Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Man Reports Seeing UFO Over Exeter

Artist Makes Drawing Based On Man's Description

EXETER, N.H. -- A man in Exeter claimed that he recently saw an object the size of two aircraft carriers hovering in the sky, but some think it's nothing more than a tall tale. Artist Angela Gram met with the man who said that he saw the object on a recent afternoon. "First, it started off as a cylindrical shape. It was silver and metallic," Gram said. "And later on, it turned color to orange and there were flames underneath." Gram created a rendering of the object based on the man's description. She said that his story was believable.
"He was an ex-Navy pilot, and he seemed to know what he was talking about in terms of aircraft," she said. The man -- whose identity is also a mystery -- said he didn't think police would believe him, so he called the National UFO Reporting Center instead.
In his report, he said, "the object seemed to stretch out about twice its original size and then in a blink of an eye, it simply disappeared right in front of me." Over the years, there have been other UFO sightings in New Hampshire. Some residents said they think it's possible that there's other life out there, but many aren't convinced that aliens are piloting vehicles over the New Hampshire skies. "I don't believe it," one resident said. "It would be nice to think about, but it's a figment of the imagination, I think." But Gram said that she's convinced it's not a hoax and that her drawing represents what the man saw.

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