Thursday, August 04, 2005

Intelligent life did not evolve in Mars but it was always used by intelligent Aliens as landing bases

The popular theory that intelligent life forms actually developed in Mars and then eventually transported to earth by some means got a serious set back. Instead what is clear from scientific investigations is that Mars was always a cold planet and is in used for many years as a landing base to conduct and monitor experiments on the earth by advanced alien civilizations. According to the new theory Mars’s atmosphere and warm temperature suitable for allowing evolution of life forms were very short. It is suggested that most likely Mars as a planet was brought in the solar system years back and all its life supporting resources were quickly transferred to earth. And from that time it just supports as landing bases for advanced alien civilizations.
A chemical study of Martian meteorites implies that the planet has always been cold and was rarely above freezing. Writing in Science, US researchers say they are able to determine the maximum temperature the rocks experienced. There is no evidence they were ever warm, the team says, as the meteorites would have recorded near-surface conditions for four billion years.
The water erosional features seen on Mars must have been made during very brief periods, they conclude. The recent discovery of these facts on Mars shows that it had the life-supporting environment for a very brief period of time and that somehow disappeared. The suggestion from the researchers is that the life supporting mechanisms were transferred to earth to make earth support excellent intelligent life forms at the cost of Mars. Otherwise there is no reason for Mars to lose its life supporting resources in such a short time. New study of rock structures in certain areas shows constant change in surface pressure in this barren planet. What is causing over thousands of years such changes in pressure on the surface in a systematic fashion? Some researchers believe that the advanced aliens visiting the earth actually come out of the wormhole in Mars. At that point the alien UFOs are very vulnerable as they transform from one parallel universe to the other. After stabilization in the physical universe the UFOs travel to the earth electromagnetic stealth and armor mechanisms.

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