Sunday, June 04, 2006

Corrales Heights woman swears she saw UFO

Charlott Motter has lived in Rio Rancho since 1975 but she hadn't seen an unidentified flying object since the mid-1950s, when she was at a park in the Washington, D.C., area.Of course, she expects skepticism about her story.
Early last month, she said - and she can't recall exactly what time it was, just that it was dark - she walked out onto her patio."Don't ask me why I walked out," the 77-year-old Corrales Heights resident said."I saw about 6-8 white lights and it was hovering," she said of the object, or phenomenon. "It couldn't be a helicopter; a helicopter can hover but it's not quiet."And a helicopter wouldn't be as close to the ground, estimating the object to be "about two houses high," maybe 25 feet aloft, as she guessed by the size of a nearby tree.Motter said she thinks the object, which was west of her, was about an eighth of a mile away.
"I could not detect a shape because of the darkness," she said of the silent object."I wish I could have remained outside longer but, knowing about abductions, I came inside, feeling very lucky having witnessed this phenomenon," she said.The Observer would have been remiss if it hadn't asked if she had been consuming alcohol at the time of the sighting."Hell, no - I don't keep it here and I don't drink when I go to parties, because my tongue swells up. I wasn't on any pills or anything, either," Motter added."I want people to know (UFOs) are in Rio Rancho," she said. "It's the first one I've seen in Rio Rancho. I wish I would have looked at the calendar immediately; when I did (make a note), it was the third of May. It was at nighttime; it was dark. I go to bed about 3 in the morning sometimes."