Sunday, September 18, 2005

Man still puzzled by 'UFO' sighting

A north Shropshire man who claims he saw a glowing object travelling in the skies is searching for answers.
Steve Powell, 49, who lives near Prees Green, was shocked to find no one else knew about the mysterious object he had seen the night before. Mr Powell even called RAF Shawbury to see if they had received any reports or had any information about the sighting, and again drew a blank. He described the object as being a big round orange ball, about the size of a full moon in the sky. After Steve and his wife Cynthia watched the object for nearly a minute it dimmed and eventually faded away. Steve is now wondering why no one else witnessed the phenomenon, which he believes was a meteor crashing to earth. Squadron Leader Martin Locke, from RAF Shawbury, said no reports had been received about the strange sighting.


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