Sunday, July 24, 2005

Communicating with the Extraterrestrials with the help of Electron acceleration

Believe it or not we are in constant touch with the Federation of Universe. The mind control techniques of the Extraterrestrials are far more advanced that once thought by the UFO researchers.
Electron acceleration for the generation of Infra Red and other optical emissions, and to create additional ionization in selected regions of the ionosphere that could be used to control radio wave propagation properties have shown strange behavior in human mind. According to this theory, techniques of fast ionization with the use of a computer algorithm controlled accelerator can produce the effect. Science is now silently breaking the code of speechless communication between the human minds and Extraterrestrials. The communication is ongoing and takes place all the time. The mind network of humans, animals and plants are all connected to the outer space. According to many UFO researchers, we are told to everything. Even innovations are the effect of the closed circuit connectivity.
Very recently researchers are realizing that extraterrestrial UFOs contact human beings through their advanced mind control techniques. Many claim that the Governments, individuals, animals and plants are all in constant communication with the extraterrestrial entities.
The extraterrestrials according to this theory have the technology to communicate by methods that is nontraditional in terrestrial terms. People, who have claimed that they have experienced UFOs, are especially sensitive to charged ions in the environments and Extra Low Frequency waves. Some UFO researchers believe that there are reasons that human beings in different parts of the world though not in any physical communications with each other have developed same technologies in different parts of the world. Pyramids and similar looking structures were built thousands of years back in Central America and Egypt. Similar technologies are discovered in different parts of the world at the same time. These UFO researchers believe that the human beings – all of us guided by extraterrestrials through artificial mind control mechanisms experience these techniques.

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