Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google tracks UFO sightings with new map

Using their Google Maps API (or application program interface), Google has launched a map of UFO sightings at The interactive map is dotted with "flying saucer" icons indicating where UFOs have been sighted. Clicking on the icon pulls up a short summary of the sighting, with an additional link to a more detailed report.
Thte data is from the National UFO Reporting Center.
The Google initiative is not the only site to use maps to chart UFO activity. a detailed effort to graph UFO activity ffrom the past 50 years or ealier, and as a sizable set of graphs, charts, histograms and other data. alleged UFO flight corridors and patterns near Bisbee, Arizona.
While not offering maps, another serious effort of research is at
Enjoy the skies!

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