Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ex--special constable reports the latest UFO sighting

More than a month after the Bracknell News series' first article about a flying saucer hovering above the Coppid Beech Hotel in Binfield, 67-year-old Janet Burrell contacted the hotline to say she had seen a UFO.
Mrs Burrell, who lives in Priestwood, said she saw a UFO in the sky above Binfield around 30 years ago.
The ex-special constable, who suffers from insomnia, said she saw the object one night when she was having trouble sleeping.
She said: "There was a bright, bright light far away and I just looked at it out of the window and was mesmerised watching it.
"I stayed there looking at it and looking at it and then it started to come closer and closer. Then it just hovered outside my bedroom window. It was really close; not so close that I could touch it but it was really close.
"Then it sort of dropped down and turned away. There wasn't any sound. It was really amazing. I just wish my husband had woken up, then he would have seen it too."
She added: "I was so amazed at what I had seen that I told everyone but nobody believed me."
Mrs Burrell said that she gave up telling people about her sighting because no one believed her.
She said: "When I told people they said that I'd had too much to drink."
It was not until she saw other stories in the papers that she began to think about her experience again.
She said: "It has brought it all back really, I hadn't thought about it for years.
"I can only imagine it must have been some kind of UFO. My mouth just gaped open."

Sunday, August 28, 2005

How Would Humans React If ET Landed?

NASA and the scientific community are actively searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life, but what if we were confronted with undeniable proof that ETs exist and have been visiting Earth?A nationwide survey by the Roper Organization has uncovered the following: out of four Americans think most people would "totally freak out and panic" if such evidence were confirmed.
...eighty percent of influential Americans think the US government would classify or suppress evidence of extraterrestrial life. The Roper survey was conducted on behalf of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a privately funded scientific research organization based in Las Vegas, NV. The pollsters asked a nationwide sample of 1,971 men and women a variety of questions concerning a sudden confirmation of extraterrestrial life. (The poll has error margins of 2.5 percent.)
Among other findings:

When asked what they thought UFOs were:
25% thought they were alien spaceships
19% said UFOs are normal events that are misinterpreted by witnesses
12% thought they were secret government programs
9% said hallucinations
7% said travelers from other dimensions

When asked whom they would choose to make first contact with ETs on Earth:
20% the military
29% scientists
14% the government
12% religious leaders
20% a private organization that had planned for such a contingency.

"There have been no systematic studies about the potential impact of confirmed contact", says Dr. Colm Kelleher, deputy administrator of NIDS. A 1960 report by the Brookings Institute and an internal RAND document from 1968 predicted profound social consequences if contact were confirmed, but there have been no follow-up studies.

When asked how they would react psychologically to confirmation of advanced extraterrestrial life:
32% "fully prepared to handle it"
17% "rethink their place in the universe"

Yet when asked how they think OTHERS would react to the same news:
25% most people would totally freak out and panic
10% act irrationally and become dangerous to others
14% begin to act very strangely
36% most people would be very concerned
13% most people would handle the information in a calm and rational way

Since 1995, NIDS has been conducting scientific research into unconventional and novel areas including aerial phenomena research.NIDS's president and founder is Robert Bigelow. The Las Vegas based organization employs a staff of Ph.D. level, multi-disciplinary scientists and is advised by a world class science advisory board. Kelleher pointed to ongoing serious scientific studies on the remote possibility of an asteroid striking the planet. "On the other hand we have no government programs, no contingency plans that are in the public domain for coping with the possibility of E.T. contact. Yet these numbers from Roper say that 80% of the trend-setters in America do not trust the government to inform the public and one in four of the general public think there would be total panic if confirmation of advanced extraterrestrials occurred", said Kelleher.

For more information about the Roper survey and about NIDS, keep reading, or visit the NIDS website at: National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)

Alien Interview

The color video footage, which lasts for two minutes and fifty-five seconds, was said to have been smuggled out of Area 51, the secret military Groom Lake facility in Nevada by a man referring to himself as "Victor". The video film depicts a Grey alien being interrogated at the facility. It was first presented on the Art Bell radio show on 13th March, 1997 during an interview with UFOlogist Sean David Morton. Morton claimed the interrogation was fairly recent, sometime in 1996.Whitley Streiber, author of "Communion," stated, "There are things about this footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least known features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special inside knowledge."Victor claims to have smuggled the film out of the base, and felt it best to have the footage broadcast on network television as soon as possible in order to publicly expose what the government was hiding. Victor believes that if his identity is revealed we would be assassinated, this would only further help to confirm the claims and authenticity behind the film.The video footage has DNI/27 recorded into the bottom line of the frame, along with what appears to be the time code numbers for date, minutes and seconds. DNI may be an acronym for the Department of Naval Intelligence, which is the group responsible for the Groom Lake facility. Bob Lazar, controversial former Area 51 employee, who went public with claims of having worked on recovered flying saucers, noted that his pay checks had DNI stamped on them.

Download the video HERE

Morton describes, "The film was shot through a large plane of glass. There was no sound accompanying the images. The interview took place in a darkened room, lit with an eerie greenish glow, I could make out the silhouettes of two men, one dressed in military uniform with what appeared to be the stars on the epaulet of his jacket, and another more casually dressed man with his hand occasionally rubbing his forehead. They sat with their backs to the camera at one end of a long table, which was littered with wires, chords and microphones. There were what appeared to be medical devices. One in particular was blinking erratically, as if it was monitoring a very sick heart. And there sitting at the end of the table was a small, beige-skinned, black-eyed, bulbous headed alien, the like of which haunt the nightmares of thousands of unwilling abductees." Morton made many references to the alien's sick appearance and condition. The alien made very jerky movements and kept bobbing up and down. He continued to describe the apparently distressed state the alien was in. "Its skin was a pinkish beige, but the rest of the head looked purple and bruised, as if it had suffered severe contusions across the skull." Towards the end of the tape, it appears that the alien suffers from violent spasms, perhaps having a seizure. More evidence of this can be seen, when a foam begins to form in its mouth. At that point the heart monitor (as described by Morton) begins to start jumping wildly. One of the military staff members signals to a couple of medics, who rush into the frame and attempt to aid the alien. As the doctors treat the alien, the footage suddenly cuts off.

Underground Alien Bases

  • Area 51 Groom Lake, S4 Papoose Dry Lake, Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, Nevada
  • Dulce, New Mexico
  • Datil, New Mexico
  • Four Corners Area, N.M., Arizona, Utah, Colorado
  • Sunspot, New Mexico
  • Pie Town, New Mexico
  • Roswell, New Mexico
  • Northern Nevada

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A REVISIT on "What will happen on December 21, 2012?"

On this very same day I posted a prediction from an early Mayan Civilization under the heading "What will happen on December 21, 2012?" The original article was taken from and I do not have a lot of knowledge about these Mayan Calanders and civilizations but when I went through the article it seemed like it had some kind of meaning bugged inside it, so I thought of sharing it with you people. But Here's a comment from a reader who doesn't blindly believe what he reads. He says...

1. You are dumb
Do you even know what a technologist is?
2. You should probably research a little deeper before you post... i mean sure you never thought anyone would read it but it makes you look like an idiot most of your psts make you sound crazy
3. Ya i know all about this theory ive researched quite thougholy and its quite complicated in having to do with "our spirit"you see each person has a certain frequency that it vibrates at. A high frequency shows good karma(really just that you are feeling that youve done something good raise the vibrate rate..Hz) and bad deeds lower your vibrationand we have already enter this wierd cloud that we enter every 21000 yrs.... if you actually read anything about the mayan hypothesis then you would know that this is one of the cycyles that their calendar goes around.
Their calendar counts down not up and on december 21st it ends and if you read anything about space. then you know about the comet that recently passed mars cause one of its moons to shift orbit... some scientists predict it will fall out of orbit and hit earthwhich helps proves that in most of the cultural history of man they predict the end by a meteor type event. Those who are on the other side of earth predict earthquakes tsunamies cause by collisionthis will happen after the 21ston the 21st we will enter the full power if the cloud andthis cloud is high frequency... so all those that have a high frequency are supposed to either not die or leave into an alternate universe to be safe from destructionalso some thing about jesus being there.. but whatever..
So I hope you learn to research instead of rant like a lunatic!

Well, thankz for letting us know what the reality is. In future, if you find these kind of mistakes in our site please do respond! We'll be more than happy to accept.

Human civilization is part of a Type III alien civilization!

Scientists are struggling to explain who we are. Once scenario is that we are really monobots of a Type III super advanced alien civilization that escaped to the Hyperspace from a Universe. According to this theory, a very advanced alien civilization escaped to the Hyperspace with the help of super advanced levels of their technological achievements. After that they got confused experiencing the Hyperspace. They understood that the Hyperspace would also eventually collapse into the big chill Universe or Flat Universe below it.
At that point the Type III civilization decided to implant our physical Universe with humans – an intelligent version of the type III aliens who are eventually capable of attaining Type III level of advancement in science and technology to again escape the Universe to the Hyperspace.
Interestingly, there is another more probable scenario that is a slight variation of the above. In that scenario, the type III civilization escaped into the hyperspace. They realized that ZPEMs (they included)- the zero point energy modules are the life forms that must recycle through various universes in the Hyperspace to elevate into a state where the ZPEMs can survive in the chilled universe or flat universe lying under the Hyperspace. The ZPEMs must attain that space before the Hyperspace collapses into the chilled or flat universe below it.
Recycling ZPEMs in unknown universes are like traveling into the Wild West. The advanced type III civilization crated an environment or the physical universe where they can systematically recycle themselves to elevate themselves to a level where they can not only survive but prosper in the ultimate chilled universe. Being part of the chilled universe, the ZPEMs ultimately control the evolving and collapsing Hyperspace as well as Universes contained by the Hyperspace.
In other words, we are recycling ZPEMs belonging to a Type III very advanced alien civilization. As we recycle through a controlled environment – the physical universe of 3-D, we as ZPEMs continuously elevate in energy levels. Ultimately we attain state in which we can migrate into the underlying chilled universe void of quantum waves and all energy. Even if the Hyperspace collapse into the chilled Universe, the “qualified” ZPEMs will continue to survive and prosper. As a matter of fact that the ZPEMs (our indestructible forms) can eventually become the controlling factors in the Chilled or flat universe where the ZPEM really becomes indestructible.

What will happen on December 21, 2012?

The Mayan civilization predicted that on December 21, 2012 something will happen to the world we know. Something will happen that will change our civilization, value systems and the way we know human civilization forever.
What does that means? What did the Mayan see through their spiritual wisdom?
According to scientists and technologists something strange is happening behind the scene. The terrestrial and solar polar reversal peaks are coming within three weeks of that day, December 21, 2012. Innumerable UFOs are scouting our skies regularly and increasing as we approach that day. The tectonic plate shifts, underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and Tsunamis are increasing at rates never seen before. The solar flares are increasing. The earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere are experiencing strange disturbances. The numbers of typhoons and cyclones have increased many folds. The number of floods and droughts has increased beyond imaginations in the last ten years.
Scientists who look beyond conventional science point out that that the Hyperspace that contain our Universe is also showing signs that something strange is happening in our universe. The multidimensional time research is showing that a parallel universe may be predicting strange effects.
According to some scientists it is possible that another Universe is slowly starting to claim a spatial dimension in our physical Universe. It is also possible that we will face major calamities because of the polar reversal in the Sun and in Earth. If that happens, it is possible that the hyperspace has to adjust the suction force known as gravity and Electromagnetic force fields to keep the earth and the solar system intact.
The biggest clue to what will happen comes from astrophysicists. There is a big possibility that the simultaneous polar reversal in earth and sun will throw the solar system out of whack. That will cause massive upheaval in the earth. At that point of time, the extraterrestrials will officially show up and put “cosmic seat belts” around us as they apply the superpower of the Hyperspace to bring the solar system back to what it is today.
According to think tanks, this has happened before. The extraterrestrials take care of the earth and the solar system whenever the solar system faces challenges like that.

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Over 400 Free UFO Videos at The Book Of THoTH

UFO videos are notoriously difficult to locate and few webmasters take the time to collate large collections due to the storage and bandwidth required. At The Book of THoTH website, a recent improvement to the media gallery means that all videos relating to UFO’s and other areas of paranormal research can be added easily and effectively. All of these videos are free; there are no catches or “paid membership schemes” or restrictions of any kind. Simply visit & watch. Over the next few months, expect to see the video collection at this site expand to include videos for all the areas under discussion, which include UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, ESP as well as more prosaic areas such as Science & Physics and History. The Book Of THoTH’s aim is to provide quality information for research and discussion. You can see this for yourself when you browse the site. There are Scientists, Spiritualists, Authors, Researchers as well as a plethora of informed members who visit daily to discuss whole spectrum of knowledge be that esoteric or prosaic. There are currently over six thousand items in “The Gallery” more than three hundred of which are UFO videos, it’s possible to spend all day browsing its contents. The fun doesn’t stop there, with over a thousand news articles and several hundred library items, including FULL books as well as almost thirty thousand forum posts, The Book Of THoTH is a vast repository of quality resources and debate. Don’t be misled by similarly named clones of this site, who are attempting to cash in on the popularity of The Book Of THoTH, this site has been in existence since January 2004, as can be seen by the dates on the posts in the Forums and news articles.
So, what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to (Main Site)

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UFO 'expert' speculates about strange lights

This is one of several photos taken by Lyle Jeff of Standing Rock that show an unidentified flying object near Standing Rock. The object was seen by dozens of people from William Acres to Crownpoint.

Local UFO "expert" Robert Allen got noticeably excited when he got his first look at photos of the unexplained phenomenon that appeared over these skies last week. "I'm getting goosebumps," he said, adding that these may be the clearest photos taken of a UFO in decades. The photos were taken by Lyle Jeff, a 17-year-old student who lives in Standing Rock, a small Navajo community about 35 miles north of Gallup.
The photos show something but just what that something is will probably be talked about in UFO circles for years if not decades. To Allen, they appear to be positive proof that a UFO wandered through these skies last week and may have crashed into a field near Standing Rock. The photos show colors outlined in the night sky, bright yellows, and oranges and reds. They don't show a spaceship but according to Allen, they show the ship's erratic pattern through the skies and one, which looks like a giant V in glowing colors, shows the underside of the ship as it went overhead. Allen said he observed the strange sight himself one night last week, seeing it from his home in Williams Acres. The object appeared in the night sky going across his line of vision for more than 90 seconds. "That's extremely rare for something to be on view that long," he said. Most sightings are for only a few seconds.
In this case, he watched as the object went west to east, disappearing at times and blinking its lights at other times. Could it possibly be a helicopter? "No," said Allen, pointing out that the object didn't make any noise when it went overhead. Also the light patterns were nothing like a helicopter. Could it possibly be a weather balloon? "No," said Allen. What kind of weather balloon, he said, goes in erratic patterns like the object he and apparently dozens of other people in this area saw last week. That's another sign that this sighting may go down as one of the most significant sightings in recent UFO history the number of people who sighted it and were amazed by what they saw. Jeff said he and others in his community had observed the object in the sky for five straight nights.
On Friday, he got a camera and took several shots of what he saw. His mother, Stephanie, called The Independent on Monday, and said that other families were saying that the object appeared to have gone beyond a hill north of Standing Rock and landed. To Allen, however, the only explanation of what he saw in the photos was a spaceship that was having some problems and had to make a forced landing. On Monday, he called Lyle Jeff and quizzed him on what he saw and went and got directions to his house so he could make a detailed investigation of the area to see if something did in fact land in the fields near the Navajo community. There have been other landings of alien spacecraft reported in UFO circles over the year and he said he knew what to look for scorched earth in the form of a circle, showing where the spacecraft landed and then took off. And signs of radiation that had been emitted from the spacecraft as it landed. "Maybe it never did take off," he said. "Maybe it's possible that the craft is still there on the ground." No matter what people saw and think they saw, Allen said the sightings deserved to be thoroughly investigated to try to determine its origins, not only for the sake of the people who looked up into the night sky last week and saw something strange, but because of the millions of people who will be hearing of this over the next week.
A Los Angeles radio station has already talked to Allen after hearing of these reports, and he said he will be interviewed on the station for an hour today on what was seen and how it may be greeted by UFO experts and fans in coming weeks, months and years. But Allen said that if it was observed over several nights last week, it still may be around or others like it. And to see them, all one has to do is something that Allen has been doing for years watch the night skies.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

UFO videotaped over Sonora

"Check out this letter from Mark A.Olson, describing his sightings"

A triangular object appeared over Sonora last night, August 16th 2005. The object was spotted by my brother's girlfriend and she asked us what it was. When we looked at it, it appeared to be an object with two lights like a barbell moving to our right, towards the south. The object was to our Northeast beyond and just above the treeline.
When I began recording the object on my Sony Handicam, the object actually had three lights in what looked like a triangular formation. I recorded the object until losing it behind a tree and the building next door.
Mark A. Olson, D.M.

Download the VIDEO HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2005

UFO researcher says mountain of data is out there

Peter Davenport has received more phone calls than he cares to count that have an unusual opening: "Please believe me, I'm not crazy."
For Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, it's part of the job.
Davenport spoke at the Little Green Men Festival Sunday in Hopkinsville with tales of what he believes are some of the more fascinating, provable cases reported. The festival, at the Hopkinsville-Christian County Conference and Convention Center, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Aug. 21, 1955, report of an alien invasion at Kelly. After a lifetime of studying what many brush off as science fiction, Davenport is feels certain that UFO's exist and have been witnessed on Earth, and second, that the government has known about them for decades.
"I have not just a mountain of data, perhaps a mountain range of data. And I assure you, it's strictly by accident," Davenport told the Kentucky New Era in an interview. Davenport has spent the last 11 years filing accounts and eyewitness reports of UFO sightings from a reporting center that consists of one phone, one fax, and one Web master, and is almost completely privately funded by Davenport and donations. Davenport graduated Stanford with degrees in Russian and biology and received his MBA in finance and international business. But, years before receiving a master's degree in genetics and biochemistry of fish, Davenport heard of the Kelly Green Men incident on the radio. The story from Kelly was one of several that piqued his interest in UFOs, which eventually led to his involvement in the National UFO Reporting Center. Davenport said his perspective of UFO sightings took on a whole new dimension when he was 6-years-old on a July night in 1954. Davenport said that's when he, his mom and brother saw a strange object in the sky while a drive-in theater on the edge of the St. Louis Airport.
"We didn't know it at the time, but my father, and people in the tower on the north side of the airport, were looking at the same object with their binoculars," he said.
Davenport said the object was about the size of the moon, bright red like a traffic signal and slightly oval in shape.
"And (it) stopped, almost stock-still, in the sky to the east of our location. People were getting out of their cars," Davenport said. "It was casting a red light ... all over the theater, all over the airport, as far as we could see."
Since then, Davenport has logged literally thousands of calls about colored lights, flying triangles and hovering disks on his web site, but he's hesistant to say any two are the same sighting.
"Once you have evidence, there's the question, is it accurate? Does it come from independent sources?" Davenport said. "Is it indelible in the sense that, do you have photographic evidence or just eye-witness accounts?" By his own admission, about 70 percent or more of the reports to Davenport's hotline and Web-site have nothing to do with actual UFOs. But of the remaining 30 percent, Davenport declined to speculate about.
"If it were not for our center, I fear the American people would be naked in the face of whatever threat we may be dealing with. Even if its just as mild of threat of ignorance of UFO phenomena," Davenport said. "And that threat makes me very uncomfortable."

Marin filmmaker takes UFOs seriously, even if nobody else does

James Fox has heard all the jokes, seen all the smirks. He can sense the disbelief long before the eyes start rolling. The Bolinas filmmaker doesn't blame anybody for any of it. He rolls his eyes, too. "I would say 95 percent of it is absolute hogwash," he says of UFOlogy and the cottage industry of conventions, books, movies, tapes and trinkets orbiting a widespread belief that extraterrestrial spacecraft are cruising earthly airspace.
But that didn't dissuade Fox from throwing his name into the debate. The boyish 37-year-old who says he "was never known for being the quiet child" has produced not one but two UFO documentaries. He just looked at the other 5 percent. "This is the 5 percent we focus on," Fox says. That 5 percent keeps him right in the middle of eye-rolling territory.
On Friday, the eyes roll right into Mill Valley. "Out of the Blue," the second of Fox's two UFO documentaries, screens at the 142 Throckmorton theater. Next month, a "director's cut" airs on the Sci-Fi Channel. At this point, Fox doesn't know which is harder to believe, that aliens are visiting Earth on a regular basis or that a guy who grew up in Bolinas and majored in French at San Francisco State is making documentaries about flying saucers.
And being taken seriously.
At least by some. Fox's Web site quotes a positive review from Skeptic Magazine, and Stanton Friedman, a certified non-skeptic who has been on the flying-saucer lecture circuit for nearly 40 years, calls the latest film "one of the half-dozen best" UFO documentaries. And he's seen all of them. "There's an awful lot of garbage out there," Friedman says.
That's the sort of thing Fox heard when he started his research. When he told his family nearly 10 years ago that he was going to make a documentary about UFOs, the reaction was not entirely supportive.
"They basically laughed at me," he recalls.
His father, journalist and author Charles Fox, took it especially hard. "He probably spent a good year and a half trying to turn me around," Fox recalls, remembering the patriarch's "deep sense of paternal obligation." But he made the documentary anyway. A "sighting" Fox experienced in the desert 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas was all the proof he needed that the proverbial "something" was out there. He was driving with friends at nightfall when they saw a "saucer-shaped object" flying, darting, stopping, hovering, doing all the things that UFOs are supposed to do.
He even videotaped it. It's a bad videotape. The real ones always are, he maintains. "If it were too good it would have to be fake," Fox says. And when he told people about it and showed them the tape, he got the same response he might have given anybody who made such a claim. "They all said, 'What drugs were you on?'" Fox wasn't on drugs. He was on a mission. "I wanted to see what this was all about," he says. He started by looking at what had already been done. "I got all the UFO films I could possibly get my hands on, and I thought they were awful," he says. Using that as a guide, Fox limited the interviews to what he calls "trained observers," mostly astronauts and military officers. And he threw out any accounts that he "didn't add up."
He also stopped telling people he was from Bolinas. "I just said 'Marin.'"
What he was left with was what he thought were credible stories. "When you get to the 15th or 20th high ranging military officer you sort of have to ask, 'How much longer can I dismiss this evidence?'" Fox says. When the first documentary, "UFOs: 50 Years of Denial," got picked up by the Discovery Channel, Fox felt vindicated, perhaps not by the skeptics but by his family.
"The entire family was swept off their feet," he says.
The second film simply grew out of the first. He became a part of the UFO community, a person to call. He recalls hearing the refrain "This is the film we've all been waiting for."
None of it has been easy. The step through what Friedman calls "the laughter curtain" never is.
"Fear of ridicule" is what keeps a lot of UFO believers quiet, Friedman says. The UFO lecturer and late-night radio guest says Fox had the same motivation many in the field have to march through a gauntlet of skeptical derision.
"Many of us who have spent a great deal of time on this subject are convinced we're dealing with the biggest story of the millennium," Friedman says.
When Fox contacted him, Friedman says his advice was simple. "If you're going to do this, you'd better have the facts in hand." Fox's father had some of the same worries. When his son told him the subject of his documentary, the elder Fox was afraid his son was surrendering all hope of credibility. "I said, 'Don't go there. Nobody goes there,'" Charles Fox recalls. "That's Looney Tunes." But the son who "always danced to his own tune" made the films anyway. Charles Fox says his son "pulled it off." The films "work in that they inject a bubble of doubt into your head."
Fox brought his son along on many magazine assignments and believes that some of the questioning mentality may have been passed down. "I think that got into his blood," Fox says, but he doesn't know where his son got that urge to challenge the accepted wisdom from such extreme angles. The younger Fox isn't sure why he does it, either. Fox calculates he made $7 or $8 an hour" producing "Out of the Blue." He just has a need to question things, to sort it out.
"I like to try to make a difference," he says. Now the filmmaker is stepping into a different fray but with familiar landmarks. Friday's screening will be a benefit for Energy Next, a nonprofit Fox founded to produce a new documentary, this time on "alternative energy."
Fox says he wants to rip the "alternative" label off the subject and take the idea of green living out of the "hairy armpits and raisinette date cake" demographic. But he's stepping into the conspiracy theory landscape again. And he knows it. Fox talks about an all-powerful international oil industry quashing energy-saving innovation. He's ready to bring up whispered stories about carburetors that gave V-8s 65 mpg. He's ready to look for patents on world-changing technologies that were deliberately derailed by the energy concerns.
"The whole word 'alternative energy,'" he says. "Is almost like saying 'flying saucer.'"
He's ready for the eye rolling again.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Crownpoint couple spots UFO twice

It was William Shakespeare, the erstwhile Bard of Avon, who first wondered "What light through yonder window breaks?" The same question has come once again to New Mexico, and no, not Shakespeare, N.M. On Wednesday and Thursday nights both between 9:25 and 10 p.m. Stephanie Jeff of Crownpoint reported seeing bright rotating lights appear suddenly in the sky and vanish just as mysteriously.
"It was kind of scary at first," said Jeff, who has never seen anything like that before."They were bright lights, kind of rotating."
The reddish-orange lights first appeared from the west on Wednesday, she said. After about a half hour they vanished. "I reported it to the Air Force," Jeff said. The following night, she said, there were more planes than usual flying overhead. But about 9:30 p.m. the strange lights again emerged from the western sky. When a plane came too close, Jeff said, the lights went out and never returned. To make sure she wasn't hallucinating, Jeff said she called her brother, Tony, in Dalton Pass and asked him to look outside.
"He said he saw two lights flying about," Jeff said.
Crownpoint Police Capt. Steve Nelson said no unidentified objects have been reported to the police. He could not remember ever hearing of a local UFO sighting, Nelson said. But Jeff knows she saw somethng. "It wasn't a star, because it just came right out of the sky. It rotated, and was very bright when it was pointed at us," Jeff said. "And we know what an airplane looks like, we know the difference between the lights on a plane."
Reportings of unidentified flying objects are not uncommon. Some UFOs have been reported by prominent scholars. In 1949, Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of the planet Pluto, reported seeing a UFO over Las Cruces; four Air Force officers reported an unidentified flying object over Taos in 1952; and several motorists reported seeing a brightly lit space craft land in a field near Springer in 1996. Reports of UFOs can be traced back thousands of years, even to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Babylon. Jeff said her husband didn't want her to tell anyone about the unidentified lights. "I bet a lot of people see things, but are afraid to talk about it," Jeff said. "It's kind of cool, though. It's exciting. We'll definitely be watching (Friday night) to see if they come back again."

Saturday, August 20, 2005

UFO expert to speak at Green Men festival

After a lifetime of studying what many brush off as science fiction, Peter Davenport is relatively certain of two things. First, that UFO's exist and have been witnessed on Earth, and second, that the government has known about them for decades.
As director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Davenport has spent the last 11 years filing accounts and eyewitness reports of UFO sightings.
The reporting center in Seattle consists of one phone, one fax, and one Web master, and is almost completely privately funded by Davenport and donations.
Often, Davenport receives anonymous reports of UFO sightings in e-mails or phone calls from people who begins, "Please believe me, I'm not crazy." He has been interviewed by Peter Jennings, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, to name a few. Davenport will regale the crowd at the Little Green Men Festival today with tales of what he believes are some of the more fascinating, provable cases reported. The festival, at the Hopkinsville-Christian County Conference and Convention Center, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Aug. 21, 1955, report of an alien invasion at Kelly.
As Davenport retells each sighting with an immense focus on scientific details, his out-of-this-world stories become more science and less fiction.
"I have not just a mountain of data, perhaps a mountain range of data. And I assure you, it's strictly by accident," he said. Before Davenport graduated Stanford with degrees in Russian and biology, he received his MBA in finance and international business. Years before receiving his master's degree in genetics and biochemistry of fish, Davenport heard of the Kelly Green Men incident on the radio.
The story from Kelly was one of several that piqued his interest in UFOs, which eventually led to his involvement in the National UFO Reporting Center.
But one July night in 1954, Davenport's perspective of UFO sightings went from third-party listener to first-hand witness. He was 6 years old. Sitting in a 1953 Studebaker, Davenport was at a drive-in theater on the edge of the St. Louis Airport with his mom and brother when a strange object appeared to their right.
"We didn't know it at the time, but my father, and people in the tower on the north side of the airport, were looking at the same object with their binoculars," he said. Imagine an object the apparent size of the moon, said Davenport.
"It was bright red, the color of a red traffic signal. With perhaps just a shade of orange in it, and slightly oval. And stopped, almost stock-still, in the sky to the east of our location. People were getting out of their cars." For decades, his family would discuss that night and wonder, "what was that object?" Davenport said. "It was casting a red light … all over the theater, all over the airport, as far as we could see." His sighting is one among literally thousands on his Web-site, But while there are many mentions of colored lights, flying triangles and hovering disks, Davenport is hesitant to say any two sightings are the same.
Among the multitudes of sightings he's logged, Davenport will present Saturday his "best" documented cases, he said. Ever the scientist, Davenport's list of what constitutes good evidence of UFO activity reads like a textbook. "Once you have evidence, there's the question, is it accurate? Does it come from independent sources? Is it indelible in the sense that, do you have photographic evidence or just eye-witness accounts?"
Take for example the 1998 UFO report from a former Canadian fighter pilot, who said he saw green balls of light in the sky. Or the 14 forestry workers in Washington who all witnessed a horseshoe-shaped object lift an elk from the forest and fly away with it. In St. Clair County, Ill, five years ago, "officers from eight police departments witness, pursue, and photograph a huge, triangular object," Davenport wrote from reports.
Witnesses include a commercial pilot, a radar patrol officer, a former Navy Chief, a Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controller, and even an astronaut. Local officials and high-ranking government agents who know of nowhere else to go with reports of a UFO sighting now call him, Davenport said.
"We are the facility to which law enforcement agencies, military facilities and the FAA report UFO events." By his own admission, about 70 percent or more of the reports to Davenport's hotline and Web-site have nothing to do with actual UFOs. But of the remaining 30 percent …
During a classified meeting on the East coast several years ago, with a government agency Davenport is not at liberty to identify, the exact scope of the government's involvement in their own UFO research was partial revealed, he said.
"They identified themselves, … and they said, ‘Peter, we know who you are. We have visited your web-site extensively.' And they said, ‘You appear to us to have information that we are very interested in.' They wanted to know more about a UFO that had been seen near a commercial airliner. After a four-hour meeting, they thanked Davenport and told him, "‘Out of our sense of gratitude, we're going to tell you what our position about UFOs is in the U.S. government,'" he said. The officials told Davenport, "‘Number one, we know that UFOs are real. Number two, we know that UFOs are what they appear to be. Namely, sophisticated craft under intelligent control. There's no doubt of that', they said. ‘And number three, we in the government are a bit worried about them,'" recalled Davenport.
But if the government knows anything about UFOs, they aren't about to crack, Davenport said.
"Clearly, the U.S. government -- from my vantage point I think I can say this safely -- is doing everything in its power to quash interest in the subject of ufology in general. And in individual cases that are dramatic and well documented, and evident to a large body of people. Now, is that conspiracy or is that policy? I'm not sure I can answer that."
Is there intelligent life cruising the night skies, and did it ever visit Kelly? If local lore can't convince us, maybe science and an extensive collection of similar stories can.
"If it were not for our center, I fear the American people would be naked in the face of whatever threat we may be dealing with. Even if its just as mild of threat of ignorance of UFO phenomena," said Davenport. "And that threat makes me very uncomfortable."

More comments from Mr.Lindner..

In the last post you read a mysterious comment from an Alien. We addressed him as Mr.Alien.
Today he reveals his name... Mr. Linder, here's more of his comment...

"Did you know that our kind have others on other planets which serve life. There are numerous planets with life on them. Your planet is considered 'middle progress'. There is one planet in particular which possess machines that can convey passengers from one place to another by means of displacing their molecules and bringing them back together in another location, in seconds. We are attempting to copy their designs, and once we do we will be able to travel to any coordinate we wish. We may 'drop' your world the design also, too assist in your space exploration, which your kind is way behind compared to other worlds. I hope only peace for your kind, civilization can not progress without togetherness. It has been proven with other species. I am an employee with the Federal Government of America. I am a low-level data programmer. I am not known to be unhuman. Our world has evolved in the same conditions as your own, so our physical appearance is similiar. We are omnivores and do not consume more than we need. Self destruction would occur otherwise. Your kind are possessors, meaning your planet will eventually die due to planet consumption. Global warming is not caused by humans, it is a cycle which Earth has followed throughout history. The ice age will return, after the ice caps have melted. The ground will be saturated when that takes place.Our planet is alot larger than your own and experiences the same climatic changes, immediate and long term. Do not attempt to alter the cycles. I will be back to write more.

You humans would not appreciate our kind if we revealed ourselves to you. I understand that humans kill and study what they fear. We are harmless and only kill out of self preservation. I truly like your writings. They are entertaining. No one reading your words will think that I am a real foreign planet tourist. That is why I am safe.

Call me Mr. Lindner. Earth name. Cassular name: '. \' (as close that I can translate) "
Thankz for commenting and revealing your name Mr.Lindner. Be sure to send us more about the lifestyle of your civilization...

Friday, August 19, 2005

A MYSTERIOUS comment on ETO from an ALIEN!

We received a comment from an ALIEN it seems! An anonymous commented the following! As we don't know his name we address him as Mr.ALIEN
The comment is as follows...

"We do not have crafts entering your atmosphere. Any reported sightings are not genuine. We are bound here until we our retrieved. That date is set for September 18th of your year of 2006. We will be swapped out with replacements. Your technology is primitive in some aspects, but in others it is ahead of it's time. We have witnessed how uncivilized you humans are to each other. War is not common on our planet. We have a primary star in which we orbit, but a further star contributes to our planets heating and seasons. Our daytime is 52 hours long, longer than your 24 hour day. Please, if you want to know the truth, do not write about sightings of U.F.O.s. It is not the truth. We will let you all know if we are in your atmospere.
We have been watching you, and we are observing that your information about us is not accurate. We have a sub-post on the dark side of Venus, and we are very similiar to humans in appearance. We have about 100,000 of our species amongst your kind. Our only purpose is to gather technological data to enhance our own. We are of different colors to blend into multi-cultures. You may not believe my writings, but it does not really matter. "

Thankz for the comment Mr.Alien... Be sure to provide us with more info about your culture and your findings...

Alabama town celebrates the time UFOs came to visit

Once it seemed like everyone on Earth and beyond was watching this northeast Alabama town.
A string of UFO sightings spawned international media coverage and a mini-industry in Fyffe in early 1989, with hundreds of people showing up to gaze into the night sky in search of flying saucers. Or whatever. Flying objects will be back in Fyffe this weekend, but none are unidentified. Playing off its fame, the city of 971 people is staging a UFO — "Unforgettable Family Outing" — featuring hot-air balloons.
Melissa Hildreth, co-chair of the committee that planned the UFO Days Festival, said Fyffe thought it was time to capitalize on the notoriety it received when so many people thought they had spotted flying saucers overhead.
"We are more sophisticated now," Hildreth said. "We're able to laugh at ourselves and turn that UFO history into a tourist event that everybody can enjoy." The festival is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, and balloons will fly at dawn and dusk, the best times for good lift and light breezes. All events will take place in a park behind the town's school. Along with balloon flights and rides there will be craft and food vendors, music, clowns, an antique car show, Civil War re-enactors and a presentation by the United Cherokee Nation.
Fyffe's brief time as a UFO hotbed began when a resident reported seeing a weird object in the sky. Two police officers went to investigate and saw a triangular object they said passed overhead without a sound. That led to a string of UFO sightings, and reports of cattle mutilations and mysterious black helicopters weren't far behind. With all the hubbub far behind it, Fyffe figured it was time to celebrate and rekindle some excitement.
"Fyffe is a small town with a great family atmosphere," said Mayor Larry Lingerfelt said.
And besides, the Legislature proclaimed it the "UFO Capital of Alabama" back in the day.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

UFO sighting near Birmingham UK

UFO sighting by a Lady living in the Birmingham area (UK).
Although this was not her first sighting, it is the first time she has reported one.
Whilst travelling from Warwick with her daughter and heading towards North Birmingham along the M6 (at approximately 10.45pm-11.00pm), something caught her eye in a nearby field.
She was driving along at about 55-60 mph, on the inside lane of the motorway, when she saw a bright white light (similar to the image we have provided at the top of the page).
The object came down from the sky "at a very fast rate of speed and seemed to curve upwards as it approached the ground"
She did not stop her car to investigate further (this is difficult on a motorway) and is uncertain where the object went, it just appeared to vanish.
Her 16 year old daughter also witnessed the strange object and agrees that the image shown is similar to the one that they both saw. It is difficult to guess the size of the object, but it appeared approximately 20-30 metres away from their vehicle.The sighting took place on Wednesday the 10th of August (between 10.45pm and 11.00pm).
If any readers from UK have witnessed such an event please feel free to inform us... Thankz!

When the USAF Was in the UFO Business

WASHINGTON -- "Rumors about the saucer mystery fly almost as fast as the strange sights themselves," pronounced the narrator of a 1952 Paramount newsreel, commenting on a rash of UFO sightings from New York to Washington.He added ominously: "With this evidence, the mystery thickens."And so it seemed.A comic book narrative of the time came down on the side of believers. "SAUCERS OVER WASHINGTON, D.C.," blared its bold black headline. It dismissed the military's "glib" explanation of radar blips seen that July by National Airport flight controllers. Simply a case of temperature inversion or reflections of ground objects, insisted the Air Force brass. But what about the pilot, the cartoonist countered, who described "a bright light moving faster, at times, than a shooting star"?Well, what about it?From 1947 to 1969, Americans accounted for 12,618 reports of unidentified flying objects. It was up to investigators at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to determine if extraterrestrial beings, in fact, had descended from space to Earth.This work was incendiary enough to be classified. But the government bestowed a bureaucratic name just the same: "Project Blue Book."It went on until 1969.
That year, the United States Air Force declared itself out of the UFO business, but not before concluding that 701 sightings remained "unidentified."Not to worry, Wright-Patterson officials assured the public in a 1985 fact sheet:"No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security; there has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as `unidentified' represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and there has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as `unidentified' are extraterrestrial vehicles."Just to be clear: Should anyone feel threatened by something he or she sees, the Air Force advised, "contact a local law enforcement agency."And one last thing: "Periodically, it is erroneously stated that the remains of extraterrestrial visitors are or have been stored at Wright-Patterson AFB. There are not now nor ever have been, any extraterrestrial visitors or equipment on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."Did Project Blue Book really lead to such a disappointing end?The unconvinced -- or the merely curious -- are welcome to see for themselves. Blue Book's documents and photographs comprise 42 cubic feet of declassified records -- numbering 2,000 pages per cubic foot -- now housed in the Military Reference Branch of the National Archives. They can be accessed through 94 rolls of 35 mm microfilm.A glimpse inside the files finds a graphic charting coverage of UFOs -- including in the popular magazines LOOK and LIFE -- against subsequent spikes in sightings. There was a outbreak of them in the summer of 1952. Even Harry S. Truman got involved. A July 26, 1952 memo out of Box 26 reveals that "the President had requested Gen. Landry to find out the details of the sighting that had occurred in Washington on Saturday night."That 1952 newsreel, with its breathless narration, describes how "across the river from New York City, a Jersey City volunteer air-defense observer reports that not only has he spotted a flying saucer in the nighttime sky over Manhattan, but that he's actually photographed it."What was it, really?We are left to wonder.
The Original Article is Published here
For more news like these please check out

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Little Green Men Festival


The 50th anniversary of one of the most famous close encounters of the third kind in the history of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) will be celebrated in Hopkinsville August 19-21.

On Aug. 21, 1955, members of the Cecil "Lucky" Sutton family on the Old Madisonville Road at the edge of Kelly, a rural community 8-miles northwest of Hopkinsville, said 12 little men dressed in silver suits landed in a spaceship. The Sutton Family engaged them in a battle for several hours. What resulted is one of the most perplexing and mysterious UFO incidents on record.

“Our festival is for the serious, the curious and people who just want to have loads of fun,” said Cheryl Cook, Executive Director of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. The festival will take place at a variety of locations in the Hopkinsville and Christian County community located in western Kentucky near Fort Campbell, Home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), although most events are scheduled for the Conference and Convention Center on Lovers Lane just off U.S. Highway 41-A south of Hopkinsville.

UFO expert bidding to revive county interest

UFOLOGIST Chris Parr is writing a book on Cumbria’s fascinating UFO history as he seeks to resurrect interest in unexplained aerial phenomena in the county.
The 39-year-old researcher has spent the last 12 years trying to discover the truth about the numerous bizarre sightings which led to Cumbria being known as a hotbed of UFO activity.
He was recently forced to the review the future of Whitehaven-based British UFO Hunters (Bufoh) which he co-ordinates, following a dramatic decline in sightings. In 2003 there were 60 reported sightings in Cumbria, but that fell to 40 in 2004 – and there have only been two so far this year.
But Chris is determined to keep alive what he calls “the UFO dream” in Cumbria and has now teamed up with rival ufologist Sharon Larkin, of the North West Cumbria UFO research and investigations group. he hopes his book, which will also reveal the bizarre adventures of British ufologists, will generate new interest in UFOs locally and encourage a whole new generation of skywatchers to come to the fore.
“Despite the lack of UFO sightings for Cumbria for 2005, the state of British Ufology is alive and kicking,” he said.
“Although media interest in the subject has waned over the last couple of years and Cumbria has so far had a very quiet year, this is by no means a reflection on the dedicated work of ufologists throughout Britain who continue to monitor the skies and network with the public and local media in order to acquire UFO-related evidence.
“Ufology is a study that encompasses the whole field of unidentified flying objects and not just “alien craft” which is the usual image presented by the media.”
Chris will be concentrating on his book after completing the Cumbria UFO survey for 2005. It will focus on Cumbria’s UFO history and the bizarre adventures of British ufologists in their quest for the truth. Sometimes the characters in Ufology are just as fascinating as the UFO cases,” he said.
In the meantime, he and his team at Bufoh will continue scanning the skies above for evidence of unexplained aerial phenomena – and hope others will come forward with reports of their sightings. Anyone who spots a UFO can contact the British UFO Hunters hotline on 01723 514700, while would-be X-Files agents can check out the Great British UFO Show conference in Leeds on October 1. It will feature a range of speakers and a selection of the world’s best UFO footage.
By Andrea Thompson

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

India announces no manned lunar mission

According to the head of Indian Space Program G Madhavan Nair, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India has no plan to send human beings to moon. This is in direct contradiction to what ISRO and Government of India officials have been saying so far. Up till this time, media reports were very clear that for the sake of India’s pride and prestige, lunar mission was a must and India was looking forward to an accelerated schedule to land human beings on the moon.
The sudden reverse turn in India’s plan and action is interesting. According to many international space research think tanks, American and Russians were told by the Extraterrestrial world body of the Universe that they should not send any human beings to moon. Many even go to the extent of suggesting that Apollo 11 never landed on the moon. Some have suggested that Apollo 11 did land on the moon only to find UFOs and other advanced civilizations using moon as a space station.
ISRO announcement provides some light on the fact that there were several reports in the media that UFOs and Extraterrestrial civilizations were contacting Indian Government. Several UFO sightings still continue in the Himalayas region. There are also reports of underground UFO bases in Indo-China border areas.
India now plans an unmanned lunar mission. According to Mr.Nair the priorities have changed.
Since the Apollo missions, no country in the world has ventured into the moon or any where above the immediate atmosphere of the earth with human beings. Some point out hazards of radiation. Recently, President Bush has announced an American manned lunar mission in twenty years. Why should it take twenty years to go there if we human beings have already achieved the same thirty-five years back?
India will launch a two-year Lunar probe but has no plan to land a man or woman on moon in the near future. It is also looking for research institutes wanting to piggyback their scientific equipment on the Indian satellite, head of Indian Space Programme G Madhavan Nair, has said. Nair, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Space Commission, is in Brussels to attend two international space conferences and discuss India's participation in the European Union's satellite radio navigation programme, Galileo.
"India has no plans to land a man on the moon in the near future," he told the India news in Europe program. Nair, who is also the Secretary of the Government's Department of Space, said the agreement on Galileo was finalized a week ago.
"It will be signed in a few weeks time, either in New Delhi or Brussels," he said adding during the agreement's second phase "India will decide how much money it will invest in the project."
Pointing out the major differences between India's space program and that of other countries, he said, "Their applications are generally military or commercial, while in India they are aimed at improving the quality of life of the people, including the 75 per cent living in villages."
Asked if the Indian space industry feared competition from China, Nair said, "There is nothing like that. They have their own program and we have ours. National priorities are set, and we work according to them."
Stating that India's space industry has a bright future, Nair said, "The greatest achievement of India's space industry has been self-reliance. We are self-sufficient in weather and communication satellites."
The Indian space industry, he said, was "as good as any other space industry in the world in terms of quality and cost effectiveness."
Indeed, "European industries can find a lot of sources in India for the supply of parts, whether for aircraft, satellites or spacecraft." He underlined the importance of cooperation in earth observation.
"Each country has its own space craft engaged in various kinds of missions. We should now look how the data can be meaningfully utilized," he said. Nair said, "India is seriously considering establishing a tsunami warning system for the region, even though such destructive ocean waves are a very rare phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, whereas they occur almost every month in the Pacific Ocean."
Thanks to its efficient communication channels, "India distributed its satellite data to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia the very next day after the tsunami struck on December 26," he said.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Photo of J-ROD Alien - A FAKE!

About 5 years back the above picture was used in several claims as a real alien. But ETO's search for the truth revealed the following...

As you can plainly see here, it is a very nice FX work done by an effects team to duplicate an alien autopsy.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Base of an Alien Civilization

Scientists for a long time is looking for a major connector of our universe to other universes. A major connector or highway is obviously associated with a massive –real massive Blackhole of gigantic capacity and gravitational energy. They have found one that matches the description of major highway connector from Universe to Universe. This giant elliptical galaxy named M87 lies 50 million light years away in the constellation Virgo. A luminous jet some 6500 light years long shoots out from the galaxy's core. What awesome "central engine" powers the jet? Many astrophysicists believe that a super-massive black hole lurks at center of M87. Owing to its immense gravitational field, the gigantic black hole pulls in any matter within its vicinity. But before falling inwards, stars, gas and dust orbit the black hole and form an accretion disk. Recent observations of M87 by the Hubble Space Telescope show that near the galaxy's center, its accretion disk spins at 1.2 million miles per hour! Only the gravity of a gigantic object with a mass of two, maybe three million suns could prevent the disk from flying apart. As the swirling material spirals inward, it generates gravitational energy that drives the jets. According to scientists through the center of M87 the majority of inter-universe travel takes place. The humongous Blackhole at the center provides the necessary infrastructure for connecting our universe to other universes. Some astronomers speculate that M87's accretion disk was formed when a small galaxy approached M87 too closely and was pulled into its central region.
According to many scientists and UFO researchers M87 is where the most advanced alien civilizations live in our Universe. Many believe for the same reason strategic coastal areas in any country are populated heavily for commerce and transport, the M87 though which major connector to other Universes exists is also populated heavily by intelligent alien civilizations far advanced than us. These advanced alien civilizations have also explored other universes of higher dimensional spatial and have the ability to move in and out of parallel universes. Like all even more advanced civilizations, they find that the parallel universes are better places to reside and prosper. But the major connector is the M87 with massive gravitational energy and wave shooting out from the center of the massive Blackhole.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

E.T Observer Honoured with BIS Transmission Certificate

E.T Observer was today honoured with the Blog In Space Transmission Certificate... This blog has reached its true potential by starting a genuine search for E.T Intelligence.

How do extraterrestrial UFOs cross the blackhole point of singularity to visit our universe

Scientists are slowing understanding the mechanism by which extraterrestrial UFOs pass through the Blackholes to visit us in the physical universe from the parallel universe. The passage through the point of singularity in the Blackhole is not easy and straightforward. The effects of a black hole's gravity as described by the Theory of Relativity cause a number of peculiar effects. An object approaching simple Schwarzschild-type (non-rotating) black hole's center will appear to distant observers as having an increasingly slow descent as the object approaches the event horizon. This is because a photon takes an increasingly long time to escape from the pull of the black hole to allow the distant observer to gain information on the object's fate. From the object's frame of reference, it will cross the event horizon and reach the singularity, or center of the black hole, all within a finite amount of time. Once the object crosses over the event horizon, light will no longer escape the black hole, and the object can no longer be observed outside of the black hole. As the object continues to approach the singularity, it will elongate, and the parts closest to the singularity will begin to red shift, until they finally become invisible. Nearing the singularity, the gradient of the gravitational field from head to foot will become considerable, will stretch and tear because of tidal forces: the parts closest to the singularity feel disproportionately stronger gravitational force than those parts farther away. This process is known as spaghettification.
Then how does an extraterrestrial UFO cross the point of singularity in the Blackhole without traditional spaghettification? The answer lies in controlling and manipulating the gravity waves within the Blackhole. The advanced alien civilizations have mastered the process known as gravity wave neutralization across universes. Without this technology, no one can ever move to the parallel universe from the physical universe. As the extraterrestrial UFO passes through the blackhole, it continually neutralizes gravity wave. The biggest trick is in being able to generate negative gravity in the beginning and then quickly but smoothly shift to positive gravity wave at the center of the Blackhole. If an entity like an extraterrestrial UFO allows the point of singularity to get hold of the object, it will get subjected to spaghettification. But if the object’s computer model smoothly varies the gravity wave neutralization effects, it will have no problem crossing through the point of singularity. It is that critical point of singularity the UFO has to cross smoothly.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Noted UFO debunker Klass dies at 85

Philip J. Klass spent a 50-year career meticulously researching stories on the latest in aviation technology as a senior editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. He spent his off hours trying to disprove the existence of UFOs.
Klass died Tuesday of prostate cancer at the Merritt Island home he shared with his wife of 25 years, Nadya.
"He fought very hard," said Nadya, a former news editor with Voice of America.
Klass, 85, was born and raised in Iowa, the son of a lawyer. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State and went on to work for General Electric in aviation development. In 1952, he switched careers to journalism.
His sister, Rosanne Klass of New York City, said her brother was always building crystal radio sets as a boy. She remembers his first glimpse of his future at a fairground in Cedar Rapids.
"As a Boy Scout, he won a contest, and the prize was a chance to go up in an autogyro, now called a helicopter," Rosanne Klass said, adding that her parents stood by frightened as her brother ascended. "In my mind, I can see Phil in his Boy Scout uniform in the autogyro."
He received numerous awards for his reporting, but he became culturally known for his UFO work, earning criticism from those who insist UFOs and aliens are real.
He published "UFOs Identified" in 1968, along with four other books that explained away UFOs.
Klass was one of the founders of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and a regular contributor to its journal, Skeptical Inquirer. He famously offered $10,000 to anyone whose UFO or alien abduction claims could be verified by the FBI. He never paid a reward.
David Jacobs, a Temple University history professor and alien abduction expert, said Klass was dedicated to his cause. The two argued their points on CNN's "Larry King Live" in 1993.
"Regardless of evidence, regardless of logic, regardless of disconfirming information, he always set his path clearly on one course and that was that the UFO phenomenon was not extraterrestrial and had no basis in reality," Jacobs said Thursday night. He added, though, "I wish that UFO researchers were as dedicated and tenacious as he was."
A funeral is scheduled for Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in the Washington, D.C., area.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mysterious goings-on in the Filey Triangle

THE truth, it seems, is out there – along an eight-mile stretch of North Yorkshire's coastline.
Legions of UFO enthusiasts from across the UK have descended on what has become the nation's prime location to witness strange and other-worldly shapes in the skies between Scarborough and Filey.They recorded at least 50 sightings of unidentified flying objects last year between the two seaside resorts, which now appear to have an increasing allure for extra-terrestrial visitors.Since the start of this year, a further 85 sightings have been made and North Yorkshire is now considered the UFO spotting capital of Britain with dozens of other incidents recorded across the county during 2004.Nationally, the public's fascination with UFOs has dwindled since the mid-1990s pinnacle that coincided with the huge popularity of the US television sci-fi drama The X Files.But a burgeoning underground network of enthusiasts across the region has meant the rate of sightings has continued unabated.UFO investigator Russell Kellett has found himself at the centre of the UFO mecca after moving to Filey five years ago from Bradford.The 42-year-old has experienced his own taste of the unexplained, including a bizarre close encounter at a railway crossing in Yorkshire 17 years ago.Mr Kellett was left with raw, red scarring on his hands, neck and face after he spotted a bright light hovering above as he waited on his motorbike at the crossing near Keighley in 1988.Since then he has spent up to 15 hours each week scanning the skies above Yorkshire in the hope of capturing evidence of UFO activity on his video camera.North Yorkshire's lack of light pollution and the clear skies along the East Coast make the county an ideal hunting ground for UFOs.Mr Kellett said: "Since 1988 I've been on a journey to find out what has been happening. I do believe that it's not all about friendly ET-style characters coming to visit us."I really do believe we need to find out things before it's too late, and there's nowhere better to do this than here in North Yorkshire."The area between Scarborough and Filey is without doubt the UFO capital of Britain – we've got the statistics and the sightings to prove it."It's remarkable that we have had so many sightings here, and it's down to the hard work all the enthusiasts are putting in."The close encounters in North Yorkshire last year include:n A multitude of UFO sightings in Filey, dating back to 2004, including descriptions and video evidence consisting of flying triangles emerging from the North Sea.n A disc-shaped UFO captured on film over Selby and there has also been reports of a huge UFO hovering over the Drax power station during the daytime.n A transparent ring-shaped UFO spotted pulsating in the night sky over Skipton on May 20 last year.n Images of a jellyfish-shaped UFO captured by a couple who pulled over in their car at Whixley to the west of York.n Multiple sightings of supposed fleets of small UFOs flying in formation at Scarborough.Andy Kelly, of Colton, Leeds, who is a computer specialist contracted to work for British Aerospace, was one of the witnesses to a sighting of a boomerang-shaped UFO near Selby in May last year.Mr Kelly, 49, who has been a keen aviation enthusiast since the age of 16, said: "I was driving along the M62 back to Leeds and I spotted an aircraft circling overheard as if it was looking for something."Then I saw another shape in the sky, and to this day I don't know what it was. I know what a conventional aircraft looks like, and it certainly wasn't something I have ever seen before."Despite the dwindling interest in UFOs among many sections of the public, a network of enthusiasts has formed across the country since the British UFO Hunters group was established in 2002.The spotters, who have dubbed themselves an "underground response unit" to the unexplained, now aim to be at the location as quickly as possible of any sightings which are reported to them.But the group's founder, Chris Parr, admits it is not an exact science."It is down to luck and being in the right place at the right time," he said."The popularity of ufology has declined and this has tied in with the demise of The X-Files. The series made so many people aware of the subject."But Yorkshire remains the hotbed of UFO activity for the whole of Britain, there have been so many sightings in recent times it is attracting a lot of interest from across the country."Mr Parr's own fascination with UFOs was triggered in 1984 when he was bathed in a bright shining light while making a cup of coffee in his kitchen in Whitehaven, Cumbria.According to Mr Parr, the intense ball of light then sped off and vanished into the night sky.

Communicating with Aliens using Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields

Finally science is ready to break the barrier of conventional physics. Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields of specific resonance factors are being used to generate signals through the higher dimensional spatial structures of the hyperspace that can penetrate and reach the Parallel Universes as well as the extraterrestrial alien civilizations thriving in those environments.
The alien civilizations prosper in the parallel universes where chances of physical destruction of the Universe itself are much less due to the presence of higher dimensional spatial structures. Any advanced civilization will try and find a way to shift its presence to the parallel universe of much higher dimensions. And therefore, it is essential to harness technologies that can penetrate the barrier of our physical Universe and traverse the parallel Universe.
That is exactly what is happening in experimental labs all over the world. The Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields of specific resonance factors create strange wave like disturbances in the ether medium engulfing the higher dimensions of spatial structures. The resulting effect is astonishing. The human generated pulse can finally create much higher dimensional disturbance in the parallel Universe. This is exactly what happens when we focus our mind in something or try to communicate something to someone through the use of telepathy. According to some recent theories on remote viewing, the remote viewers and psychics unknowingly create the exact same effects when they use their mind to explore, navigate and feel. The communication also takes place with higher dimensional spatial structures.
The spatial disturbance can be read by the human mind very well. Scientists have tried to find the mechanism by which the mind is able to generate the signals, receive and decode the signals. The electromagnetic change of field or flux has guided scientists in creating similar effects artificially. The initial experiments have produced fantastic results. According to some researchers, our civilization is supposed to communicate and traverse into the higher dimensional parallel universes in the coming 100 years. If these experiments are correct, we will achieve the same much faster. We will communicate with many other advanced alien civilizations and also our past and future.

Flying Triangle UFO Mystery

The strange triangle shaped UFOs have been sighted in almost all parts of the world by now. Last year people in Himalayas even reported these triangular objects coming out of the ground from underground bases. What are they?
These are large, triangular-shaped UFOs, often black in color, with rounded corners and making a low, humming noise. They disappear in horizon at unbelievable speed. These are big crafts and show up from nowhere. The first sighting of these mystery triangles was recorded and reported in 1965. Some say it was first sighted in 1950s. For some time people have said these are secret military projects – the next generation stealth aircrafts. But why are they flying the same way since sixties. How come the technology never changed in last forty-five years?
According to many these Flying Triangle UFO Mystery objects are the outcome of direct transfer of technologies from extraterrestrials to human civilization in different parts of the world. The triangle shaped UFOs use anti-gravity propulsion. They also use superconductors to create the electromagnetic flux as well as anti-gravity propulsion. That is why the humming noise comes out. Many of these are available all over the world because most likely the technology has been transferred from the extraterrestrial aliens to human civilization in different parts of the world. Some laugh at this theory and say people are seeing illusions. But when have you heard people seeing exactly same illusions in places tens of thousands of miles apart. The propagation, navigation and feed back controls in these UFOs match the theoretical requirements in a typical advanced extraterrestrial UFO, At the same token it is made by different countries with whom the alien civilizations are collaborating. Such possibilities are very strong says some UFO researchers. The departments and ministries of defense in all the countries involved are tight lipped. They just do not recognize anything anyone saw. However, the facts points finger towards a secret joint development in a collaborative manner with the aliens to develop these UFOs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

UFO sightings down

Winnipeg-based UFO expert Chris Rutkowski says strange sightings have dropped this year across Canada. But he says three people in southeast Manitoba reported seeing a very large cylindrical object with no wings and a somewhat pointed end on Sunday afternoon. Rutkowski says there was also a report last Friday of a mysterious light over Lake Winnipeg. As well, two different pilots flying between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg reported seeing a bright light moving south to north on July 24th -- but air traffic control told them there were no other aircraft in the area.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Crop Circle - Avebury, Wiltshire

East Kennett, nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

UFOs sighted in the sky over Crown Wood

UK - Berkshire - Maurice Jones and some of his family saw not one, but two UFOs hovering above their house in Lightwood, Crown Wood, last Tuesday at 4pm. They saw they got some neighbours to look as well. Maurice, 50, a Parcel Net courier, said his 12-year-old daughter Alaina, who attends East-hampstead Park School, spotted the strange object first.
Maurice said: "The first object was huge and the shape of a plane fuselage or a cigar tube. It was brown and rotating in the sky. "I just couldn't make out what it was. When it caught the sun it had a metallic appearance. It came right over the top of us." Mr Jones said the object was in the sky for around 20 minutes before disappearing. His 49-year-old wife Lee, a teaching assistant at St Joseph's RC Primary School, also had a look at the strange sight. But the group could not believe their eyes when they saw the second object a few minutes later - a flying saucer spinning fast in the sky at a similar height. At this point the family told neighbours Yuce and Guran Ibrahim about what was happening.
Maurice said: "This object was going a lot faster than the other one. I gave the binoculars to Guran and she said 'Oh my God, what the hell is that?'"
He added: "We were so gobsmacked we thought what we were seeing might have been a hoax."
He said he was concerned as both objects were in the Heathrow Airport flight path.

Tourists report UFO sightings over Mt. Baekdu

Some South Korean tourists yesterday reported sighting an unidentified flying object over Mt. Baekdu in North Korea in recent months, following a report by a Chinese man who says he encountered a mysterious light there. On Tuesday, Yonhap News said that a Chinese man took a picture of a round-shaped object hovering in the sky over a waterfall at the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula on July 8.
The mountain, located on the border between North Korea and China, is the venue for planned inter-Korean military talks later this year. A few South Korean tourists yesterday reported their UFO experiences to the news agency and posted their own pictures on the Internet. Lee Man-wook, a member of Korean Photographer's Expedition for Scenic Spots, posted his photo on an online gallery for specialized photographers (, which depicts a UFO flying over the apex of the mountain. Lee shot his photo on July 19. Yoon Tae-woong, a Shinhan Bank employee, told the news agency that he found a UFO in his wife's photograph, taken in June. "People said it might be a swallow, but I don't think this is a bird," Yoon was quoted as saying. Choi Jong-yeon, a student, also took four similar pictures while traveling around the area July 16-17. "It's difficult to confirm the object as a UFO, but it is strange that the object has been observed at the same area, and by several people. This is more than a coincidence," said a 42-year-old office worker who would not give his name.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Area native tries his hand with UFO fiction

LORAIN -- When he was growing up, former Vermilion and Lorain resident Robert Farrell always had a dream of becoming a ''space cadet.'' Although he made a career out of being a mechanical engineer in the plastics industry, physics always stayed close to his heart. ''I was sure I would be one (an astronaut), but somehow I didn't,'' Farrell said.
Now, the 65-year-old Farrell is the author of ''Alien Log'' a novel that explores the possibility of alien life forms. ''It occurred to me years ago that we are not alone in this universe,'' he said. ''I want to educate people about the fact that UFOs are possible.After 17 years in the plastics industry, Farrell became a professor at Pennsylvania State University, where he helped start a successful plastics engineering technology program. He retired as a professor emeritus in 2003.But science, and the possibilities of another life form, were always on his mind. ''Buried in the story-- a fun story, you step back and say, Ôwell maybe this is true,''' he said.Farrell started researching physics, cosmology, astronomy, and ancient beliefs about 10 years ago.''If you come to the conclusion that there is alien life it changes your life,'' he said of why he decided to write the book. ''The more you get involved the deeper you dig.''The book is aimed at ''non-believers and those on the fringe,'' he said.Although Farrell started ''Alien Log'' as a non-fiction book, he decided to change it to a fiction novel. The story contains three main characters: Dr. Corey Newton, an astrophysicist, Dr. Wendy Ahearn, a world renowned linguist and Col. Mitchell, the man who holds the clue to extraterrestrial life. ''The story revolves around an alien artifact discovered at a UFO crash site in Arizona in 1953 where a captain finds an artifact, like a Palm Pilot today, that has the ship's log,'' he said of the story's plot.Years later, the retired captain gives up the device to the president after hearing of UFO sightings and abductions. ''He finds out there is a threat to not only the United States, but to all of humanity.''Farrell said his goal was to bring facts out through natural dialogue. The novel includes 72 references in the back of the book. It offers explanations to crop circles and how to tell a real one versus a fake, UFOs, alien behaviors, abductions and gravity drive.''There's a wealth of sightings over the years by credible witnesses,'' Farrell said. ''You have to take the evidence and lay it out and like in engineering the evidence points to a cause and a cure.''Farrell has taken his facts and findings on the road at part of a book tour. Last week he made multiple appearances in the Lorain County area giving lectures on his research.Farrell's family lived in Vermilion until he graduated high school. They moved to Lorain while he was in college and in the service.''It's been nice,'' he said of his return. ''I got the chance to meet up with some old friends.''Farrell said although Vermilion has changed over the years it still remains a beautiful place.Aaron Clark, member and spokesman for the Cleveland UFOlogy Project attended Farrell's lecture. Although Clark has not read his book, he said he knows what to expect after hearing his presentation.''It's a fictional story, but he has all the components of the study of UFOs in the book,'' Clark said. ''If you read the book you'll have a good understanding on how things operate in terms of UFOs.''Farrell, his wife Linda, and their daughter Wendy Colleen Gastl, left residence in Peoria, Ariz., in March, traveling in a mobile home adorned with a sign ''Science Fiction or Fact?'' next to a picture of Farrell's novel.It's not surprising that the former resident of Lorain County would become involved in alien research since the county was once thought to become the UFO capital of the world, according to past Morning Journal articles.Sightings in the Lorain County date back as far as 1958. A wave of UFO sightings swept through the Lorain area and around the world in the 70s and 80s, according to multiple stories in past issues of The Morning Journal.The tour has given Farrell the opportunity to meet more witnesses of close encounters and abductions. ''The tour has allowed me to meet very interesting people,'' he said.Farrell's initial retirement plan involved more research into gravity drive, not writing books about aliens. ''I didn't plan on doing this when I retired,'' Farrell said. ''I have always been heavily interested in gravity drive. I wanted to develop it and I still do. But, I was compelled to write this book.''Farrell plans to keep chipping away at the mystery of extraterrestrial life. He is currently writing the sequel to ''Alien Log'' that has a title yet to be determined. Farrell is also looking into the possibility of his novel being turned into a movie

Saturday, August 06, 2005

UFO hunters excited by sight of Selby 'saucer'...

UFO investigator Russell Kellett of Filey was excited by this video footage shot by his friend Jody Holden, 23.So he has sent it to Prof Roger Green of Warwick University for close analysis."Prof Green is open-minded about UFOs," said Russell, a member of the British UFO Hunters group."He can tell us what the object is not. He can eliminate things like aircraft, space debris and so on."Jody spotted this object in the sky above Abbot's Road, Selby, about 4pm on Mother's Day. It seemed about 200ft up and was perhaps a mile away."He said it had a purple/black colour and he saw it change shape from a castle into tank and then a shamrock and finally into a saucer over two minutes. He finally lost sight of it behind houses."Russell says that Selby, along with Filey, is now one of Britain's top UFO "hot spots."He also has video footage of balls of light seen over the sea at Filey. One of his group, a former RAF pilot, is convinced they are not terrestrial craft.Russell says he has also seen flying triangles shooting out of the sea.He now has a huge video collection of UFO sightings which he is thinking of auctioning on Ebay.

Friday, August 05, 2005

ET life forms that you can never think of...

We are slowly learning about strange life forms in our earth that does not resemble the traditional notion of life forms that we can think of.Miles below the ocean lies organisms that does not need any oxygen. They feed on Hydrogen and Carbon and generate methane. Will you get really surprised if you come to know that certain stones and rocks in the Universe are alive like trees? These rocks change shapes, composition and molecular structures themselves. All life forms in this Universe is not of organic nature as we are taught to believe. They can be something that we cannot even think of. Scientists are slowly realizing that most common life forms in the Universe is in the form of energy. Our soul which survives after human death is a form of energy. This energy is part of a larger block of energy forming a hierarchical chain and command and control structure.
After death experiences tell the same narration how soul as a source of energy moves through muti-dimension and is preserved for recycling. One of the reasons that we do not find other life forms in the Universe is that we just do not recognize them as possible life forms. According to some scientists, any source of energy is live and cannot be destroyed. Extra-terrestrial technologies may never reveal their life forms because we will never believe them. Many believe we are creation of the extra-terrestrials and are very advanced robots. Bottom line is the fact that in Monn, Mars and Tital we may have innumerable life forms below the surface or even on the surface that are of not traditional format that we recognize as live.

Who's Controlling Space Agency Activities? E.T?

A secret common protocol exists that are honored by all the international space agencies. This became evident recently as China started implanting the manned lunar travel mission. Chinese engineers and aerospace scientists are reporting secretly that they just cannot do what they like. Invisible laws make their life harder. When asked, they are told that all the Space Agencies does that and China cannot be an exception either. Chinese aviation and space exploration achievements are remarkable but till this date China, it seems, never had to abide by these universal laws. But today China and Indian Space Agencies as they cross the boundary of actual Space, are told to follow protocols that are harder to follow, more expensive to implement but never the less a must for future space travel.
Many researchers say it is the extra-terrestrials in contact with the six Space-travel capable nations (US, Russia, France, Britain, China and India) set these invisible protocols and guidelines that must be “followed” by the Agencies. If you track the use nuclear powered traction in Space, you will understand what we are talking about. Recently, China and India are going through a lot of redesign of thrust mechanisms to accommodate the same. Russian Aviation and Space Agency (RASA) and NASA both have communicated among themselves in terms of these protocols.
You may guess why Americans went to Moon in 1869 and never again made a trip to land humans there? Russians gave up the idea all together? Europeans never attach a lot of importance in sending humans anywhere. And the Indians and Chinese are dancing right now. But most likely their enthusiasm will dampen once they are told by the same entities what they can do in moon. Once they understand that they will also decide – there is no use of wasting money on moon. Unmanned vehicles, probes are very common and are allowed but humans are not because human beings cannot be really sterilized in the sense made germless. That is the biggest concern of the Universe. Many question if America went to the Moon at all? What difference does it make – since after the moon mission America focused on exploring the entry, exit and reentry of the atmosphere with the Shuttle technologies. And exploration of the nearby space restricted to a small area in the outer space. It is possible that unless these Space Agencies achieve in pollution free technologies and humans sent are void of all germs, actual space travel will never be allowed.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Intelligent life did not evolve in Mars but it was always used by intelligent Aliens as landing bases

The popular theory that intelligent life forms actually developed in Mars and then eventually transported to earth by some means got a serious set back. Instead what is clear from scientific investigations is that Mars was always a cold planet and is in used for many years as a landing base to conduct and monitor experiments on the earth by advanced alien civilizations. According to the new theory Mars’s atmosphere and warm temperature suitable for allowing evolution of life forms were very short. It is suggested that most likely Mars as a planet was brought in the solar system years back and all its life supporting resources were quickly transferred to earth. And from that time it just supports as landing bases for advanced alien civilizations.
A chemical study of Martian meteorites implies that the planet has always been cold and was rarely above freezing. Writing in Science, US researchers say they are able to determine the maximum temperature the rocks experienced. There is no evidence they were ever warm, the team says, as the meteorites would have recorded near-surface conditions for four billion years.
The water erosional features seen on Mars must have been made during very brief periods, they conclude. The recent discovery of these facts on Mars shows that it had the life-supporting environment for a very brief period of time and that somehow disappeared. The suggestion from the researchers is that the life supporting mechanisms were transferred to earth to make earth support excellent intelligent life forms at the cost of Mars. Otherwise there is no reason for Mars to lose its life supporting resources in such a short time. New study of rock structures in certain areas shows constant change in surface pressure in this barren planet. What is causing over thousands of years such changes in pressure on the surface in a systematic fashion? Some researchers believe that the advanced aliens visiting the earth actually come out of the wormhole in Mars. At that point the alien UFOs are very vulnerable as they transform from one parallel universe to the other. After stabilization in the physical universe the UFOs travel to the earth electromagnetic stealth and armor mechanisms.