Thursday, July 21, 2005

Understanding Alien Contact

The galaxy is an unexplained continent filled with exotic beings of stellar dimensions.
Dr. Carl Sagan

"There is a clear signal in the noise coming from Mars. This establishes that there is a singular anomaly, which must be a result of intentional design, at Cydonia in the immediate vicinity of the Face and the D&M Pyramid."
Dr. Horace W. Crater
Magnetic and geologic surveys of many areas throughout the world have revealed magnetic anomalies that could not be produced by any natural or known phenomena. These transient magnetic anomalies have been recorded, indicating synchronous aerial magnetic anomalies have a multidimensional para physical place of origin, in terms of a different level of reality, where stability and solidity are being fuelled by a ceaseless process of subatomic particles, constantly dissolving into an implicit order, and then re-crystallizing within our space. Extraterrestrial biological entities may be using technologies and aspects of the physical universe that are beyond our current understanding to conceal their behavior, culture, appearance, and occasionally revealing their presence in our measurable space-time by making frequency shifts that leave traces of field flux, in certain energy spectra, allowing us to witness their presence.
Organizations (Project Phoenix and the BETA 2 Group) on earth have confirmed signals, using narrow band spectral analyzers, privately stating that the signals received, exhibited enough source information to determine and confirm an intelligent agent created them. The signals show language like structures, proofing "alien" intelligence to human life. The government has decided to suppress this information from the general public due to the widespread consequences, affecting all groups of society. Governments are scared of what this extraterrestrial contact information would mean to the different cultures on earth. They fear a breakdown in social order, a 'complete' breakdown in conventional religion. They even fear loss of control over the masses.
Human beings now live in a sacred cosmos, ready and able to reach beyond nature, accepting the revelation and presence of other intelligent life forms. Human science has now determined the true essence of human identity to be synthesized in nature, with alien origins. Through a series of mutational phases, the knowledge, presence, action, and interaction of our alien intra-solar system civilization, should not be denied with further patronizing forgeries and abuses of human authority.
It is now time for humanity to remove the imprints and conditioning of a divided culture, allowing sufficiently to build into the human thinking and world view, a formal interaction and understanding with other intelligent life forms. The search for extraterrestrial biological intelligence, based on flesh-and-blood brains, artificial machine intelligence or some integration of the two, is no longer required. Polarizing neutrinos, quantum entanglement, gamma rays, tachyons, gravitational waves or some other particle or technique to communicate across vast distances, is also unnecessary in regards to alien contact or protocol. Alien life is now part of our known mathematical structure and scientific order.

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