Sunday, October 09, 2005

The biggest secret projects - UFO Reverse Engineering

Scientists always wonder what is the ultimate stealth in warfare? It is similar to answering what is the best magic of making something disappear!
Defense scientists and researchers have wondered what is the next stage after conventional radar evading stealth has worked its way. The problem is that as countries invent stealth technologies, others countries are busy breaking the stealth apart.
It is almost a cat and mouse game between the thief and the cop.
Now scientists realize the best stealth is to make an object really disappear. That is what the extraterrestrial UFOs have been doing for thousands of years evading all possible terrestrial technologies. What extraterrestrial UFOs from advanced aliens in the cosmos or Hyperspace do is to transform the materials from real to virtual mode in the 3-D Physical Universe. Particles can exist in 5-dimensions, which is real in Hyperspace or in 3-D, which is real in Physical Hyperspace. Switching particles between 3-D to 5-D and vice versa is what makes the ultimate stealth possible.
The advanced alien technologies of switching back and forth between 3-D and 5-D is not easy to attain using the realm of terrestrial particle physics. However the large massive super accelerating particle colliders are providing the first clues to the advanced technologies of switching particles between real and virtual mode in out 3-D Physical universe.
Some secret projects are on in many countries trying to create the ultimate stealth and break the conventional radar evading stealth. Defense Research Scientists all over the world are breaking the barrier of virtual particles in many countries. The race is on to find the ultimate stealth. Classified defense projects are focusing on creation of particles that can be switched between virtual and real modes using very advanced classified particle physics. Some papers are available on these technologies but they are vague and contain little information. Some sources say, some countries are spending countless billions on these technologies and the outcome is as serious as nuclear bombs.

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