Thursday, August 18, 2005

UFO sighting near Birmingham UK

UFO sighting by a Lady living in the Birmingham area (UK).
Although this was not her first sighting, it is the first time she has reported one.
Whilst travelling from Warwick with her daughter and heading towards North Birmingham along the M6 (at approximately 10.45pm-11.00pm), something caught her eye in a nearby field.
She was driving along at about 55-60 mph, on the inside lane of the motorway, when she saw a bright white light (similar to the image we have provided at the top of the page).
The object came down from the sky "at a very fast rate of speed and seemed to curve upwards as it approached the ground"
She did not stop her car to investigate further (this is difficult on a motorway) and is uncertain where the object went, it just appeared to vanish.
Her 16 year old daughter also witnessed the strange object and agrees that the image shown is similar to the one that they both saw. It is difficult to guess the size of the object, but it appeared approximately 20-30 metres away from their vehicle.The sighting took place on Wednesday the 10th of August (between 10.45pm and 11.00pm).
If any readers from UK have witnessed such an event please feel free to inform us... Thankz!

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Anonymous said...

We do not have crafts entering your atmosphere. Any reported sightings are not genuine. We are bound here until we our retrieved. That date is set for September 18th of your year of 2006. We will be swapped out with replacements. Your technology is primitive in some aspects, but in others it is ahead of it's time. We have witnessed how uncivilized you humans are to each other. War is not common on our planet. We have a primary star in which we orbit, but a further star contributes to our planets heating and seasons. Our daytime is 52 hours long, longer than your 24 hour day. Please, if you want to know the truth, do not write about sightings of U.F.O.s. It is not the truth. We will let you all know if we are in your atmospere.