Friday, August 05, 2005

ET life forms that you can never think of...

We are slowly learning about strange life forms in our earth that does not resemble the traditional notion of life forms that we can think of.Miles below the ocean lies organisms that does not need any oxygen. They feed on Hydrogen and Carbon and generate methane. Will you get really surprised if you come to know that certain stones and rocks in the Universe are alive like trees? These rocks change shapes, composition and molecular structures themselves. All life forms in this Universe is not of organic nature as we are taught to believe. They can be something that we cannot even think of. Scientists are slowly realizing that most common life forms in the Universe is in the form of energy. Our soul which survives after human death is a form of energy. This energy is part of a larger block of energy forming a hierarchical chain and command and control structure.
After death experiences tell the same narration how soul as a source of energy moves through muti-dimension and is preserved for recycling. One of the reasons that we do not find other life forms in the Universe is that we just do not recognize them as possible life forms. According to some scientists, any source of energy is live and cannot be destroyed. Extra-terrestrial technologies may never reveal their life forms because we will never believe them. Many believe we are creation of the extra-terrestrials and are very advanced robots. Bottom line is the fact that in Monn, Mars and Tital we may have innumerable life forms below the surface or even on the surface that are of not traditional format that we recognize as live.

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