Friday, July 29, 2005

Super Stealth from the ET UFOs

The ultimate stealth comes from mastering the technologies of bending space and time when and where you need the same. These same techniques provide the extraterrestrial UFOs to move through a wormhole or a blackhole to another part of the universe or even out to another universe. Scientists are studying the UFOs for a long time to reverse engineer the technologies that can advance terrestrial technologies by leaps and bounds. The fact that extraterrestrial UFOs can disappear instantaneously before any one can prove anything, indicates that the extraterrestrial UFOs possess super stealth that is way beyond what we can understand from out conventional physics.
According to some scientists and engineers, extraterrestrial UFOs use manipulation of time and space to provide the super stealth that can make them completely disappear from anywhere anytime instantaneously. According to these researchers, they may be using “dark matter” and application of higher spatial dimensions unknown to human civilization that makes this kind of miracle happen. There are two methods of achieving this super stealth. First is the method of applying spatial infinite dimensions of the parallel universe to move an entity out from the four conventional dimensions of the Physical universe. The other is acceleration or deceleration of time dimension to make the entity also disappear in a flick of a second.
Computer models simulating the conditions inside a black hole shows interesting concepts. The gravitational field is intense and does not even allow light to pass through. But localized presence of dark matter in the black holes provides the mechanisms for space and time manipulation. Within the collapsing time and space concepts, a local area can be preserved for propagation and stealth through the use of spatial strings. The technology that allows extraterrestrial UFOs to travel through the black holes also provide them the means of super stealth. You cannot move through a black hole out of Universe unless you have mastered the technology of bending space and time with ease.

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