Monday, April 30, 2007

Earthlike planet discovery – A step nearer to ET

The recent discovery of an Earthlike planet called Gliese 581 C has once again raised hopes that we will eventually discover life on other planets, and confirm what most of us have believed for some time, we are not alone!
Scientists say that Gliese 581 C is about 50 percent larger than Earth, with temperatures much like ours, and probably capable of supporting the kind of life we are familiar with. Gliese 581 C was found orbiting a red dwarf star that is about one third as massive as the Sun.
The new planet is certainly an ideal target for future exploration, but at a distance of 20.5 light years, it may be some time before we get a chance to find out more.
Of course, we often assume that it is humans that will have to travel out into space to make contact with our alien neighbors, and sometimes forget it is more likely that they will visit us first.
Whilst some people still have difficulty in accepting that UFO sightings are confirmation that they already know we exist, the evidence suggests that there are a limitless number of planets in our universe that could support life.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media continue to ridicule such ideas and always treat UFO sightings as a joke (perhaps they still believe the world is flat?). This is not helped by some governments who feel the need to dismiss all UFO reports without considering any investigation, and automatically issue the standard explanation that it was a cloud, Venus, or their all time favorite, a weather balloon!
Is it any wonder that many people believe that “governments” have already made contact with aliens and are covering up this possibility? Can all these sightings be the imagination of some lunatic fringe that sits outside all day long with their cameras, wearing tin foil hats? Of course not!
In the book “Global Warming – The Final Solution”, I wrote that aliens rescue the survivors of a doomed planet (Earth), from the devastating effects of Global Warming (and I wasn’t wearing a tin foil hat when I wrote it either!). This may seem very far fetched to some, but is it?
Humans appeared very recently (and quickly) in our planets history, too quickly perhaps to have “evolved” as many think. Is it not possible that we were brought here from another planet, a planet that faced some catastrophic ending? And if it is, could we be moved again, if it became necessary?
People often ask why aliens don’t make contact with us, if they really do exist (assuming they haven’t already). This question is based on the arrogance that we believe we are sufficiently intelligent to warrant such communication.
We live on a planet with millions of other creatures, but we don’t try talking to Ants (for example), even though they do have intelligence, because we feel we are vastly superior to them. Maybe to some advanced alien race, we are seen in much the same way?
One day, we will discover the answer to life on other planets, and perhaps find out more about our own. This knowledge may be exciting to some, but probably will come as a shock to most.

Pilot Sees Large UFO Over the UK

Captain Ray Bowyer, a commercial airline pilot, has reported spotting a stationary UFO "twice the size of a Boeing 737" while en route from Southampton to Alderney. Passengers on the plane and other aircraft also witnessed the phenomenon.
The pilot said the objects were "bright like the sun" but didn't cause any eye pain when he looked at them. A former UFO investigator for the MoD said that pilots are less likely to misidentify ordinary objects as UFOs.
"Such light effects are often… thought to represent alien visitors but many UFO researchers believe they more likely represent natural… phenomena not yet fully understood by science," said John Spencer from the British UFO Research Association.