Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sereda Talks About UFOs on Fox News


This video aired on July 4th on Fox News. My feelings are mixed on this, but leaning toward bitter.

First, hats off to Fox for airing this and giving something UFO related some air time. Second, hats on for a terrible job of it.

It appears this was meant as humor for the mindless brainwashed drones that watch Fox News. The 2 guys interviewing David (I don't know who they are because I don't watch that channel, but I can guess they are nobody's... Scrub ponies having to work on a holiday.) seem to almost mock him, snickering at each other as soon as the interview starts. One seems to can't wait to try to corner him into admitting he has no "smoking gun' proof.

You can hear the "uh huh's" and "yeah yeah, sure sure's" throughout the entire clip.

Roswell Fox News BadDavid did well am I commend him on that. He said what he wanted to say over the interruptions most of the time.

But unfortunately the overall view of it seems to be working for the disinformation's department thanks to the inane job by Fox News.


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