Sunday, October 09, 2005

Communicating with Extraterrestrial alien UFOs using 5-D gravity waves – a secret no Government reveal

According to some scientists, worldwide communication is taking place on a regular basis with extraterrestrial UFOs. The technology involves 5-D gravity waves.
In his general theory of relativity, Dr Albert Einstein found a solution that modeled an entirely new type of wave: the gravity wave. General relativity describes the force of gravity as a geometric warping in space-time; if the warping were to take the shape of a wave, then this would be a gravity wave.
While electromagnetic waves occupy three special dimensions (as well as time), gravity waves exist in five, making them hyperdimensional in nature. Gravity wave detectors show strange communication with other worlds. While terrestrial communication technologies focus on electromagnetic characteristics, advanced alien civilizations communicate with gravity waves which are five dimensional.
Einstein stated that these waves probably travelled at the same speed as light, 300,000 km/s, which means that nothing is gained in using gravity waves over their electromagnetic counterpart.
The mainstream physics for some reason have done little with Gravity waves. Governments have done little to reveal the technology, harness it and make it available for technological advancements. However, it exists in many people’s back yards and individually these individuals reveal the existence of strange commun9cation between different parts of the earth and the very advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, UFOs and UFO bases in the cosmos.
Officially there has been no detection of these waves; however, the design of such gravity detectors has been based on general relativity theory. There are some who have developed their own theories and so their own detector technology. They also claim to have detected transmissions from other worlds.
The aliens using the gravity waves for communication makes many believe that these are very advanced aliens in the 5-D Hyperspace in which our physical Universe floats.


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Enjoyed a lot!

Jeremey Fox said...

String theory. Branes and spooky particle action. 5 d gravity waves are real and particles can escape the course of gravity by quantum leaping through heating the gravity waves thus floating... my new theory