Sunday, September 18, 2005

Man still puzzled by 'UFO' sighting

A north Shropshire man who claims he saw a glowing object travelling in the skies is searching for answers.
Steve Powell, 49, who lives near Prees Green, was shocked to find no one else knew about the mysterious object he had seen the night before. Mr Powell even called RAF Shawbury to see if they had received any reports or had any information about the sighting, and again drew a blank. He described the object as being a big round orange ball, about the size of a full moon in the sky. After Steve and his wife Cynthia watched the object for nearly a minute it dimmed and eventually faded away. Steve is now wondering why no one else witnessed the phenomenon, which he believes was a meteor crashing to earth. Squadron Leader Martin Locke, from RAF Shawbury, said no reports had been received about the strange sighting.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

UFO hunters back in Leeds...

THERE hasn't been anybody out there for a couple of years but UFO spotters are finally heading back to Leeds.

The city has long been regarded as a mecca for the UFO community because of the Leeds International UFO Conference, which ran for over two decades.But the annual conferences came to an abrupt halt when Leeds-based organiser Graham Birdsall, a worldwide authority on UFOs and editor of UFO Magazine, died suddenly at the age of 49 in September 2003.An internet magazine was co-launched the following year by Kippax enthusiast Russel Callaghan, who previously worked with Mr Birdsall on his publication.HookedAnd such has been the success of the online magazine that Russel has decided to venture back into the unknown and bring a conference back to Leeds in the form of The Great British UFO Show.He said: "Despite public perception there is still a massive amount of interest in this subject. There is definitely something going on out there and we are just attempting to explore that."Russel, 46, says he had his first encounter with a UFO in 1980, while working as a bus conductor, on Odsal Moor Top. Since then he has had just one other encounter but admits to being completely hooked by the subject.The conference takes place on Saturday October 1, and is being staged in the Leeds rugby supporters club at Headingley stadium.Around 200 visitors are expected at the event which will feature five guest speakers and an open floor session where guests can show film or photographs to the audience.Among the speakers will be author and broadcaster Philip Mantle who has written several books about alleged alien abduction.ResearchHe will be joined by Malcolm Robinson, who heads the Strange Phenomena Investigations group, Christopher Martin and John Hanson.Russel added: "The city of Leeds has a long tradition of presenting quality UFO lectures and events, with some of the worlds best known researchers, scientists, PhDs, physicists, authors and presenters having set foot upon a stage in the city."We decided it was time this happened again."


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Drake Equation

This equation expresses the number of technological civilizations that might exist among the stars.

R * FP * NE * FL * FI * FC * LN = N = number of advanced technical civilizations emitting detectable radio signals.

R = mean rate of star formation averaged over the lifetime of the galaxy.
FP = fraction of stars with planetary systems.
NE = mean number of planets per system with environments suitable for the origin of life.
FL = fraction of such planets on which life does develop.
FI = fraction of such planets on which intelligent life rises during the lifetime of the local sun.
FC = fraction of planets on which advanced technical civilizations rises.
LN = lifetime of this technical civilization.

When explaining this equation, Carl Sagan once said the formula means that at least 1 million of the 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy have planets which have developed advanced intelligent civilizations. Now, if we consider the astronomical fact that there are over 10 billion galaxies in the universe, each holding at least another million solar systems, one may start to think that we may not be the only life in the universe.


The following information was disclosed to me by a reliable confidential informant, who previously worked on contract for the National Security Agency, and maintains connections within the Intelligence community. This informant, whom I shall call "Jesse", has over 40 years of notes from a very close relative, who served as CIA liaison to the National Security Council on UFO/ET matters. This information has been confirmed by a second source, Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security Council's unacknowledged subcommittee, the MJ-12 Special Studies goup. I have talked with Dr. Wolf about the notes' author, Jesse's relative. Dr. Wolf said that that CIA official "was like an uncle to me."
The reports which follow are thus not "leaks", but rather based on planned releases of information. These releases are part of a public Acclimation Program, an official though unacknowledged U.S. Government policy of "processed release of information", as Dr. Wolf described it.
According to "Jesse", in 1969 the Apollo 10 astronauts Stafford, Cernan and Young were the first to film an extraterrestrial space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, somewhat like, but smaller than, the one in Arthur C. Clarke's book/movie "2001". They were not, however, the first astronauts to spot this ET beacon. The Monolith was first sighted by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, in 1961. He was followed into space that same year by American astronaut Alan Shephard, who also sighted the beacon. Apollo 10 went to it, and filmed it from every angle. The Monolith acted like a communication beacon. Jesse said, "It sort of acts like the message received in the movie "Contact". It had a message on it, in addition to a map of the extraterrestrial civilization which placed it there], and how to get to them."
The Apollo 10 astronauts brought back the message captured on film. The Monolith's energy affected Apollo 10's instrumentation, so that its crew almost didn't get back. As soon as the film Apollo 10 took came back to Earth, those Intelligence compartments which deal with UFOs were busy poring over information from the Monolith.
The government then used an early secret military space shuttle to go get the Monolith itself. This covert military spacecraft flew years before the first "official" NASA Shuttle's public flights in 1981. The spaceplane is operated by a secret military astronaut program out of Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, among other locations. The second flight mission of this unacknowledged military shuttle retrieved the Monolith, and brought it back to Earth in 1972 for study. [1]
After being retrieved, the Monolith was then transferred to a secret research facility. Scientific analysis of the Monolith was conducted at this domed underwater facility located north of Abaco, the northernmost of the Bahamas Islands. RCA Corporation is in charge of that experimentation research, Jesse says. Jesse stated, "They did it underwater, after they saw people dropping like flies. They figured that there would be better containment [of the Monolith's suspected cosmic energy emanations] underwater." He noted that the space beacon "has a sound to it, like it talks. It also gives off a light show." Dr. Michael Wolf shed additional light on the beacons. "They are 'postcards from the rim'. They emit both light and tone signals, sending a mathematical language. There may be five or more ET civilizations involved in setting up these beacons."
Among the scientists who worked on it were famed astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command General William Stubblebine, (ret.), National Security Council consultant Dr. Michael Wolf, and a former division head of CIA. Everyone who had prolonged close physical contact with the Monolith got cancer, Jesse says. "And those who tried to dissect it [the Monolith] died right there on the spot." The CIA Counter-Intelligence official and Dr. Wolf got colon cancer. The CIA man required surgery, but Dr. Wolf's cancer later went into a spontaneous remission. Dr. Sagan eventually died of his cancer.
Jesse feels that there are many more space beacons out in space, acting as "postcards". "I'm sure Mother Russia had one." [2]
Jesse also revealed a 1973 formula for gravity control, used by the military to construct antigravity aerospace vehicles.[a] He disclosed that noted quantum physicist Jack Sarfatti was in a position to be familiar with this gravity formula used by the government. Jesse observed, "With regard to Sarfatti, as I can determine it [from the notes], he was on site doing work on the relationship between downed UFO's and back-engineering, to the degree that he assisted in the gravity makeup formulae."
Jesse added that Sarfatti noticed that the captured UFO's field propulsion guidance was focused on the ET pilot. "[The UFO pilot console] had the hand placement with micro holes and light-emitting senses [sensors] to feel the impulse of the sudden hand movement; hence it [pilot and UFO] became as one. The driver always feels the outer skin's 'road feel', so it [the UFO] can handle better than a Corvette at 125 mph in fifth gear in the big curve." Jesse added, "Then again, Sarfatti has these [formula] numbers...he can attest to the numbers and even affirm that [antigravity field propulsion] is in use today! Matter of fact, the formulae even tell a story of the skin association between flyer and craft." [3] They [ET pilots] think [a ommand]...and go. Sort of like...point-click and ship!'re there."
The RAND Corporation (a CIA think tank) holds the key to the [gravity-control] formulae." Jesse revealed. "Our Navy even set up the United Earth Space Naval Forces. I believe this group to be in existence today." [4]
U.S. Government's old gravity-control formula:
[a] phi(x) =<0lphi(x)> + &phi(x), where <0lphi(x)l0> is the vacuum expectation value, and m2^<0lphi(x)l0>^2 represents the particle's density of the ground state in the non-realtivistic limit. The action of this field in the presence of gravity is...intrinsic gravitational cosmological constant Lambda/ 8piG receives a contribution (1/2) m2^<0lphi(x)l0>^2

The Great UFO Debate

by Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
The good news is that polls continue to show that between one and two-thirds of the public thinks that extraterrestrial life exists. The weird news is that a similar fraction think that some of it is visiting Earth.
Several recent television shows have soberly addressed the possibility that alien craft are violating our air space, occasionally touching down long enough to allow their crews to conduct bizarre (and, in most states, illegal) experiments on hapless citizens. While these shows tantalize viewers by suggesting that they are finally going to get to the bottom of the so-called “UFO debate”, they never do. That bottom seems perennially out of reach.
So what are the contentious issues here? First off, despite heated discussion by all concerned, let’s admit that interstellar travel doesn’t violate physics. It’s possible. After all, the Pioneer and Voyager probes are nearly three decades into an inadvertent interstellar journey right now. The kicker, of course, is that these craft will take 70,000 years to cover the distance to even the nearest stars (and they’re not aimed that way). With the physics we know, it’s extremely difficult to substantially, and safely, shorten that travel time. Sure, it might be theoretically possible to create worm holes or some other exotic facility for high-speed cosmic cruising; but that approach is entirely speculative.
And it’s not really the point. The problem I have with the claim that strange craft are prowling our planet is not with the transportation mode, but with the evidence. I’ll worry about how they got here once I’m convinced that they’ve really made the scene.
Well, have they? How good is the evidence? In the course of a recent TV broadcast in which I participated, guest experts who have long studied UFOs argued the case for their alien nature by showing photographs of putative saucers hovering at low altitudes. Some of these objects appeared as out-of-focus lights, while others resembled hubcap-shaped Frisbees caught in mid-trajectory.
Since the former are perforce ambiguous, the latter commanded more of my attention. How can we know they’re NOT hubcaps, tossed into the air by a hoaxer with a camera? The reply from one expert: “these photographs pass muster.” When quizzed on exactly which muster was mastered, the response was that “atmospheric effects give us a limit on the distance, and careful examination has ruled out photographic trickery.” Well, the former is pretty chancy, and relies on some assumption about atmospheric conditions (was it a smoggy day in Los Angeles?), and the latter proves nothing. A real shot of an airborne hubcap would, after all, be free of photographic trickery.
Additional evidence that is endlessly cited is “expert testimony.” Pilots, astronauts, and others with experienced eyes and impressive credentials have all claimed to see odd craft in the skies. It’s safe to say that these witnesses have seen something. But just because you don’t recognize an aerial phenomenon doesn’t mean that it’s an extraterrestrial visitor. That requires additional evidence that, so far, seems to be as unconvincing as the trickery-free saucer snaps.
What about those folks who have experienced alien beings first-hand? Abduction stories are an entirely separate field of study and one which I won’t address here, although I must confess that it’s intriguing to see photos of scoop marks on the flesh of human subjects, coupled with the claim that these minor disfigurements are due to alien malfeasance. But even aside from the puzzling question of why beings from distant suns would come to Earth to melon-ball the locals, this evidence is, once again, ambiguous. The scoops might be due to aliens, and then again, they could be the consequence of spousal abuse or many other causes.
When push came to shove, and when pressed as to whether there’s real proof of extraterrestrial visitation, the experts on this show backed off by saying that “well, we don’t know where they come from. But something is definitely going on.” The latter statement is hardly controversial. The former is merely goofy. If the saucers and scoopers are not from outer space, where, exactly, are they from? Belgium?
The bottom line is that the evidence for extraterrestrial visitors has not convinced many scientists. Very few academics are writing papers for refereed journals about alien craft or their occupants. Confronted with this, the UFO experts usually take refuge in two possible explanations:
(1) The material that would be convincing proof has been collected and secreted away by the U.S. government. While endlessly appealing, this is an argument from ignorance (tantamount to saying “we can’t show you good evidence because we haven’t got it”), and perforce implies that every government in the world has efficiently squirreled away all alien artifacts. Unless, of course, the extraterrestrials only visit the U.S., where retrieval of material that falls to Earth is supposedly a perfected art form.
(2) Scientists have simply refused to look carefully at this phenomenon. In other words, the scientists should blame themselves for the fact that the visitation hypothesis has failed to sway them.
This is not only unfair, it’s misguided. Sure, rather few researchers have themselves gone into the field to sift through the stories, the videos, and the odd photos that comprise the evidence for alien presence. But they don’t have to. This complaint is akin to telling movie critics that films would be better if only they would pitch in and get behind the camera. But critics can compose excellent and accurate evaluations of a movie without being participants in the business of making films.
The burden of proof is on those making the claims, not those who find the data dubious. If there are investigators who are convinced that craft from other worlds are buzzing ours, then they should present the absolute best evidence they have, and not resort to explanations that appeal to conspiratorial cover-ups or the failure of others to be open to the idea. The UFO advocates are not asking us to believe something either trivial or peripheral, for after all, there could hardly be any discovery more dramatic or important than visitors from other worlds. If we could prove that the aliens are here, I would be as awestruck as anyone. But I await a compelling Exhibit A.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

UFO flew over Perm stadium

Several dozens of Perm citizens saw an UFO flying over Energia stadium situated in the centre of the city. One of the witnesses, former military possessing flying training found difficulty in identifying the object with known to him flying devices constructed on the Earth. According to him, the UFO was a three-dimensional body with flat round basis, similar to a reverse tureen. The “tureen” slowly moved over the sky towards south, keeping the same height and speed. The object flew soundlessly, without leaving any glow or air track. According to the observer, the distance from him to the UFO was approximately 400 km, while its diameter made 10 or 15 metres. In five minutes, the object disappeared over the houses in Kommunisticheskaya Street.

Does UFO Phenomenon Arise From Secret Ability of Human Mind?

The number of publications about UFO in the newspapers and magazines has overstepped the limits. Judging by the publications one might suppose that humanoids only kidnap our people: at that reports of this kind are alternated with gloomy forecasts of forthcoming catastrophes. Our people are frequently scared with gloomy forecasts, and indistinct reports of people who witnessed UFO produce little impression on regular readers. To all appearances, the subject has already become boring. But we shouldn’t think so. Even if we admit that stories about UFO are just delusions, they all the same can give much food for reflection. Recently the UFO problem has become a subject for philosophic reflection, not just a sensation published in the gutter press.
Ufologists are no longer so much enthusiastic about witness reports concerning UFO that come from the data base of the Anomaly Research Institute in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov (the institute was established on a private basis in 1992). Within the past 17 years they heard so many stories from over 150 residents of Kharkov and the nearby places who came across mysterious phenomena which are still undiscovered. There were many attempts to explain the UFO phenomenon: not less than 30 hypotheses have been suggested within the 53 years since the first witnesses saying they saw UFO were registered. Director of the Kharkov Anomaly Research Institute, Vladimir Rubtsov says it’s time not only to collect instances of UFO witnessing, it’s time to derive necessary information from observations that are already available.
Indeed, over the past 50 years ufologists managed to collect about 500 thousand reports from people who witnessed anomalous phenomena (it’s for sure that in fact there were much more people who saw UFO or any other anomalous phenomena, but they didn’t inform specialists of those instances). From this amount, only five percent are actually anomalous and informative reports.
Among all reports from witnesses of UFO in Ukraine’s Kharkov region, Vladimir Rubtsov says that the incident registered in January 1990 was the most interesting one. A strange object landed on the ice of the Mzha river, not far from the city of Merefa. The object left mysterious traces where it touched the ice, those were concentric circles. It was rather unbelievable, but in five years once again witnesses reported about some strange flying objects in that very area. This time again researchers of anomalous phenomena saw similar traces on the ice after the objects landed on the river.
Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Rubtsov told Japanese physicist Kazuo Tanaka about the incident on the Mzha river. The Japanese scientist didn’t refute a UFO phenomenon, but he suggested a version of his own concerning the anomaly. He said that what people saw in the river was a natural phenomenon caused by specific processes in water. Vladimir Rubtsov can admit the version, however, more question arise in this connection which in their turn may put the theory of the Japanese scientist into question. First, it’s not clear in accordance to which mechanism those astonishingly even circles could be formed. Second, there are still witnesses saying they saw strange flying objects in that area. The third and the last question: why did this unusual phenomenon repeat in five years? Even if the phenomenon of circles on the river is explained with natural hydrophysics processes, why couldn’t they be seen in other years? The Japanese scientist failed to answer these questions.
To all appearances, the phenomenon of UFO has no limits. UFO pilots speak all languages of the planet, they posses knowledge about the whole of the Universe, about the past and the future of mankind. The phenomenon often follows the model of religious wonders each of us knows: UFO pilots walk on the water or through walls, penetrate into apartments of earthly people, etc.
Argentinean ufologist Jader Pereira says there are 13 types of looks of UFO pilots. These are dummy-like figures marching with their hands stretched along their sides; semi-humans or semi-robots; headless creatures; militant hairy dwarves, etc. Although there is plenty of information concerning UFO and their pilots, the conclusion isn’t comforting all the same: the cause of the UFO phenomenon is unknown and unlikely to be unveiled in the nearest future.
We can sum up that neither large-scale programs on which twenty Nobel Prize laureates work; nor correlation of witnessed UFO parameters on computers or telepathic communication with guests from the space will be able to solve the problem that radars, planes, astronomers or physical theories have failed to solve within such a long period of time. In other words, we have reached a sphere that is difficult for the rational understanding, the sphere of transcendental. At the end of the 1970s, American researchers have suggested another hypothesis on extraterrestrial civilizations and said UFO pilots kidnapped earthly people. In the words of Vladimir Rubtsov, “kidnapping” is a mostly American phenomenon. Such incidents were infrequent in the Soviet Union, and are rare now on the territory of the post-Soviet republics. All attempts of scientists to explain the kidnapping phenomenon suggested another hypothesis explaining the whole of the UFO phenomenon. The essence of the phenomenon is that brain of a mentally health human can change the state of conscience under some definite conditions (it’s not ascertained what conditions exactly) and get information about the past, the future and the present moment. Those painful symptoms people feel after such contacts prove that the contact was hallucination in fact. All instances of visions occur in human brains, not in the real life. Researchers are trying to explain reasons of such visions with a hypothetical theory saying that there is some collective unconscious, some kind of an information field of the Earth, the Universe which human consciousness may reach and obtain information from it not only with the help of senses but also visually.

Killer UFO in India

Seven people have been killed by what locals describe as a “killer sphere with red and blue flashing lights” which appears at night, burning the victims to death. The objects have appeared in the province of Shanwa, Uttar Pradesh, northern India. One resident, Raghurai Pal, whose father was killed by these objects recently, stated that “His stomach was torn open and he died two days later”. However, the Indian authorities dismiss these stories as mass hysteria and claim that the objects are nothing more than insects. Police superintendent Kavindra Singh claimed that “It is an insect nine centimetres long which leaves scars and superficial wounds”. Nevertheless, seven people have mysteriously been killed and many others have been wounded. Meanwhile the population blames the police for being lazy and not wanting to capture the aliens.

Monday, September 05, 2005

USA to "devour" unique Russian "UFOs"

Earlier this week, western media released information that Russian Aviation Concern "EKIP", a subsidiary of "Saratov Aviation Factory," will become the main construction center for manufacturing robotic self-piloted flying objects "EKIP".America will be Russian number one partner in this business. Russian newly developed flying objects will be purchased and used by the US Air Force. The US Air Force research center expresses its active interest in the Russian project.According to AviaPort.Ru, the "EKIP" airplane resembles a typical "UFO". It is one of the most ambitious projects of the Saratov"s factory. The one and only prototype of the Russian UFO has been already constructed and tested during the early 90s."EKIP" is capable to transfer heavy and bulky loads for up to 11,000km with an optimal speed of 750km/hr. The plane is also capable of flying close to the earth"s and water surfaces by means of an air cushion at 160km/hr.Until the end of 90s, the project's development had been sponsored by the government. However, no new machines have been constructed in all these years. Rumors have it that it was due to the lack of demand. In the meantime, the factory's overall financial situation is worsening. For the first time in its history, the factory had not produced any airplanes in 2002. Finally, the factory miraculously obtained a wealthy investor and customer from overseas.A Socio-political resource "Our Motherland" makes the following statement on such matter. "Parasitism of Russian scientific and technological advances in armed forces has already become a distinctive characteristic of American military-industrial complex." This time however "the US military will acquire a top notch flying apparatus, which has no analogues in the world for a miserably low price. Russian pilots have nothing else to do but to bite their elbows. Oligarchs are not likely to purchase such planes anytime soon, due to the lack of money in the Russian budget."

UFO-The True Story

Our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets. Recently, I have come across an interesting article published in this year's first issue of Russian newspaper "Arguments and Facts" ("AIF"). It was entitled "UFOs really do exist". Well, our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets. This will be the main subject of this article.

Terrestrial origin of the Extraterrestrial Machines
The article entitled "UFOs really do exist" informed of a new collaborative process between the Russian company "EKIP" and the American Research Navy Center to create a unique flying apparatus. The article also contained an interesting photograph of a functioning prototype.
Well, this is great news indeed. Interestingly, but on February 6th, 1992 Head of a special Government's Committee had stated that he could demonstrate "Russian UFO". True. A disc-like apparatus "EKIP" was able to take off and remain in the air for a while. However, back then, explanations that were given to the general public regarding the actual principle of the flying machine appeared to be quite vague. It was noted that a special "air cushion" could have indeed occurred as a result of a pair of turbo-reactive engines. However, the engines could not have allowed for an absolutely vertical take off. Afterwards, Yeltsin offered the French to "participate in the production process of the machine." Today, after 12 years, the Russian creation is going to the mass production. The operation is being sponsored by American government. In addition, the article also mentions a similar Chinese-Russian project. As a result, such "UFOs of earthly origin" could in fact outshine those mysterious aliens in their unidentified flying objects. However, would it possible to assume that the entire science of ufology is nothing but a mere secretive component of the real story of flying objects? Of the ones that are currently being "created anew" by Russians and sold to Americans?

UFO above Krasnoyarsk
In December of 1989, Russian town of Krasnoyarsk was overflowing with rumors. People claimed that strange flying objects had been cruising the sky at night, while the local police unit had been observing them messing with electrical posts. Events of that night were later described in tedious details in one of the books entitled "UFO above Krasnoyarsk". However, this was the first and the last time that such objects appeared in the region. Soon afterwards however, a considerable number of local human-mediums began establishing contacts with the cosmos and receiving messages from above. Many refused to believe their gibberish. But what other choice did they have? Everyone really did witness those flying objects patrolling the night"s sky. Where did they come from? In 1995 I have published an article entitled in one of the Krasnoyarsk newspapers entitled "Lie of the century. UFOs are created in Pentagon". Afterwards, several more articles and TV programs followed, all attempting to reveal the mystery behind such phenomenon. That is why it makes me happy to see that the fog around "UFOs" slowly starts to clear. I guess many will agree that genuine truth, no matter how ugly it may be, is better than a pretty lie.

A tale of an umbrella-airplane
Often, TV documentaries about the history of aviation include some fragments of old newsreels where one can clearly observe rather strange objects among numerous ancient old models of airplanes. The object resembles a typical umbrella with a motor and a pilot. This "umbrella-plane" had been tested in 1911 in the US by a scientist Chance Wood.
The umbrella-airplane from the newsreel surely looks quite funny. But do you really think that a practical American will spend his money on creating a flying apparatus for pure fun? Of course, not. The flying principle resembles that of traditional airplanes. However, back in 1911, there were no technologies allowing the use of the flying principle to the fullest extent.
Afterwards, Chance Wood became the head of a major airplane manufacturing company. Some of his airplanes were oval. However those UFOs that appeared in the States at the end of 40s of the XX century had little in common with traditional airplanes. They resembled giant phone amplifiers. They even had a similar way of working: a thin metal membrane under the influence of a series of electrical magnets began vibrating with an ultrasound frequency. As a result, the airplane was able to take off while being supported by a columnar ring-shaped vortex caused by vibrayion.

Shocking!-this is how we like it
Someone named D.P in his electronic message to me has written the following, "What a magnificent spectacle - a conical column of bright light with a real snow storm inside and a brightly lit flying apparatus which tops the structure." Let me explain. A UFO possesses a brightly lit vortex activator which is being ionized. Afterwards, it starts to vibrate. Moisture from the prevailing gas environment within the vortex starts to freeze. In the end it results in the creation of myriad of snowflakes and forms "a mysterious light beam. Whenever the apparatus starts to move, that columnar vortex twists and turns while snaking behind the machine (this particular "twisting of the beam of light" has caused numerous ufologists to believe in myths and legends of anti-gravitation).
My friend engineer D.P. mentioned earlier has worked at one military facility located in Kazakhstan. Nowadays, he lives abroad. That is why he informs me of all the details regarding the actual structure of those UFOs via e-mail. As you have probably already realized it, Russian military specialists did not require much time to reveal the mystery behind American UFOs and create their own.
Americans were obviously furious with such impudence from Russians. No one could possibly decipher UFO technology! So later, "Aviation Week and Space Technology" magazine has published the following, "Russians tested their electric-pulse anti-freezer without success." Russians in turn, published a rebuttal in a magazine entitled "Modern generation technology" (#5, 1985). The article contained a detailed scheme of the device followed by additional comments.

KGB reveals the truth
In February of last year, an article appeared in one of the newspapers entitled "KGB revealed UFO mysteries." The popular newspaper has made public the content of the so-called "Blue Folder", which KGB of the USSR had once forwarded to Russian ufologists. However, despite the promising title, no secrets had been revealed. It simply included several facts about specific locations where such unidentified flying objects were spotted by Russian military radars.
In the end of July, First Russian TV channel aired a documentary "America"s Top Secret territory." Its authors rather obviously hinted at the fact that such unidentified objects were produced by American secret facilities. Numerous publications regarding UFO have followed.
Nevertheless, I assume that Russian engineers who designed "EKIP" have actually introduced a truly unique technical solution where the vortex creates the main lifting power and equal distribution of powerful currents from the turbo-jet engine creates a horizontal draught, thus helping to stabilize the flight. American engines stabilize their flights by means of the same process which happens on the circumference of the apparatus (those are huge brightly lit "illuminators" surrounding the "UFO").

No more UFOs
Basically, there no longer remains a mystery behind UFOs. Ufologists often accuse me of disregarding the unidentified phenomenon. Undoubtedly, there still remain a whole lot of mysterious and unexplained wonders around us. However, we do not consider an ordinary TV set to possess some magical qualities and represent "a magic crystal". So why should we believe in aliens and in a rather terrestrial origin of UFOs if their technology is well-known and far from fantastic?
Pavel Poluyan, Krasnoyarsk

UFO clouds abduct humans

Probably, the phenomenon of mysterious 'reasonable' clouds represents an independent form of life.A strange cloud often appears in many stories about anomalous and unexplainable phenomena. A casual encounter with this cloud may show strong influence on human psychology. Ufologists link this phenomenon with UFO and extraterrestrial beings at times.Ufologist Vitaly Kosinov saw this cloud in early September in 1989. He was picking nuts in the woods, when he sensed someone's intent look behind him. There was no one around, but the atmosphere was filled with fear, which made Vitaly's hair stand on ends. When the scientist looked up, he saw a dark-gray cloud, which looked like a vertical poll. The man heard a strange noise, which reminded the sound of flopping bird's wings and a cracking tree, but there were no birds in the area, tree branches were motionless. The cloud went upwards and stood still. Kosinov felt he could not move a finger, he became weak in the knees and fell down on the ground exhausted. The researcher subconsciously realized that the cloud intended to take him, and he attempted to resist against it, at least in his mind. Vitaly sensed weak electric current all over his body, and the object flew away. The man felt better at once, but he forgot the incident immediately. He said he started recollecting it a lot later, when he saw the cloud again on several occasions. Vitaly Kosinov said the cloud would come down, envelope him totally and then disappear in several seconds. He said he would fall into profound dreamless sleep afterwards.
Members of a ufological mission saw violet-blue pillar-like clouds in the field at night, in 1990. A young ufologist decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon, but as soon as he started approaching the clouds, he heard voices in the head, telling him not to walk further ahead. The voice was coming from the dark cloud hanging in the air nearby. The young man turned back and everything disappeared. Another similar incident occurred to the Fedorovs family from Vladivostok. Aleksey, his wife Nina and two of their children decided to go camping for the weekend. They put up a tent on the river bank, not far from the village of Lukyanovka. The parents put their children to sleep and sat down on a log near the fire. They saw a small strange gray cloud hanging above them. Aleksey was surprised to notice that the cloud was absolutely still. The man stood up, came up to the cloud and reached out his hand to it. The rest of the story reminds the stories of the people abducted by aliens. Aleksey said afterwards that he found himself in a room full of people in military uniform. They told him to sit down in an armchair, fixed several sensors on him and started the examination. The people in the room were talking to him. They told him that they had come from the future to conduct experiments connected with penetrations into other worlds. They offered Aleksey to stay with them, but the man declined, having said he had a family to take care of. The people led him up to the gray cloud and he appeared on the meadow near the fire again.
When the husband disappeared, Nina incidentally looked at a tree near her and saw a woman sitting in it. The woman had wings behind her back; her bare feet had only three toes. Nina started screaming with horror, calling for her husband, but he would not respond. The woman grabbed a small axe to defend herself, in case the winged creature had hostile intentions.
The scream woke up the children. When they saw a monster in the tree, the children started crying and hid behind the mother. The winged woman was looking at the frightened human beings without any action or movement. Shortly before Nina's husband appeared on the meadow, the creature flew up in the sky and disappeared. Visitors from the future - one may somehow understand this phenomenon, but the winged monster woman? Maybe it was a hallucination, caused with experiments on the brain? Who conducted such experiments with the family? Ufologists believe that the phenomenon of mysterious 'reasonable' clouds represents either an independent form of life, or serves as an auxiliary tool, which extraterrestrial beings use for their purposes.

Soviet Army fought UFOs

Soviet military encountered many UFOs, maybe for this reason in the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching "flying objects" was created in the USSR.UFO researchers often blame the military of hiding the cases of alien rockets and disseminating false information of UFO. Army officers are not interested in the disputes about alien civilizations, they are interested in knowing what impact UFO can impose to military equipment and personnel. 1947. Antiaircraft guns of Transcaucasian Military District fired on the flying cigar-shaped object which came from the side of the Turkish border. The object"s flying altitude was below 4,000 meters, and the guns were capable of reaching a target at the altitudes up to 12,000 meters, but that time the fire made no harm to the "cigar". Then the cigar increased its speed and flew away over the mountains. This incident could cause much trouble, because earlier the border guards and military ships monitoring service missed this target. Then the military was unable to trace this flying object over the country"s territory. The Border District command ignored and ordered the monitors not to disclose the information that the object reached a speed up to 2000 kilometers per hour. Similar case took place in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Near the city of Astrakhan air-defense system marked the ball-shaped object flying at the altitude of 2000 meters along the Caspian seashore in the direction of the state border. The object did not respond to the inquiry made by the military on the radio. Two fighter-planes took off, but they were unable to bring the object down. After being under fire, the object descended up to 100 meters, and at this low altitude the planes were unable to continue firing. Despite being fired at, the object was having a regular speed. The ball passed over several military units, which allowed to make its photo. Near the city of Krasnoyarsk the military tried to bring the object down with the helicopter. However, it quickly increased its altitude so that the helicopter could not reach it. After firing all its supply of shells, the helicopter landed, and the ball abruptly flew in the direction of the sea and disappeared from the radar screens.
In the same area the similar scenario case happened later. The object having the shape of cylinder demonstrated its invulnerability. Such a demonstration could be the purpose of its flight, because this UFO was having a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. One can blame the military of inhuman actions on bringing down flying objects. But what can they do if the object was moving in the direction of the state border and they had the order to destroy such objects? In 1985 near the town of Krasnovodsk the radar station under the command of Captain Valuev registered the disc-shaped object in size of 1,000 meters! The object was immovable, and some time later a small disc in size of 5 meters flew out of it and then landed on Krasnovodskaya spit. Patrol boats rushed to that area, but when they reached the distance of 100 meters from the object, it took off and flew one kilometer away. This happened five times. Then the object flew up at a huge speed, reached the bigger disc, which finally flew away spaceward. In the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching "flying objects" was created in the USSR. Among the laboratory"s tasks was researching anti-gravitation, but the research results were made secret. Its testing area was near the town of Kapustin Yar on purpose. In the end of June of 1971 the military could see over this area a black cigar-shaped flying object floating under the clouds at the altitude of 800 meters. The object was 25 meters long and had about 3 meters in diameter. It had neither stabilizers nor wings nor engines and was moving at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour producing no noise. In 1978 году Soviet Ministry of Defense accepted Network MO program. Special military unit in the town of Mytishi was in charge of collecting data, and newly established "space troops" were designated to fight possible threat from space.
In the beginning of August 1987 five soldiers of Leningrad Military District went to the North of Karelia region on a special mission. They were required to guard the object of unknown origin. It was found on the territory of another military unit near the town of Vyborg. The item was 14 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters high. The object had neither doors no hatches, and all attempts to open its hull were unsuccessful. The military tried to break off some object parts, but were only able to take some rods from its stern. In the end of September the object disappeared from the hangar without leaving a trace.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Alien civilizations protecting the earth by systematically neutralizing incoming asteroids and comets

It is estimated that terrestrial technologies can detect one in hundred asteroids and comets that is in a collision course.
Interestingly, even if we in the earth find some incoming asteroids that will collide with the earth, little we can do. Take the example of asteroid 1950AD. It is about three quarters of a mile in length. It will collide with earth in year 2880. The collision will cause an explosion equivalent to 100,000 megaton. The human race will get wiped out. Knowing this very well, we can do little to protect us. A nuclear missile if sent out to encounter the asteroid will make a zillion scattered pieces and the earth will get bombarded zillion times in different place and the effect will be even worse. We do not have the power to vaporize this asteroid with the entire nuclear arsenal in the earth. A close vicinity nuclear explosion may deflect it if the asteroid is of high density and we know about the asteroid at least two years before it impacts on the earth. There are other evolving theories to neutralize the incoming asteroids but nothing has been tested. On top of that we can detect one in hundred such crashing bodies (comets and asteroids) coming towards us. Many scientists believe we just do not have the technologies to protect us.
But case after case in different parts of the world, there are evidences that comets and asteroids have been neutralized either through deflection or explosion before hitting the earth. Who is doing the protection job deflecting and neutralizing asteroids and comets before they are hitting the earth?
According to some scientists, the asteroid belt is disturbed and many asteroids are colliding among themselves. This causes deflection of these asteroids into the inner solar system with possible collision paths with the earth. If any one of these hit the earth, we are history. We can detect very few of these asteroids. As a matter of fact in many cases we realized that these asteroids and comets have missed the earth by a hair in the cosmic scale.
According to scientists there is some advanced alien civilization that is protecting the earth for a long time and is determined not to let these asteroids collide with earth. If you have a doubt, they suggest look at moon surface that have received zillion asteroids and comets and the moon’s dead surface bear the history in every inch of its surface. No one is protecting the moon or mars for whatever reason.
Energy needed to vaporize a comet or asteroid to protect the earth is far larger than the combined aggregation of all nuclear bombs in different parts of the earth. The extraterrestrial alien civilization is using radiation energy tapped from the Hyperspace through the fermions to neutralize the asteroids and comets.
Scientists getting a clue from this are rapidly looking at the Hyperspace to tap endless radiation energy to neutralize incoming comets and asteroids. This radiation energy can also provide enormous alternative fuel that is cheap, have no nuclear waste and above all intense to perform whatever we want to do.

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You can make your own UFO

In a moment of weakness, my friend Ron confided that years ago, he had spotted a UFO while he was flying an airplane. He regretted the admission the very second it came out of his mouth — and with good reason.The pilot suddenly became the focus of teasing by the skeptics at the gathering. But he never wavered from his story that he and the man sitting with him in the cockpit of the plane saw a disc-shaped orb outside the window that matched his speed for a few moments before racing away into the night sky.Now, Ron may be a nut, but he isn't a kook, and I believed his story — mainly because he believed it. However, he did realize it was a mistake to tell his tale in front of me.''Now, I'll probably read about it in the paper,'' he said with remorse.Sure enough, it just so happens that I received a book with instructions to make UFOs in the mail that very week.
I took the incident as a sign I should indeed write about Ron's UFO encounter.UFO is an acronym for the term ''unidentified flying object'' and describes an object or light that defies explanation. People have reported seeing strange crafts that can hover at a standstill, take off at incredible speeds and quickly change direction. They generally believe they are seeing visiting spaceships from other planets.Usually, investigators find there are ordinary explanations for the sightings. People have reported lots of things as UFOs, including missiles, birds, swarms of insects and weather balloons.
Actually, investigators can explain all but a small number of UFO reports and most scientists don't think there is enough evidence to support the belief that these sightings are really objects from a distant place.In 1952, Project Blue Book was launched by the U.S. Air Force to determine whether any of the 12,000 UFO reports were a threat to national security. From 1966 to 1968, independent studies by scientists at the University of Colorado determined that there was no credible information to indicate the reports were true. Project Blue Book ended in 1969.
This hovering flying saucer may look otherworldly, but it is made with objects found on good old planet Earth. Directions came from the book ''Every Kid Needs Things That Fly,'' by inventor and designer Ritchie Kinmont of Ogden, Utah. The book retails for $14.95 and is available online at

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UFO sighting terrified locals 40 years ago

EXETER - Engulfed in the blackness of a late summer night, a teenage Navy recruit walked down the quiet country highway. Suddenly, a huge object loomed above him. Throwing himself to the ground to avoid being hit, he huddled against a stone wall. The blood drained from his face.
The time was around 2 a.m. The date was Sept. 3, 1965. Thus began the "Incident at Exeter," a series of sightings officially qualified as a legitimate visit from an unidentified flying object.
In September and October 1965, several sightings in New Hampshire were carefully investigated and documented by local and federal offices.
The encounters that night took special precedence over other UFO sightings because of the credibility of Exeter police officers Eugene Bertrand and David Hunt, as well as Reginald "Scratch" Toland, who was dispatcher and supervising officer when the shaken teenager, Norman Muscarello, came to the police station claiming he had encountered a UFO.
A similar report substantiated his story. Earlier, Bertrand had come upon a lone woman parked on the side of Route 101 near an overpass two miles outside Exeter.
She said a huge, silent, red and brilliantly glowing airborne object had chased her from the town of Epping about 12 miles away. It had been only a few feet from her car before it departed at a tremendous speed and disappeared.
Bertrand saw nothing but a bright star and sent her home. Toland also spoke to the woman, who told him she had been chased by the "low-flying, large, round object with flashing red lights."
An hour later, Bertrand received a call from Toland to report back to the station immediately because "a kid had come in who had seen a UFO." The police officer picked up Muscarello at the station.
The teen led him back to the site where he’d seen the craft. After sitting in the parked cruiser for several minutes, Bertrand radioed the dispatcher to say they saw nothing unusual.
Bertrand, instructed to check out the field before heading back, proceeded to do so with Muscarello.
Horses in a nearby barn began to kick and whinny. Dogs in the neighborhood began to howl.
Muscarello shouted, "Look out, here it comes!" and they watched as something luminous rose from behind tall evergreens.
The aircraft, about 100 feet away, silently sped so close to Bertrand that he dropped to the ground and drew his service weapon.
"There was this huge, dark object as big as that barn over there with red flashing lights on it," Bertrand later told an investigator. "It barely cleared that tree right there, and it was moving back and forth. … It seemed to tilt and come right at us. Norman told me later that I was yelling, ‘I’ll shoot it! I’ll shoot it!’ I did drop on one knee and drew my service revolver, but I didn’t shoot."
Bertrand, dragged Muscarello, frozen with fear, back to the cruiser.
From the car, the men saw no tail, no wings and heard no sound.
Already en route, Hunt arrived within minutes and saw the UFO as it "floated, wobbled and did things that no plane could do" before it darted away toward Hampton. They returned to the station to write their report.
Toland received a call shortly after from a Hampton telephone operator who said that a distressed motorist attempted to contact the police from a pay phone. He yelled at the operator, saying he was being chased by a flying saucer that came right at him and that it was still out there. He was then disconnected.
A Hampton Police Department’s blotter entry for that night reads: "September 3, 1965: 3 a.m. Exeter Police Department reports unidentified flying object in that area. Units 2, 4 and Pease Air Force alerted. At 3:17 a.m., received a call from Exeter operator and Officer Toland. Advised that a male subject called and asked for police department, further stating that call was in re: a large unidentified flying object, but call was cut off. Call received from a Hampton pay phone, location unknown."
The official report to Project Blue Book from the director of administrative services of the Pease Air Force Base at Portsmouth concluded with this paragraph by the investigator: "At this time, have been unable to arrive at a probable cause of this sighting. The three observers seem to be stable, reliable persons, especially the two patrolmen. I viewed the area and found nothing in the area that could be the probable cause."
Project Blue Book is a compilation by the U.S. government to repute the existence of extraterrestrial objects.
Peter Geremia, New Hampshire state director of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network Inc., noted: "The police officers involved put their careers on the line. They courageously came forward and stated what they saw at a time when witnesses were not allowed any credibility on the subject."
Geremia, who has appeared on national media programs including "Unsolved Mysteries," presented chronological depiction of what happened the night of the Incident at Exeter.
His "decent rendition of what happened" matches the series of events starting with Muscarello being frightened by a UFO.
Bertrand, although an Air Force veteran, was never able to put a name to the UFO.
"What do you call a UFO? Was it from another planet? We just couldn’t identify it," he noted.
He meticulously described it as a "huge, shapeless object with five sequentially pulsating-from-left-to-right bright red lights, so bright you couldn’t look at it."
The Pentagon repeatedly denied the sightings, but the incident was read into the congressional record in April 1966 by Raymond Fowler, representative of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena in Washington. It was the first open congressional hearing on UFOs.
Fowler, internationally renowned author of 11 books about UFOs, has studied UFO reports for decades.
In a recent interview, he shared his thoughts on the Exeter incident and the stories that followed.
"The second-hand speculation stories were varied and perhaps hypothesized," Fowler said. "Muscarello’s mother purportedly saw confidential drawings of a UFO landing site pattern that was handcuffed to an Air Force investigator who visited her house. The neighboring farmer was instructed by the Air Force to plow under landing marks in his field.
"The hens in the neighborhood stopped laying eggs. The air-base intelligence officer was seen buying up all the newspapers carrying stories about Sept. 3. A base commander was seen in civilian clothes rather than uniform while investigating," he related.
Then, there was the irrefutable.
"There were major similarities with these area sightings that conform to documented cases. UFOs tend to be seen near swamps, major power lines or nuclear sources. Muscarello noticed the object coming from over a line of trees behind which were major power lines. There was a swamp in the area. Pease and the Navy yard both had nuclear power entities. And, when a Pease Air Force base commander attempted to disprove it was a UFO by simulating the incident by turning on runway lights, he failed," noted Fowler.
Fowler, now retired from active investigation, noted in a letter to the United States Air Force, "The UFO sighted by Norman Muscarello was identical to the UFO seen later by Muscarello, Bertrand and Hunt.
"There is no question in my mind that the same or similar object was involved in both of these particular sightings.
"Since I did not interview the unnamed woman, I am not certain of the details … but according to Officer Bertrand, the object … was very similar to the UFO they sighted later … another witness, a male motorist, also sighted a similar object. …"
Because of the viability of the testimonies of those involved on the night of Sept. 3, 1965, and because of Fowler’s testimony into the Congressional Record in April 1966, the United States Air Force admitted that indeed, the Incident at Exeter involved an unidentified flying object.