Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday Phenomena: UFO Sightings

By definition, UFOs are just unidentified things in the sky, not necessarily alien aircraft. One Las Vegas man has captured a curious array of photos and videos of weird stuff he's seen flying over his house. He shared his material with the I-Team's George Knapp.
UFO witness, "The first thing I started seeing were odd-shaped things that changed colors and just darted across the screen at phenomenal speeds."
Have you ever wanted to see an honest to goodness UFO? This Las Vegas man sees them all the time. He worries about being labeled a UFO wacko, so we agreed to hide his identity. Call him Bob. "I started seeing them at night, and they're balls of light, not aircraft or jets," he explained.
Bob lives in a central Las Vegas neighborhood and for the past two years has been seeing and photographing weird objects in the skies over his home. He started with still photos, and then switched to video to record the movements of things like this opaque pretzel shaped.
Bob continued, "They started making aerial maneuvers and then a dead stop, and then start up again, like they were searching for -- they were like ants."
The objects appear at different times and at different points. Few of Bob's neighbors seem to have noticed the aerial ballet above their rooftops. Raul has an extra advantage with 20/10 vision, he says, which allows him to pick out objects in the sky that others might overlook.
It's hard to believe that no one else noticed this tandem of dark spheres that danced around on a recent afternoon. One looked like a big plastic bag caught in the wind, but it stayed up there -- way up there -- for more than an hour. They aren't satellites because satellites don't stay put for 4 hours as this one did.
Colonel John Alexander said, "UFOs are real. What are they? That's the question."
Col. Alexander, an author and retired Army intelligence officer who worked in highly classified military research programs, watched some of Bob's footage. "That one looks like the one they show down in New Zealand."
But he isn't sure what he is seeing. He doubts they are anything from, say, Area 51. "It's quite possible that things might fly in this area. However, they would not be extremely sensitive things. You don't test advanced technology where it's going to be available over major metropolitan areas. That's what they do out in the desert."
This is a computer-enhanced freeze-frame of an odd object. On video, the three-orbed thing looks a lot like balloons tied together, but these orbs seem to be tumbling over each other in flight, and the object has a twin. If they are moving with the wind, why do they move in different directions?
Bob said, "You can't have two craft with wind draft coming down and then almost colliding, the one almost bending over. If you slow it down, it bends over. It's like they're interacting. This one is stationary and this one is jamming up. Man, look at that separation."
Within seconds the two objects put a huge distance between themselves. Maybe they're balloons, maybe not. This one was frozen in the sky for a while, and then zipped behind the clouds -- very un-balloon-like behavior. Bob is convinced there's a lot of stuff in the sky that we can't recognize, but we can see them if we try.

Bible misused as scientific support for UFO theories

<- This French coin depecits a modern-day misinterpretation of the wheel described in the book of Ezekiel.
There are a number of things about which I specifically refuse to write, no matter how often I am requested to do so. Why trying to convince others to think clearly and not believe everything they read on the internet makes people think I'm going to launch some sort of 1,200 word attack on religion is beyond me; I am afraid that those that think my devotion to science and reason prohibits an appreciation or respect for religion are about to realize it's not that kind of party. In fact, just to spite them, I'm going to launch a 1,200 word attack on UFO nuts trying to pervert religion to serve their needs.I speak, of course, of the book of the bible written by the prophet Ezekiel. The bible has some odd things in it, especially towards the end, but this book is almost flabbergastingly confusing. In it, Ezekiel sees an enormous thing appear, which then orders him to go and tell the Israelites to get their act together. However, this enormous thing is so bizarre that UFO enthusiasts constantly use it as "evidence" that aliens visited our ancestors in antiquity, or that our religions were founded by space people. The beginning of the book of Ezekiel starts with Ezekiel by a river in modern-day Iraq; while standing there, a wind emerges from the north (symbolic of a mystical, hidden origin) and carries to him four creatures. The creatures are in the shapes of men, but each has four wings, and each is accompanied by a wheel (more on that in a moment.) The men zip around, and each has four faces, one on each side of his head. The first is of a man, the second an eagle, the third a bull, and the fourth is that of a lion. The UFO enthusiast would have you believe that this description is in error, and that Ezekiel was actually seeing alien beings looking out at him through portholes in the exterior of a spaceship.
It takes sadly little thought to realize this is not the case. The descriptions of men with four wings matches the descriptions given elsewhere in the bible for Cherubim, those that stand between God and mankind. Simply put, they looked like angels, except for the having four faces. Each of the faces is of the most powerful animal of a certain region: the eagle is master of the skies, the lion is master of the wild, the bull is master of the domesticated animals, and humans are the master of all earthly things.
With each of these flying creatures comes a "wheel within a wheel" whose outer rim is covered in eyes. Many lunatics, such as Erich Von Daniken, claim that these wheels are actually the lower extremities of a spaceship that, hypothetically, would look like some sort of boat/helicopter/tank. These people explain that the eyes are actually portholes or lights, and that the first wheel is the classic description of a flying saucer. But, going back to the bible, we see that this is a ridiculous assumption; the 'wheels' are said to be made of precious, clear gemstones. Sure sounds like a crappy material to make a UFO out of to me. What's more, most people think of something like a cart wheel when they read this description and assume that there were spokes involved, which they later insist could be the rotor blades of a helicopter. Actually, wheels at the time were mostly flat, round discs bisected by large axles, which more than explains what he meant by "a wheel within a wheel."
Add to that the fact that the wheels are obvious of divine origin, exemplified by the fact that they're covered in eyes, and we're looking at a description of something suspiciously similar to a round column with a flat base. You know, like most of the furniture that would have been in the Jewish templesSo, what we have so far: something that's reminiscent of furniture and four angels. Up until this point, unless you ignore the fact that Ezekiel says the four angels were living beings and not helicopters, hovercraft, or spaceships, the UFO enthusiast has a pretty good argument in his favor.
That's why he will never mention the next part of the story. After sighting this combination furniture-angel thing, Ezekiel sees that there is a figure riding on top of it, and that figure commands him to go unto the Israelites and tell them to get back on the straight and narrow, so to speak. In a number of places in the bible, God is said to reside on a throne perched ontop of four of his best angels, a fact that was well-known at the time. Kings of various earthly countries had their thrones carved into the shape of four angels, to signify that God was on their side, and this description is always used to refer to God. Furthermore, the being addresses Ezekiel in a manner reserved for God (by calling him "son of man".) Just to put the final nail in the lunatic-built UFO coffin, Ezekiel admits that he knows exactly what he's looking at, when he says "such is the glory and appearance of the Lord." For a guy that's being harassed by people from outer space, theoretically, he takes it fairly matter-of-factly.
The rest of the book of Ezekiel is about Ezekiel going to the Israelites and telling them to stop doing all those fun things that anger the divine. The description of the "space ship" is just the first page or so; it goes on for pages and pages and pages about how one shouldn't wear makeup or eat oysters and such. The simple fact is that to us, the story seems bizarre and nightmarish, because we've come to think of angels as fat naked babies. It hasn't been that way forever, and at the time the bible was written, an Israelite would have heard the story and known exactly what the deal was: that higher powers were getting irritated with those on earth.When people try to use the bible to prove that science is wrong, I get angry.
But I get even angrier yet when I hear that lunatics are trying to use the bible to prove that flying space people are the basis of all codes of moral and ethical conduct. As always, I ask you: which is more likely? That denizens of a distant world conquered the challenge of interstellar flight, came down and scared the hell out of a guy 2500 years ago, or that Ezekiel decided to get his people back into shape by using common, every day descriptions of holy matters that, due to time and the complexity of the Hebrew language, now seem insane to us? If you had to finish that sentence before answering it, shame on you. The correct answer is ALWAYS the answer that doesn't involve monsters from beyond the moon. As a bit of final miscellaneous, there's a coin that was minted in the 1640s that shows Ezekiel's vision, though the UFO enthusiast would try to convince you it's actually a space-faring vessel. It looks to me like a flying donut.
Even 400 years ago, the time and traditions had changed a lot since Ezekiel's vision. The Frenchman who minted the thing had to try and interpret the story from his modern viewpoint, and, just like us, he got it wrong, just like us. Well, the portion of us that believe in spacemen, anway. Be seeing you.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thai lanterns clue to UFO sightings

MYSTERIOUS lights spotted over Hainault in August could have been explained this week - after a similar sighting in Essex on Thursday. Drivers on the M25 near Great Dunmow pulled over on the hard shoulder in dismay when they saw 30 orange lights hovering above the road. They were described as looking like they were hanging from the sky by a thread, at about the height a firework would reach.The Ministry of Defence said no military exercises were going on, air traffic controllers said nothing showed up on their radar - leaving puzzled motorists none the wiser.But on Sunday it emerged that the lights were illuminated Thai lanterns released over Leez Priory for a wedding.Debbie Mead, from the priory, said they are now popular at weddings. But Michelle Fitzgibbons, of Romford, who first reported the sighting over Hainault to the Ilford Recorder said she was sure that the lanterns didn't explain what she saw. And Ann Hosie, who lives on the Limes Farm estate in Chigwell, is also adamant the lights were something else.
She said this week: "There's not a chance whatsoever - they were the size of footballs but the speed they moved over was nothing like lanterns. " I would not have said it could have been that at all.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tehran Dogfight - UFO Encounter

'For the first time, General Parviz Jafari, one of the Iranian Air Force pilots who actually flew the chase mission, describes one of the most credible of all UFO encounters, the famed “Tehran Dogfight.” He give us his firsthand account of personally chasing this UFO across the skies over Tehran. This interview, conducted by Whitley Strieber and Dr. Roger Leir, is a worldwide first. No pilot who participated in the dogfight has ever come forward before.
'Listen as General Jafari describes from firsthand experience what the UFO looked like, and how it felt to chase it, and experience the bizarre events that transpired in the cockpit of his jet. There have been few other firsthand reports like this from pilots, and this is by far the most frank, the most complete and convincing such report ever recorded.'
Listen to the stream :-

Friday, October 21, 2005

Did life start in Mars as recent as last year?

Something strange is happening in Mars. As terrestrial probes and optical scanning devices monitor Mars, the red planet is showing signs of life. According to scientists something strange is occurring since last year in Mars. The planet is all on a sudden showing signs of life. New data showing that patterns of water and methane in Mars'' atmosphere overlap may have important implications for the idea that the planet could harbor life. But where did this life come from after we all concluded years back that Mars has no atmosphere and is for all practical purposes really dead.
The finding comes from the Mars Express probe in orbit around the Red Planet. If microbes were making methane seen in Mars'' atmosphere, they would rely on water, so the association between the two has excited some researchers. But where did this life come from all on a sudden after we all concluded years back that Mars has no atmosphere and is for all practical purposes really dead?
The geothermal activity from underground heat sources on Mars generates methane through the oxidation of iron contained in hot basaltic rocks. The process, known as serpentisation, releases hydrogen that combines with carbon to form methane. Some project scientists speculate that geothermal heat beneath Mars causes ice and other material to move towards the surface: the so-called "ice table" hypothesis. Researchers have speculated that microbial life may exist in liquid water below this ice table. It has been suggested that the organisms are methanogens, microbes that produce methane as a waste product of their life process.
Some scientists believe either extraterrestrial civilization has started experiments to confuse terrestrial probes or human hand is behind implanting some strange life related activities, which will soon show that life is there, is Mars. Of course the third possibilities are that life related activities were overlooked in Mars for a long time.

Existence of extra dimensions – finally the truth is coming out!

Finally scientists are experimenting to prove the existence of extra dimensions. They 'see'' the extra dimensions through particles interacting with the gravitons that do still live in all 9 dimensions, but the effects of the gravitons living in these extra dimensions are so small that actually there are extremely large extra dimensions without terrestrial technologies 'seeing'' them through gravitational forces.
Actually, these extra dimensions are as large as a tenth of a millimeter without us being able to seem them at this moment. Experiments are now being done that would allow us to see extra dimensions that are as big as a tenth of a millimeter, but since they involve the very weak gravitational force, the experiments are technically very involved.
The world would be thrilled when we finally see deviations in the gravitational force due to the existence of extra dimensions. The whole thrust of this discovery comes from the Open-String Theory of modern Physics and the concept of Branes. We find that the open strings are now restricted to live on objects called Branes. The open strings cannot freely move everywhere in space, but their endpoints are confined to move on these Branes.
The branes that we find can have dimension 0 (points), 1 (stringlike branes), 2 (membranes), 3 (volumes, like the space we live in), and even higher dimensions, up to nine, since otherwise they wouldn''t fit into our nine-dimensional space anymore. These are new objects in string theory, and they allow for amazing new possibilities.
Assume that we have a Brane that is three-dimensional, just like our space. Then we would have gauge fields living on the Brane, in three spatial dimensions. That Brane could look exactly like our world. In other words, our world is a three-dimensional Brane. And since, say, the photon only lives on the Brane, all the other six dimensions is literally dark. Indeed, no photons, or light, would come from these other dimensions, and no light would leak into these dimensions, since the photons (gauge fields) can only live on the Brane.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Exhibit out to show truth about UFOs

It's all there in black and white -- at least for those who believe in such things.In the summer of 1947, a UFO allegedly crashed near Roswell.For those who believe in UFOs, it was the undeniable proof of the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, which was subsequently covered up by the government.And for those who don't believe, it was all an elaborate misunderstanding.El Pasoans can judge for themselves by visiting the Roswell Exhibit, on display through Oct. 31 at the Art Junction, 500 W. Paisano.
"A lot of people ask me 'Do you believe?' and I tell them to look at the faces of the people involved and read their testimony and to make up their own minds," said Albert Acosta of the El Paso Natural History Museum who worked with the UFO museum in Roswell to create the traveling exhibit.
The exhibit features large canvas photographs, sculptures and replica artifacts.The exhibit shows different items that document when the crash was called a UFO crash by the government to subsequent claims by the government that it was not a UFO but debris from a weather balloon.Also included in the exhibit are a cast of the alien prop used in the Showtime movie "Roswell," as well as toys inspired by the UFO phenomenon.
"I think of it as American mythology," said Marty Martin, who is co-director of the El Paso Natural History Museum with Acosta. "It is a popular subject, like paleontology."The exhibit has drawn inquiries elsewhere in the country after record-breaking attendance at the Southwest Florida Museum of History in Fort Myers, Fla., where it was previously displayed.
"As a result of the show in Florida, we've been contacted with inquiries about the exhibit possibly being displayed at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and the Strategic Air and Space Museum for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell crash in 2007," Martin said.Michael Alford, president of the El Paso Art Association, which is hosting the exhibition, said his organization is happy to have an exhibit that fascinates so many people."Either you are sold and believe in UFOs or you don't," Alford said. "There is no gray area. It's unique for us to host it because as artists, we use our imaginations every day.
With this exhibit, we ask people to open their minds."Alford said that with Halloween coming up, it allows the imagination of people to run wild, making visiting the exhibit more fun and exciting.One portion of the exhibit shows how UFOs are neither a recent nor strictly American phenomenon.
"Here in this painting of the Virgin Mary with child, there is a shepherd and a dog in the background drawing your attention to what the artist really wanted you to see," Martin said, pointing to the oval-shaped flying disc in the sky blown up to a larger size next to the complete replica painting from the Middle Ages.Liz Gaidry recently visited the exhibit."I thought it was very, very interesting, from the newspaper clippings to the radio broadcast," Gaidry said. "Whether there are UFOs or not, it's a great mystery.
Some days I think this is probably true. Then when my logical mind takes over, I think it isn't true. It depends on which day you ask me."Though Acosta doesn't outright say he believes in UFOs, he said he understands why it might be necessary for those in power to not want us to know that UFOs and aliens exist."Can you imagine what would happen to the economy? What would happen to our religious beliefs? What would happen if each of us realized we are a progeny of something else? What would that do to the world?" Acosta asked.
Leonard Martinez may be reached at; 546-6152

Friday, October 14, 2005

Lights in the sky

The truth is out there -- and it may be as close as your own backyard.
Two months ago, on July 14 at 11:45 p.m., Nova Williams was sitting with her dog on the backyard patio of her family's Toronto home when she saw a shooting star flash past her head.
Only it wasn't a shooting star.
Williams said she took a closer look and described what she saw as a glowing object shaped like "a boomerang upside down" zooming east to west over Kingston Rd. at about the same altitude as would fly a small single-engine aircraft.
But unlike a Cessna, this object made no sound. Williams, 35, said it sped up and slowed down in one fluid motion, then stopped suddenly and hovered.
Moments later, it moved south -- without turning -- toward Lake Ontario, then returned and flew out of sight, she said.
"There was no engine sound. It was an eerie quiet," said Williams, who quickly sketched what she saw on a computer paint program. "I thought it was kind of neat. It didn't frighten me because I had seen something like it before."
Every year, in every corner of this country, hundreds of Canadians like Williams are seeing and reporting mysterious objects in the night sky.
Glowing orange orbs. Delta-shaped wings. Silent cigar-shaped craft. Saucers and balls of coloured lights that hover, then move too quickly -- and in too many directions -- to be conventional aircraft, they claim. Even the fiercest of cynics would be hard-pressed to dismiss some of the UFO reports filed since 2000 with a variety of federal agencies and obtained by the Sun. They include bizarre sightings by RCMP officers, air traffic controllers and dozens of military and commercial pilots -- even the pilot of an aircraft carrying the prime minister during a flight over Alberta in March 2004.
Officially, Transport Canada and the department of national defence say they have no interest in UFO sightings, which they pass on to Chris Rutkowski, a lone astronomer and volunteer in Winnipeg who receives one or two reports a day. Hundreds more are reported independently to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), a Seattle-based organization that receives, records and attempts to corroborate eyewitness accounts. Others are sent to Canadian UFO researcher Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research, which has a comprehensive website that includes photos, video footage, audio interviews of witnesses and a breakdown of reports by province.
It's a global phenomenon that, according to these reports, has repeatedly touched our own backyards. In the last three months, more than 40 UFOs have been spotted in Ontario, including:
- Whitby, Aug. 12: A bright white shape like a "teardrop" raced up into the sky at 1 a.m.
- Vaughan, July 13: An orange disc, its light fading in and out, hovering over the IKEA store on Hwy. 7.
- St. Catharines, July 5: Five friends camping in a park near the city claim they saw six saucer-like objects at 2 a.m. One of the objects reportedly dropped to within three metres of the ground and "emitted four pulses" of blinding light. The anonymous witness who reported the incident to NUFORC noted, "Three of my four friends made it clear that they never wanted to speak of the event again."
- Toronto, July 3: A V-shaped formation of more than 20 glowing oval objects flying over an apartment building at 919 Dufferin St.
Rutkowski, who describes himself as an "open-minded skeptic," said the majority of UFO sightings he receives can be explained away as satellites, aircraft or helicopters, the international space station, search lights, astronomical anomalies like meteorites and meteorological phenomenon such as ball lightning. For instance, a "very bright light falling from (the) sky" reported by the pilot of the PM's aircraft and a number of other airliners in March 2004 was likely a meteorite. But each year, there are a "handful to two dozen" well-documented sightings in Canada that simply can't be explained, Rutkowski said, noting he's never seen a UFO himself.
Science, he added, has a done itself a great disservice by ignoring a phenomenon that thousands of people around the world claim they have witnessed.
"If it's not a physical phenomenon, it's at the very least a social or psychological phenomenon and it should be investigated by science," Rutkowski said.
"It's very good to approach this with an open mind, as long as it's not so open your brain falls out."
Some of the most compelling reports obtained by the Sun were filed by people whose jobs entail sober thought and rational observation skills, such as pilots and police officers:
- The pilot of a Cessna Citation 560 twin-engine executive jet reported a "very large stationary metallic object beside the moon at a very high altitude" to air traffic control in Toronto on April 28, 2003. Several other pilots reported the same object, as the report notes: "(Aircraft) reporting was flying between Buffalo, N.Y., and London, Ont., and saw it for 30 min, and was flying at an altitude of 43,000, said (sic) the object was much higher. The shift supervisor at Toronto airport telephoned this in; he also said that several other (aircraft) reported same UFO."
- The pilot of Air Canada Flight 1185 flying over Saskatchewan in December 2001 reported a UFO to air traffic control in Winnipeg. The report, which was submitted to the Canadian Air Defence Sector, noted: "The (aircraft) pilot observed strobes and flashing lights which he estimated to be (7,600-9,000 metres) above him ... The co-pilot of the (aircraft) flight observed same. Pilot noted that it did not look like a satellite."
- An officer with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary watched for about an hour and a half as two white objects moved north to south over Seal Cove in the Conception Bay area of the province on Aug. 3, 2001.
- On Sept. 8, 2004, the pilot of an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Saskatoon reported a UFO "heading south at high speed -- passed directly overhead."
But, even the best-trained eyes can be fooled.
Cpl. Ed Anderson and then-Const. Jeff Johnston were based at the RCMP Pangnirtung detachment in Nunavut on Jan. 9, 2001, when they were called by a resident to check out a red light hovering in the sky over the remote northern hamlet on Cumberland Sound.
Armed with cameras and binoculars, the officers watched the mysterious object for more than 20 minutes.
In their separate incident reports, the officers described a stationary object that faded in and out "almost as though it was slowly rotating in the sky." After about 10 or 15 minutes, the light lowered until it was hovering above the ice, its light reflected in the snow.
"It appeared to be like a cylinder-type shape. The light then disappeared and was not seen again," Johnston noted in his report. "At this point, writer has no idea what the object was ... It was definitely a strange occurrence and at this time remains unexplained and unidentified."
Reached by the Sun in Moncton, Johnston said he and his partner reported their observations to several agencies, including Norad. They were told the object was likely a satellite that appeared odd because they were positioned so far north.
The officers were satisfied with the explanation several nights later when they saw the same object in the same location.
But for others, like Nova Williams, there is no earthly explanation for what they see in the heavens.
An airshow enthusiast, a former volunteer auxiliary officer with Toronto Police, and until recently, an employee of a provincial professional association, Williams said she is certain that what she saw is not from this world.
The Scarborough woman's July encounter was not her first: In the early 1980s, when she was 12 or 13, she and her father were stargazing in the same backyard when they saw three similar objects flying in a V formation, she said.
Several times throughout that week, Williams said her family saw "tonnes of disc-shaped objects darting in and out of each other without losing speed" in the sky over their house. Her aunt was "terrified" and has refused to speak of it since, she said.
Another unexplained encounter involved a bright beam of light from the sky that filled the family's living room about six years ago while she and her mother were watching late-night TV.
As strange as it all sounds, Williams is not afraid to speak out about her experiences.
But when she recently asked her neighbours if they had seen the same objects, she was met with an awkward silence before they changed the subject.
"I think people are very narrow-minded," she said. "If they start thinking about it, it frightens them. So they don't think about it at all."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

SETI: We'll Find 'Alien' by 2027

But now technological advances have opened the way for scientists to check millions of previously unknown star systems, dramatically increasing the chances of finding intelligent life in outer space in the next 25 years, the world's largest private extraterrestrial agency believes.
"We're looking for needles in the haystack that is our galaxy, but there could be thousands of needles out there," said Seth Shostak, the senior astronomer at SETI, California's nonprofit Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute.
"If that's the case, with the number of new star systems we now hope to check, we should find one of those in the next 25 years."
But Shostak, visiting Australia to attend a conference on extraterrestrial research, said detecting alien life, like the big-eyed alien in the film E.T., was only the start.
"Even if we detect life out there, we'll still know nothing about what form of life we have detected and I doubt they'll be able -- or want -- to communicate with us," Shostak said.
Since it was founded in 1984, the SETI Institute has monitored radio signals, hoping to pick up a transmission from outer space. Its Project Phoenix conducts two annual three-week sessions on a radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Project Phoenix, widely seen as the inspiration for the 1997 film Contact starring Jodie Foster, which depicted a search for life beyond Earth, is the privately funded successor to an original NASA program that was cancelled in 1993 amid much skepticism by Congress. But the search has been slow. About 500 of 1,000 targeted stars have been examined -- and no extraterrestrial transmissions have been detected.
"We do get signals all the time but when checked out they have all been human made ... and are not from E.T.," Shostak said. "More AT&T." He said the privately funded institute was developing a $26 million telescope, scheduled to begin operating in 2005, that can search the stars for signals at least 100 times faster.
The Allen Telescope Array, named after sponsor and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is a network of more than 350, 20-foot satellite dishes with a collecting area exceeding that of a 338-foot telescope. The Allen Array, to be built at the Hat Creek Observatory about 290 miles northeast of San Francisco, will also expand SETI's stellar reconnaissance to 100,000 or even 1 million nearby stars, searching 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Shostak said he is convinced there is intelligent life out there -- but don't expect to find a lovable, boggle-eyed E.T. He said if any aliens share the same carbon-based organic chemistry as humans, they would probably have a central processing system, eyes, a mouth or two, legs and some form of reproduction. But Shostak thinks any intelligent extraterrestrial life will have gone light years beyond the intelligence of man.
"What we are more likely to hear will be so far beyond our own level that it might not be biological anymore but some artificial form of life," he said. "Don't expect a blobby, squishy alien to be on the end of the line."

Google tracks UFO sightings with new map

Using their Google Maps API (or application program interface), Google has launched a map of UFO sightings at The interactive map is dotted with "flying saucer" icons indicating where UFOs have been sighted. Clicking on the icon pulls up a short summary of the sighting, with an additional link to a more detailed report.
Thte data is from the National UFO Reporting Center.
The Google initiative is not the only site to use maps to chart UFO activity. a detailed effort to graph UFO activity ffrom the past 50 years or ealier, and as a sizable set of graphs, charts, histograms and other data. alleged UFO flight corridors and patterns near Bisbee, Arizona.
While not offering maps, another serious effort of research is at
Enjoy the skies!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latest UFO is spotted hovering over Birch Hill homes

A NOISY UFO woke Birch Hill residents in the early hours of Monday morning when it zoomed over the sleeping suburb. The craft spent half-an-hour hovering above houses in Jevington before zipping towards South Hill Park, according to witnesses. Susan Mallia, who called the Midweek to see if anyone else reported the strange sight, said: "I have never seen anything like that before. It looked like a pile of scaffolding with lights, red, blue and orange ones.
"It also had a big spotlight that was moving around. I don't think it was a helicopter because it sounded like a vacuum cleaner or a generator.
"Perhaps it was a weather balloon. It was very noisy, and it would have woken everyone in the area. It woke me at 2.30am and my husband and I watched it for half and hour.
"Just as he went to get his camera it headed off to South Hill Park and was out of sight -- but we could still hear it."
Midweek's sister paper the Bracknell News was invaded with calls of an extra-terrestrial nature over the summer as UFOs flocked to observe the town. Nowhere in Bracknell Forest was left out of the spacemen's tour, with the paper reporting sightings at the Coppid Beech Hotel (July 7), Birch Hill (July 14), Crown Wood (July 19), Binfield and College Town (July 28) and another in Binfield (August 30).
The News also interviewed local man Terry Walters, who claims he was operated on by aliens in the 1960s and has alsoexorcised a borough councillor's home. Since then alien visitors seemed to have flown south for the winter, but it appears they are once again spying on the town's residents.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Communicating with Extraterrestrial alien UFOs using 5-D gravity waves – a secret no Government reveal

According to some scientists, worldwide communication is taking place on a regular basis with extraterrestrial UFOs. The technology involves 5-D gravity waves.
In his general theory of relativity, Dr Albert Einstein found a solution that modeled an entirely new type of wave: the gravity wave. General relativity describes the force of gravity as a geometric warping in space-time; if the warping were to take the shape of a wave, then this would be a gravity wave.
While electromagnetic waves occupy three special dimensions (as well as time), gravity waves exist in five, making them hyperdimensional in nature. Gravity wave detectors show strange communication with other worlds. While terrestrial communication technologies focus on electromagnetic characteristics, advanced alien civilizations communicate with gravity waves which are five dimensional.
Einstein stated that these waves probably travelled at the same speed as light, 300,000 km/s, which means that nothing is gained in using gravity waves over their electromagnetic counterpart.
The mainstream physics for some reason have done little with Gravity waves. Governments have done little to reveal the technology, harness it and make it available for technological advancements. However, it exists in many people’s back yards and individually these individuals reveal the existence of strange commun9cation between different parts of the earth and the very advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, UFOs and UFO bases in the cosmos.
Officially there has been no detection of these waves; however, the design of such gravity detectors has been based on general relativity theory. There are some who have developed their own theories and so their own detector technology. They also claim to have detected transmissions from other worlds.
The aliens using the gravity waves for communication makes many believe that these are very advanced aliens in the 5-D Hyperspace in which our physical Universe floats.

The biggest secret projects - UFO Reverse Engineering

Scientists always wonder what is the ultimate stealth in warfare? It is similar to answering what is the best magic of making something disappear!
Defense scientists and researchers have wondered what is the next stage after conventional radar evading stealth has worked its way. The problem is that as countries invent stealth technologies, others countries are busy breaking the stealth apart.
It is almost a cat and mouse game between the thief and the cop.
Now scientists realize the best stealth is to make an object really disappear. That is what the extraterrestrial UFOs have been doing for thousands of years evading all possible terrestrial technologies. What extraterrestrial UFOs from advanced aliens in the cosmos or Hyperspace do is to transform the materials from real to virtual mode in the 3-D Physical Universe. Particles can exist in 5-dimensions, which is real in Hyperspace or in 3-D, which is real in Physical Hyperspace. Switching particles between 3-D to 5-D and vice versa is what makes the ultimate stealth possible.
The advanced alien technologies of switching back and forth between 3-D and 5-D is not easy to attain using the realm of terrestrial particle physics. However the large massive super accelerating particle colliders are providing the first clues to the advanced technologies of switching particles between real and virtual mode in out 3-D Physical universe.
Some secret projects are on in many countries trying to create the ultimate stealth and break the conventional radar evading stealth. Defense Research Scientists all over the world are breaking the barrier of virtual particles in many countries. The race is on to find the ultimate stealth. Classified defense projects are focusing on creation of particles that can be switched between virtual and real modes using very advanced classified particle physics. Some papers are available on these technologies but they are vague and contain little information. Some sources say, some countries are spending countless billions on these technologies and the outcome is as serious as nuclear bombs.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Puerto Rico farming town to build UFO landing strip

LAJAS, Puerto Rico - People in this sleepy hamlet are so sure they have been receiving other-worldly visitors, they want to build a UFO landing strip to welcome them.A bright green sign along a lonely country road in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: "Extraterrestrial Route."Most Puerto Ricans laughed when a horse farmer installed the sign on his property at the request of Reynaldo Rios, a local elementary school teacher who says he's been communicating with alien visitors to this U.S. territory since he was a child.Rios, a 39-year-old with a goatee and a shock of dark hair, won't be ignored. With the blessing of a local government desperate for tourist dollars, he's dedicated himself to building the UFO landing strip."I can't say exactly when they will come, but I know it will happen," Rios said. "I want to keep believing in my dreams."Lajas Mayor Marcos Irizarry's support for the idea has provoked outrage among islanders who complained it would be a waste of money at a time when the government is encouraging thousands of employees to shorten their work week to cope with a staggering fiscal deficit."What nonsense," said Luis Arocho, 47, sipping coffee with friends in a cafe in historic Old San Juan. "This country is in crisis, and since politicians are incapable of creating jobs, they create fantasies."Irizarry quickly clarified that his municipal government would not invest in the project. Instead, he has promised to help Rios get the proper building permits.The mayor insists his goal is to attract tourists to his small town.But he is also among Lajans who believe they have seen UFOs in the area."It's a very mysterious place," said Irizarry, who says he once saw red lights zigzagging above the hills. "A lot of people have seen things."Francisco Negron, the farmer who put up the sign and allows UFO watchers to gather at his ranch, volunteered his property for the landing strip. He and Rios estimate the project could cost up to US$100,000 and are looking for funds from private companies.Negron, a soft-spoken grandfather, has already applied for a permit to build a road to Indian Hill, the chosen site for the strip. Negron and others believe a UFO crashed on the hill in 1997. They claim they heard a boom and saw the hill go up in flames.Rios, who leads a group called "UFO International" that holds nighttime vigils to search for signs of alien life, lets Negron worry about details like investment costs and permits while he envisions the design. The landing strip would be 80-feet (24-meters) long and have pyramids as control towers because aliens are attracted to the shape.The mayor hopes that UFO enthusiasts will flock to Lajas as they have to Roswell, New Mexico, the site of a supposed UFO crash in the 1940s. Hundreds of visitors have already come to check out the Extraterrestrial Route since the sign went up, Irizarry said.Puerto Rico is already known for its Arecibo Observatory and its 1,000-foot (304-meter) parabolic receiver that astronomers really do use to search for extraterrestrial life. The huge dish, in northern Puerto Rico, made a cameo appearance in the 1997 film "Contact," starring Jodi Foster as an astronomer who picks up a signal from extratraterrestrials.But it's a little-known aerostat off the Extraterrestrial Route that inspires UFO lore in Lajas. The U.S. military uses the aerostat, a tethered blimp with a radar system, to detect low-flying drug smuggling planes.But many Lajans don't believe that. Even Irizarry has suggested that the aerostat's true purpose is to detect UFOs.A paved road leading to the blimp curves out of sight between two hills. Two signs warn against trespassing. Rios claims he was once briefly detained while trying to see the aerostat.The school teacher says he first encountered aliens at 13. He says white lights burst into his bedroom, entered his body and cured him of a back injury he had received during a basketball game.In Lajas, people who have grown up hearing reports of UFO sightings seem more open to his scheme."If we have the technology to reach the moon, there could be others who have the technology to come here," said Ronaldo Barea, 26, a sandwich shop owner.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What you need to view an extraterrestrial UFO?

Scientists and defense researchers are observing the UFOs for many decades trying to reverse engineer every bit of their technologies. The biggest question for the common folks in every country is what can they do to see UFOs like those in defense research communities do?
The answer really lies in understanding why you cannot see an extraterrestrial UFO. The alien civilizations are of four types. Type IV is the most advanced and they apply virtual particles as stealth. They are very difficult to see. However the type II UFOs are visible with terrestrial technologies provided you understand how these lesser advanced aliens use stealth. But think about this – why is it that you cannot see what is in your own eyes? Why do you have to visit an eye doctor who can see your retina and so on?
The answer lies in the fact that your eyes are not designed to see it. There can be a vision system that is designed to see 360 degrees around it and in that case you will be able to see inside your body provided there is some light from somewhere. Another example will be – why do you need an Infra Red camera for night vision. The answer lies to the fact that certain technical devices have technological limitations. We cannot see through electromagnetic flux. Our terrestrial devices cannot penetrate the stealth associated with electromagnetic flux. We cannot under, at least as yet, the concept of bending time and space. We cannot understand the concept that Gravity is a wave and not force. Our terrestrial technologies are far behind what is required to see and understand the extraterrestrials. It is not really scientific or for that matter logical to think that just because we cannot see, something does not exist. Hundreds and thousands of years back, people did not agree to the concept that earth is spherical (sort of) and that earth revolves around Sun and not vice versa. They could only believe what they could see. But that does not make the science and reality change. Someday may be fifty to hundred years later we will have the technology to see through advanced stealth. We will be able to bend space and time. We will be able to travel trough a black hole into a parallel Universe. Most interestingly, we will at that time decide to create our own colony in a distant planet. And we will use all our means to let that civilization grow, protect them and so on without revealing our identity, existence and even present around them. And we can bet you they will see some glimpse of us and call us alien extraterrestrials!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

UFO lights up Florida's skies

MIAMI - Experts believe a meteor was visible along a large section of the Florida skyline Thursday night, although NASA officials have not confirmed what the intensely bright, fast object exactly was. The glowing orb was spotted around 7 p.m.; some who saw it called county and state officials to ensure that it wasn't a crashing aircraft.
"This one could've been from a baseball- to a basketball-sized chunk of space rock that slammed into our Earth's atmosphere at a very high speed," Jack Horkheimer, director of the planetarium at the Miami Museum of Science, told The Miami Herald. National Weather Service meteorologist Barry Baxter said he isn't sure if the object, which he believes was a meteor, was over Atlantic Ocean waters or the Florida peninsula. Bob Cooper, 48, of Dania Beach was in his backyard throwing a Frisbee to his dog when the object - which he described as a flaming ball - caught his eye.
"All of a sudden this thing shot from my right," Cooper told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "And it was super fast, so you know it was in a hurry. It turned from orange to the-center-of-the-sun yellow then it disintegrated."
Residents from the state's Space Coast region all the way to South Florida reported seeing the object, officials said.
A meteor is a momentary flash of light produced when a space object penetrates Earth's atmosphere. NASA will determine what direction the object was traveling, officials said.

UFO mystery send for Mulder and Scully!

IT'S TIME to send for TV alien detectives Mulder and Scully - our local expert says the mysterious lights seen over Hainault definitely belonged to a UFO and were probably the work of extra-terrestrial beings.Roy Lake, chairman of London UFO Studies, spoke about the lights this week as more residents came forward to confirm they had seen them.Last week we reported that seven Hainault residents had seen unexplained lights in the sky, which moved around and formed a line and a perfect triangle before fading away.
Mr Lake said: "I would say you've got a UFO there. It's not balloons or flares because they don't behave like that.
"If it's not some secret project by the government, then you have got some other intelligent life behind it, which is likely to be extra-terrestrial."