Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Roswell Incident: 1994 Documentary


Here are 4 parts to a Roswell documentary from 1994. It includes some of the first clips of the "faked alien autopsy". (I personally believe there is real footage of the autopsy, and the fake was deliberate misinformation. And it worked!)

The U.S. Air Force came out with their explanation of what happened around the same time as this video. They had separate events that happened years apart explaining what happened. To me they were lying and doing a bad job at it meaning there really IS something to cover up.

The 60th anniversary of the ufo crash on Mac Brazel's ranch is days away from this posting and still plenty of unanswered questions.


Part 2 talks about Jesse Marcel and his son Jesse Marcel Jr., as well as the radio broadcast that was interrupted.


Part 3 involves some government documents about the incident and the funeral home that was contacted about small sized caskets.


Part 4 wraps up the documentary (almost) showing clips from the misinformation film... The fake autopsy.

ADDED: Part 5 | Part 6

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