Sunday, July 24, 2005

Extraterrestrial UFOs navigate with more than six degrees of freedom

Normally any flying object fron the earth can fly in the open space with maximum six degrees of freedom. There are three linear axis (x, y and z) and three more rotational degrees of freedom around those axis. Recent study of flight pattern of UFOs when modeled in a wind tunnel laboratory, revealed astonishing results. Computer models just cannot match the flight patterns, propagation and navigation with anything in the terrestrial world that is constrained with six degrees of freedom available in the physical universe.
When further analyzed, scientists found that these extraterrestrials somehow are using more than six degrees of freedom. Where are these extra degrees of freedom coming from? The laws of Statics and Dynamics (extension of Physics) stop there and are perplexed. The Extraterrestrial UFOs are using extra degrees of freedom from the spatial structures that extend into the parallel universes.
This has major implication. This means these UFOs can never be caught or damaged or even encountered unless they decide to do so. The reason is that at any point of time they can shift back into a different time dimension or a parallel universe of higher dimensions.
No wonders they can play hide and seek game and confuse the hell of us. Even if we break their stealth to catch a glimpse of them, we can really never see them. Their seventh and higher degrees of freedom allows them to shorten their flight pattern, create wormholes any time between physical and parallel universe and move into the deep space many light years away in a flick of a second.
Many UFO researchers believe that smaller UFOs are dispatched to the earth from large mother ships. Where are these mother ships – why we cannot see them with powerful telescopes? The answer is simple; these mother ships stay in the parallel universe.
The use of more than six degrees of freedom makes it very clear why UFOs can never be seen, encountered and photographed so easily without their explicit consent. The UFO stories now starts making sense. They can literally make themselves vanish in a flick of a second.

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