Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tehran Dogfight - UFO Encounter

'For the first time, General Parviz Jafari, one of the Iranian Air Force pilots who actually flew the chase mission, describes one of the most credible of all UFO encounters, the famed “Tehran Dogfight.” He give us his firsthand account of personally chasing this UFO across the skies over Tehran. This interview, conducted by Whitley Strieber and Dr. Roger Leir, is a worldwide first. No pilot who participated in the dogfight has ever come forward before.
'Listen as General Jafari describes from firsthand experience what the UFO looked like, and how it felt to chase it, and experience the bizarre events that transpired in the cockpit of his jet. There have been few other firsthand reports like this from pilots, and this is by far the most frank, the most complete and convincing such report ever recorded.'
Listen to the stream :-

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