Sunday, July 31, 2011

UFO sighting captured in Australia: Is It just another hoax?

Footage of unexplained lights in the skies over Adelaide captured on December 7 has sparked debate between thousands of believers and sceptics on YouTube.

The footage, which runs for 76 minutes, has even prompted one cyber expert to proclaim governments are withholding secret intelligence that proves humans are not alone in the universe and D-day is tomorrow.

"I know what I saw and it was very real. This is no joke guys!" a comment on the YouTube footage says.

"I've seen a page saying governments have until December 31 to tell the world, otherwise star nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically obvious demonstrations of presence, such that the government will be compelled to publicly acknowledge star visitors."

The video has been viewed more than 55,000 times.

On non-believer offered an explanation to the December 7 UFO sighting, posted by FluffyJet Productions.
The non-believer posted a video last week of a Pulselite unit being used on a plane and said such warning devices are now used on some planes landing in Adelaide to avoid bird strikes.
Adelaide Airport general manager of corporate affairs John McArdle said Pulselite units were used on aircraft flying over Adelaide.
Mystery solved?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

UFO in South India - Tamil Nadu

An astounding display of UFO Phenomenon in South India.

This video was taken sometime in May, 2007 close to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. You can see the "lights in the sky" split and rejoin and even one apparently making a landing. 

ET Observer - Now Optimized for Mobile Phones

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The truth is out there? In Emmaus?

One night in 1977, John Royer went out on the second-floor deck of his Bethlehem house to get some air, something he had done a hundred times without any complications. This time, however, he happened to look up into the sky as a big, black triangle with lights at the three corners passed overhead.
Big as the object was — it blocked out a sizeable swath of stars — it didn't make a sound.
Royer, a Lafayette College graduate and engineer — and, by his own and his wife's testimony, a sober and level-headed man — went inside and summoned the closest person, a houseguest. She came out and saw it too.
"Oh, my God," she said, and went back inside. Royer watched the object drift west until it disappeared beyond the tree line. And just like that, his life had changed.

It didn't change the way the Richard Dreyfuss character's life changed in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." He didn't lose his job and start sculpting his mashed potatoes and shaving cream into renderings of Devil's Tower. And he didn't start seeing UFOs everywhere he looked, though in 2003, after moving to his current home in Emmaus, he saw another triangle flying over Emmaus High School.
But these experiences made him keenly interested in UFOs. And that led to his current position as a volunteer field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, called MUFON.
It's a 42-year-old international group of enthusiasts who investigate sightings, compile statistical summaries— there were 14 UFO reports in Pennsylvania in June, for example — and pressure the government to be more forthcoming about what it knows regarding the phenomenon.
"Many reports are mistakes," Royer acknowledges, leafing through the dozens of sightings he has investigated across the Lehigh Valley and beyond in the past couple of years. "Some of them are idiots trying to play a game. Some are drunks. Some are people on drugs."
Some, though, are sincere — and often frightened — regular folk who have witnessed something strange and want the relief or reassurance that comes from sharing the story.
A few examples: A witness in York County saw a boomerang-shaped mass of green lights flying south over the borough. A Shimersville resident watched a red light bobbing in the sky. And a man in Emmaus had virtually the same experience as Royer, watching a dark triangle move above Chestnut Street and disappear beyond South Mountain.
Royer, 65, a retired Lincoln Technical Institute instructor, makes no firm judgment about any of these sightings — not even his own. He knows he saw something, but he can't say what.
"I think some of it is manmade technology," he said. "I also believe there is something flying around out there that we don't know anything about."
Preserving the anonymity of the witnesses, he notes the details and commits them to the growing record of sightings around the world. Like other buffs, he figures the phenomenon will reach critical mass one day and lead to something — alien contact, perhaps, or government acknowledgement that we are not alone.
"There are multiple people around the world who are politicians, who are in the military, who are saying 'Enough is enough,' " Royer said, citing cases of jet pilots who have been ordered into fruitless pursuit of bizarre sky craft but told to keep their stories quiet.
He does most of his research in a home office with a few framed painting of UFOs on the wall and a model of the Mir Space Station dangling from the ceiling fan light pull. Here, he has begun writing science fiction and has formulated his own theory about aliens — that they are "flying archeologists" in a long-term study of humankind. UFO reports, he pointed out, date back thousands of years.
Playing Scully to Royer's Mulder is his wife, Mary, a friendly woman who seems to find his hobby interesting in the way many wives find football interesting.
"It's John's thing," she said. "All I can say is 'Anything's possible.' "

The Alien Agenda

Rants from another believer...

This is the story of Mitchell. That is his last name, or I should probably say was his last name. He is a man that I came to know in 1986 and had various meetings with him until his untimely demise in 2002. He was a man “in the know,” and had supplied me with tips and information to help my investigations. He was a family man, an honest man, a man that was trustworthy in a dirty game. He predicted world events, not because he was psychic but because he knew the players and the plan. In fact, in 1991, he told me of a planned attack that would take place ten years later in New York City. At the time, I didn’t necessarily believe him.
I see a lot of people laugh at the claims of a man named David Icke. He has written several books regarding something he calls “The Reptilian Agenda,” claiming that there are shape-shifters in our society that can change from human form to reptilian form. Most laugh at this theory, and I was certainly one of them, but then certain things began to click and I was allowed to see some information that had me questioning this reality, or this reality that we have been forced to accept as legitimate.
Mitchell found me from an interview I did in a documentary about alien visitation and the Roswell incident. I allowed the producer of this documentary to give out some of my own personal information, a PO Box for any letters from those that want to know more. At the time, I thought I was going to save the world, but the world was in far worse shape then I had thought.
Mitchell sent me a letter and wanted to speak to me. We spoke days later and he told me things that were hard to believe, but he was not a man of stories. He was not a storyteller. He was a man that had this information that burdened his soul and he needed to get it out there.
UFOs are everywhere. Let’s begin with that. They are not here for a second and then disappearing as many contend that they do. To the human eye, they disappear. In reality, they change frequency. We can’t see certain frequencies and that is the area that these things exist. Every once in a while, they will fall into a frequency that we can see, but look up in the sky. Right now, there are probably two or three hovering over your house.
There are aliens among us, and here’s something to digest. They look like us and they can shape shift. They are us, and we are them. Mitchell informed me that there is this “great knowledge” that he was privy to. He knew some of it, but not all of it, and he stated that in the beginning of time, this advanced race altered the human anatomy, creating smarter beings. They mixed their DNA with our own. We are part reptilian. If you don’t buy that, ask why we have tail bones.
He continued to say that there are bloodlines that control the world, and nothing is as it seemed. Every world leader shares the same bloodline, and they will marry within. George Bush and Barbara Bush are cousins…if you need any proof. Ask our current President who he is related to. It may just surprise you. CBS has jokingly covered this topic, pointing out how funny it is and how the probability of all of these people being related were 10 million to 1, or something to that effect, but the probability in my eyes, based on the information I have, is 100%. The rulers are picked by the ruling class…don’t think your vote counts. I haven’t voted in 39 years.
Mitchell gave me information that was hard to believe at the time, but I can say with total honesty, that everything he has said has come true. He predicted the oil prices rising, the economy collapse, 9/11, and much more. Although human nature can be deadly enough, the alien agenda is in full effect. Have you ever heard the saying: “The best trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn’t exist?”
That is what we have now. There are aliens among us, and the plan is global slavery of the human race. As silly as this sounds, watch the made for TV mini-series “V” from 1984, and you will see a great deal of truth. I know what the film was based on.
I want to make this article a tribute to my friend Mitchell, a man that really said too much, and paid a dear price for it. He was one of many “suicides” of recent times. Sadly, I was not the only confidant that he had, and certain things were discovered by our current rulers and Mitchell was found hanging, a sloppy suicide note at his feet.
You now know why I maintain my distance from this society, living day to day and trying to make some difference in this world. I have plenty to say and I have begun the process of writing a book with information that will hopefully change the direction of this world. Until next time…
By Stan Hernandez
Official Post