Sunday, July 31, 2005

Earthquake lights show Extraterrestrial UFOs in the vicinity

Most of the earthquakes above 4.0 Richter are associated with a strange phenomenon called earthquake lights. It is similar to an aurora like Northern lights but the span of the same is dispersed and sometime very short in area of sky covered. The lights appear before and around the same time earthquakes start. Scientists had different opinions on these lights. Some even called these lights hoax or reflection or refracted light and so on. Now scientists are realizing these strange glowing lights are electromagnetic change in field density or flux that is resultant from the change in earth’s electromagnetic field intensity from the earthquake and massive tectonic force and momentum. What really happens is that the intense electromagnetic flux in the environment at that moment neutralizes the electromagnetic stealth of the Extraterrestrial UFOs in the vicinity. The UFOs have two levels of electromagnetic shields. The first layer provides security and an equivalent of impenetrable armor. The outer layer of electromagnetic shield provides the stealth. The earthquakes cause the neutralizing of the outer layer and thus expose the inner level of electromagnetic shield. That shield glows and the light is known as the earthquake lights.
People who report these earthquake lights knows very well these glowing lights at the time of earthquakes are sometime single, sometime two and sometimes these are many. The reason is simple. The number depends upon the number of UFOs in the vicinity. Sumatra, Andaman, Nicobar Islands in recent days experienced maximum number of earthquakes in the last six months. These islands and surrounding region in the ocean have experienced innumerable earthquake lights before and during the earthquakes. The number of these glowing lights and the position of these lights are all different. Normally once the lights come in the sky or the UFO stealth shields are taken out, the UFOs stay stationery busy to rebuild the shields as fast as possible. That is why the lights stay in one place and sooner or later disappear.
Most interesting is the way these lights disappear. It goes off all on a sudden and there is no fixed time frame for that. The reason is again simple. Different earthquakes produce different level of electromagnetic flux. The UFOs as a result lose their electromagnetic shields if stealth and their positions are revealed. At that moment the UFOs employ all their resource to rebuild the shield. The moment they are able to rebuild the shield, the glowing light so-called earthquake lights disappear.

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