Sunday, September 04, 2005

Alien civilizations protecting the earth by systematically neutralizing incoming asteroids and comets

It is estimated that terrestrial technologies can detect one in hundred asteroids and comets that is in a collision course.
Interestingly, even if we in the earth find some incoming asteroids that will collide with the earth, little we can do. Take the example of asteroid 1950AD. It is about three quarters of a mile in length. It will collide with earth in year 2880. The collision will cause an explosion equivalent to 100,000 megaton. The human race will get wiped out. Knowing this very well, we can do little to protect us. A nuclear missile if sent out to encounter the asteroid will make a zillion scattered pieces and the earth will get bombarded zillion times in different place and the effect will be even worse. We do not have the power to vaporize this asteroid with the entire nuclear arsenal in the earth. A close vicinity nuclear explosion may deflect it if the asteroid is of high density and we know about the asteroid at least two years before it impacts on the earth. There are other evolving theories to neutralize the incoming asteroids but nothing has been tested. On top of that we can detect one in hundred such crashing bodies (comets and asteroids) coming towards us. Many scientists believe we just do not have the technologies to protect us.
But case after case in different parts of the world, there are evidences that comets and asteroids have been neutralized either through deflection or explosion before hitting the earth. Who is doing the protection job deflecting and neutralizing asteroids and comets before they are hitting the earth?
According to some scientists, the asteroid belt is disturbed and many asteroids are colliding among themselves. This causes deflection of these asteroids into the inner solar system with possible collision paths with the earth. If any one of these hit the earth, we are history. We can detect very few of these asteroids. As a matter of fact in many cases we realized that these asteroids and comets have missed the earth by a hair in the cosmic scale.
According to scientists there is some advanced alien civilization that is protecting the earth for a long time and is determined not to let these asteroids collide with earth. If you have a doubt, they suggest look at moon surface that have received zillion asteroids and comets and the moon’s dead surface bear the history in every inch of its surface. No one is protecting the moon or mars for whatever reason.
Energy needed to vaporize a comet or asteroid to protect the earth is far larger than the combined aggregation of all nuclear bombs in different parts of the earth. The extraterrestrial alien civilization is using radiation energy tapped from the Hyperspace through the fermions to neutralize the asteroids and comets.
Scientists getting a clue from this are rapidly looking at the Hyperspace to tap endless radiation energy to neutralize incoming comets and asteroids. This radiation energy can also provide enormous alternative fuel that is cheap, have no nuclear waste and above all intense to perform whatever we want to do.


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