and organisations. It is alleged that he used software available on the internet to scan tens of thousands of computers on US military networks from his home PC, looking for machines that might be exposed due to flaws in the Windows operating system.

Many of the computers he broke into were protected by easy-to-guess passwords, investigators said. In some cases, McKinnon allegedly shut down the computer systems he invaded. The charge sheet alleges that he hacked into an army computer at Fort Myer, Virginia, where he obtained codes, information and commands before deleting about 1,300 user accounts. Other systems he hacked into included the Pentagon's network and US army, navy and air force computers.

Reports when he was first indicted said that McKinnon found his career as a computer engineer tedious. One message updating old schoolfriends on a website read simply: "Computers (Yawn)".

Friends said he was desperate to prove that the Americans had mounted a huge cover-up to deny his belief that aliens had visited earth. Andrew Edwards, who has known McKinnon since their days together at Highgate Wood comprehensive, said in 2002: "Gary told me all he was doing was looking for proof of a cover-up over UFOs.

"He's been interested in UFOs for some time and believes the Americans are holding back information - although he didn't find any proof."

Outside court, his solicitor Karen Todner said he was disappointed it had taken the authorities this long to bring him to court.

She said: "This decision for extradition is driven by the American government. Mr McKinnon intends to contest this case most vigorously.

"Of particular concern to him is the treatment of other British nationals under the American judicial system which inspires little confidence.

"We believe that as a British national, he should be tried here in our courts by a British jury and not in the US."

The Awesome Powers of Ten

The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida has put up a very interesting Java applet on their site. It begins as a view of the Milky Way Galaxy viewed from a distance of 10 million light years and then zooms into towards Earth in powers of ten of distance. 10 million, to one million, to 100,000 light years and so on and then when it finally reaches a large Oak tree leaf. But that is not all it zooms into the leaf until it reaches to the level of the quarks viewed at 100 attometers.
Click on the link below to view this:
Click Here
This is a fantastic representation of how magnificent the Universe is and how vastly infinite it is both in the macroscopic and the microscopic level.

What if Everybody is Listening and Nobody is Transmitting?

by Jill Tarter
Director of the Center for SETI ResearchBernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI.

Whenever I present a public lecture on SETI, I can almost guarantee that the title of this article will be one of the questions I get from the audience. During our 1997-99 workshops on the next two decades of SETI research here at the SETI Institute, the workshop participants took the question of an active transmission strategy very seriously. The results of their deliberations have been published as SETI 2020: A Roadmap for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. They concluded that transmission is NOT an appropriate strategy, at least for the next two decades. Humans need to grow up first.

To understand this conclusion, it’s necessary to appreciate that there is a fundamental asymmetry in our current situation: we are a hundred-year-old technology in a ten-billion-year-old galaxy. At the workshops Harvard physicist Paul Horowitz summarized things very well; he said: “If it happens at all, there always has to be a first contact between two technological civilizations. Statistically, it is extremely unlikely that our first contact with an ETI civilization will also be its first contact with an ETI civilization. Thus the advanced technology we detect will have experienced this type of encounter many times before. It already may have established a galactic protocol for information interchange, to which ab initio transmissions by Earth will have no chance of adhering. Thus we justify our asymmetrical listen only strategy by recognizing our asymmetrical position amongst galactic civilizations. We are among the very youngest!”

How can we be so sure of our asymmetric position? Any technology that is observable over interstellar distances cannot be more primitive than our own. After only 100 years of manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum, we find ourselves in the midst of an exponential explosion of technology. But it has taken us over 4.5 billion years of planetary and biological evolution to get to where we are today. If there is detectable technology out there, it is statistically improbable that their evolution and development will be fine-tuned to coincide precisely with our current emerging technological capabilities. They will be older, potentially billions of years older since the Milky Way Galaxy was around for at least five billion years before our solar system began to form.

Sitting in the midst of our own exponential increase in technological capability, we cannot imagine what an older technology might look like. Thus far, we’ve never experienced any exponential growth in nature or culture that does not reach some resource limit and saturate, or crash. Some futurists speculate about the ‘singularity’ that must occur when change takes place on timescales that are too short for humans to adapt, and the post-biological entities that might evolve to accommodate the exponential – or not. Transmitting is a harder job than listening, and so we put the burden of transmission on the older technologies. Of course if there are no older technologies, then our searches will not succeed.

In the future we may decide that we are indeed the first, that we will have to figure out how to survive to a ripe-old cosmic age, and that we have a responsibility to transmit for the benefit of technological civilizations yet to emerge. In that case, we will have to answer the difficult questions: Who will speak for Earth, what will they say, and how long will they have to say it? The first two questions are obvious, and difficult to answer in the absence of any terrestrial system of global governance. The third question derives from cosmic distances and temporal synchronicity.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a flattened collection of stars and gas and dust about 100,000 light years across, and we are not located anywhere near its center. It would take any sort of electromagnetic signal that we transmitted 70,000 years to reach the most distant parts of the galaxy. In order for an ETI civilization to detect our transmission, their instruments must be looking in our direction at the time our signal arrives (and of course they must have chosen the right instrument). The chances of that happening are zero, unless we commit to transmitting for a long time. Then when they do get around to searching in the right way, our signal will be there and they will succeed. For us to realize that they have succeeded, they will have to transmit a reply back to us, and that could take another 70,000 years to arrive! Listening could succeed tomorrow, but transmission is a long-term strategy. As yet humans are not very good at this sort of long-term planning.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Google Ô in order to try to quantify just how far humanity might be from managing a transmission strategy over cosmic timescales. I used the search engine to query the phrase “____ year plan”, where the blank was filled in with either the numeric value or word for the time duration in question. I searched on both variants and tallied the number of ‘hits’ in order to be inclusive, but they are by no means independent measures. Often the word will be used in the title of a plan, while the numerical value appears multiple times within the text body. I searched from one to one hundred thousand years, and the results are given in the figure.

In order to decide what planning horizon humans were seriously considering, I made a query on my own name. I would contend that any planning activity that does not return more ‘hits’ than does my name (as indicated by the green arrow at the top of the chart) is hardly a serious undertaking for our species. Using that criterion, I conclude that we are reasonably interested in (but not yet demonstrated to be competent in) making plans for a single generation into the future. For the longer-term queries, the number of ‘hits’ was sufficiently small to permit some exploration of who or what were thinking (or at least publishing to the web) about such timescales.

For 100 years and beyond, the results are dominated by science fiction and religion. Environmentalists have begun to write and attempt to plan for a five-hundred-year timescale. The Y2K and the new millennium caused a spike associated with 2000 years. The radiative decay half-life for the waste products of fission power generation is responsible for a serious U.S. effort to construct a storage and containment facility that is safe and reliable for 10,000 years. Ten thousand years is also the planning lifetime for the Clock of the Long Now Foundation. It is perhaps less important that the clock is still ticking 10,000 years from now than that Yucca Mountain (or some other facility) remains intact, but the clock is a very useful tool for encouraging humans to adopt a long-term approach to the future. It might be worthwhile to investigate whether the clock could transmit as well as tick.

Understanding Alien Contact

The galaxy is an unexplained continent filled with exotic beings of stellar dimensions.
Dr. Carl Sagan

"There is a clear signal in the noise coming from Mars. This establishes that there is a singular anomaly, which must be a result of intentional design, at Cydonia in the immediate vicinity of the Face and the D&M Pyramid."
Dr. Horace W. Crater
Magnetic and geologic surveys of many areas throughout the world have revealed magnetic anomalies that could not be produced by any natural or known phenomena. These transient magnetic anomalies have been recorded, indicating synchronous aerial magnetic anomalies have a multidimensional para physical place of origin, in terms of a different level of reality, where stability and solidity are being fuelled by a ceaseless process of subatomic particles, constantly dissolving into an implicit order, and then re-crystallizing within our space. Extraterrestrial biological entities may be using technologies and aspects of the physical universe that are beyond our current understanding to conceal their behavior, culture, appearance, and occasionally revealing their presence in our measurable space-time by making frequency shifts that leave traces of field flux, in certain energy spectra, allowing us to witness their presence.
Organizations (Project Phoenix and the BETA 2 Group) on earth have confirmed signals, using narrow band spectral analyzers, privately stating that the signals received, exhibited enough source information to determine and confirm an intelligent agent created them. The signals show language like structures, proofing "alien" intelligence to human life. The government has decided to suppress this information from the general public due to the widespread consequences, affecting all groups of society. Governments are scared of what this extraterrestrial contact information would mean to the different cultures on earth. They fear a breakdown in social order, a 'complete' breakdown in conventional religion. They even fear loss of control over the masses.
Human beings now live in a sacred cosmos, ready and able to reach beyond nature, accepting the revelation and presence of other intelligent life forms. Human science has now determined the true essence of human identity to be synthesized in nature, with alien origins. Through a series of mutational phases, the knowledge, presence, action, and interaction of our alien intra-solar system civilization, should not be denied with further patronizing forgeries and abuses of human authority.
It is now time for humanity to remove the imprints and conditioning of a divided culture, allowing sufficiently to build into the human thinking and world view, a formal interaction and understanding with other intelligent life forms. The search for extraterrestrial biological intelligence, based on flesh-and-blood brains, artificial machine intelligence or some integration of the two, is no longer required. Polarizing neutrinos, quantum entanglement, gamma rays, tachyons, gravitational waves or some other particle or technique to communicate across vast distances, is also unnecessary in regards to alien contact or protocol. Alien life is now part of our known mathematical structure and scientific order.

Extraterrestrial Contact Check List

Check out this E.T Contact check list...

1. An intelligent life form from another place in the physical universe is now known.
2. Recurring signals have been detected that do not occur in nature.
3. The signals detected are manufactured.
4. Non natural objects have been detected within the boundaries of our solar system.
5. Earth based sensors have detected non-natural objects within our space.
6. Earth based sensors have detected non-natural objects in close proximity and observed them maneuvering under intelligent control.
7. Earth based sensors have detected non-natural objects in close proximity and observe them maneuvering under intelligent control in response to human actions.
8. Earth based sensors have detected non-natural objects in close proximity and have observed them maneuvering under intelligent control with an ability to evade sensors.
9. Several credible people and groups have observed and reported seeing non-Earth-based spacecraft for long duration's and various sensors confirm sightings.
10. Official organizations have reported observing spacecraft near Earth.
11. Official organizations have acknowledged occupants of spacecraft on Earth.
12. Groups of credible people have reported interacting with occupants of spacecraft.
13. Official organizations have acknowledged interacting with occupants of spacecraft.
14. The occupants of the spacecraft have demonstrated a clear technical and intellectual superiority.

E.T Observer Welcomes you...

Many people have witnessed flying saucers and other alien phenomenon. These vessels have been identified on radar, and pictures have been taken and you might have seen them in newspapers, magazines or the internet. Are these true or is it a complete hoax?
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