Friday, October 07, 2005

What you need to view an extraterrestrial UFO?

Scientists and defense researchers are observing the UFOs for many decades trying to reverse engineer every bit of their technologies. The biggest question for the common folks in every country is what can they do to see UFOs like those in defense research communities do?
The answer really lies in understanding why you cannot see an extraterrestrial UFO. The alien civilizations are of four types. Type IV is the most advanced and they apply virtual particles as stealth. They are very difficult to see. However the type II UFOs are visible with terrestrial technologies provided you understand how these lesser advanced aliens use stealth. But think about this – why is it that you cannot see what is in your own eyes? Why do you have to visit an eye doctor who can see your retina and so on?
The answer lies in the fact that your eyes are not designed to see it. There can be a vision system that is designed to see 360 degrees around it and in that case you will be able to see inside your body provided there is some light from somewhere. Another example will be – why do you need an Infra Red camera for night vision. The answer lies to the fact that certain technical devices have technological limitations. We cannot see through electromagnetic flux. Our terrestrial devices cannot penetrate the stealth associated with electromagnetic flux. We cannot under, at least as yet, the concept of bending time and space. We cannot understand the concept that Gravity is a wave and not force. Our terrestrial technologies are far behind what is required to see and understand the extraterrestrials. It is not really scientific or for that matter logical to think that just because we cannot see, something does not exist. Hundreds and thousands of years back, people did not agree to the concept that earth is spherical (sort of) and that earth revolves around Sun and not vice versa. They could only believe what they could see. But that does not make the science and reality change. Someday may be fifty to hundred years later we will have the technology to see through advanced stealth. We will be able to bend space and time. We will be able to travel trough a black hole into a parallel Universe. Most interestingly, we will at that time decide to create our own colony in a distant planet. And we will use all our means to let that civilization grow, protect them and so on without revealing our identity, existence and even present around them. And we can bet you they will see some glimpse of us and call us alien extraterrestrials!

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