Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tourists report UFO sightings over Mt. Baekdu

Some South Korean tourists yesterday reported sighting an unidentified flying object over Mt. Baekdu in North Korea in recent months, following a report by a Chinese man who says he encountered a mysterious light there. On Tuesday, Yonhap News said that a Chinese man took a picture of a round-shaped object hovering in the sky over a waterfall at the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula on July 8.
The mountain, located on the border between North Korea and China, is the venue for planned inter-Korean military talks later this year. A few South Korean tourists yesterday reported their UFO experiences to the news agency and posted their own pictures on the Internet. Lee Man-wook, a member of Korean Photographer's Expedition for Scenic Spots, posted his photo on an online gallery for specialized photographers (www.ephotoart.co.kr), which depicts a UFO flying over the apex of the mountain. Lee shot his photo on July 19. Yoon Tae-woong, a Shinhan Bank employee, told the news agency that he found a UFO in his wife's photograph, taken in June. "People said it might be a swallow, but I don't think this is a bird," Yoon was quoted as saying. Choi Jong-yeon, a student, also took four similar pictures while traveling around the area July 16-17. "It's difficult to confirm the object as a UFO, but it is strange that the object has been observed at the same area, and by several people. This is more than a coincidence," said a 42-year-old office worker who would not give his name.