Friday, October 28, 2005

Thai lanterns clue to UFO sightings

MYSTERIOUS lights spotted over Hainault in August could have been explained this week - after a similar sighting in Essex on Thursday. Drivers on the M25 near Great Dunmow pulled over on the hard shoulder in dismay when they saw 30 orange lights hovering above the road. They were described as looking like they were hanging from the sky by a thread, at about the height a firework would reach.The Ministry of Defence said no military exercises were going on, air traffic controllers said nothing showed up on their radar - leaving puzzled motorists none the wiser.But on Sunday it emerged that the lights were illuminated Thai lanterns released over Leez Priory for a wedding.Debbie Mead, from the priory, said they are now popular at weddings. But Michelle Fitzgibbons, of Romford, who first reported the sighting over Hainault to the Ilford Recorder said she was sure that the lanterns didn't explain what she saw. And Ann Hosie, who lives on the Limes Farm estate in Chigwell, is also adamant the lights were something else.
She said this week: "There's not a chance whatsoever - they were the size of footballs but the speed they moved over was nothing like lanterns. " I would not have said it could have been that at all.

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