Friday, October 21, 2005

Did life start in Mars as recent as last year?

Something strange is happening in Mars. As terrestrial probes and optical scanning devices monitor Mars, the red planet is showing signs of life. According to scientists something strange is occurring since last year in Mars. The planet is all on a sudden showing signs of life. New data showing that patterns of water and methane in Mars'' atmosphere overlap may have important implications for the idea that the planet could harbor life. But where did this life come from after we all concluded years back that Mars has no atmosphere and is for all practical purposes really dead.
The finding comes from the Mars Express probe in orbit around the Red Planet. If microbes were making methane seen in Mars'' atmosphere, they would rely on water, so the association between the two has excited some researchers. But where did this life come from all on a sudden after we all concluded years back that Mars has no atmosphere and is for all practical purposes really dead?
The geothermal activity from underground heat sources on Mars generates methane through the oxidation of iron contained in hot basaltic rocks. The process, known as serpentisation, releases hydrogen that combines with carbon to form methane. Some project scientists speculate that geothermal heat beneath Mars causes ice and other material to move towards the surface: the so-called "ice table" hypothesis. Researchers have speculated that microbial life may exist in liquid water below this ice table. It has been suggested that the organisms are methanogens, microbes that produce methane as a waste product of their life process.
Some scientists believe either extraterrestrial civilization has started experiments to confuse terrestrial probes or human hand is behind implanting some strange life related activities, which will soon show that life is there, is Mars. Of course the third possibilities are that life related activities were overlooked in Mars for a long time.


greyspace said...

Have you stopped for a second, in the midst of your "the truth is out there" fervor, to consider the possibility that it's only been in the past few years that we've developed and deployed the right tools to start noticing these phenomena? That they've been happening all along, but we've only recently known what to look for, and how to find it?

You use "science" and "scientists" a lot on your blog, but you seem to have no idea of how science actually works.

I'd be interested in knowing a little more about those "some scientists" who suggest that an extraterrestrial civilization is putting on a show for us on Mars. Where's the research, the peer-reviewed material to support the claim?

TheObserver said...

Nice Question!
All I wanted was to share smething which I found while surfin the web!
You better be askin the same question to people on
May be they'll give a satisfactory explanation!
Thankz for the comment! DO keep these kinda comments flowin in, since you people out there are the true PILLARS that support this web site.

Anonymous said...

When will it be that "Human's" stop thinking of life forms based on what they are? Take the blinders off. Just because a human can not live somewhere does not in any means mean that another life form can not. I hear ya a "Thinking Life Form" yes they are there. Most humans are caught up in the day to day game of life that they do not see what is right in front of them. I myself love to sit on a mountain just to watch the life around me. I care not for what others believe........that is their problem. It is truely a wonderful world out there.....if one choose's to see it. For myself it is not a matter of do I is a fact I know. How sad it is for those that choose to fight the words of others who have seen what I have...could this be the fear of being wronge? Simply put it is fear in it's self that keep's human's from seeing the simple truth. Do I care if anyone reading my word's will learn? No.

Love &