Monday, May 21, 2012

Alien Ship on Moon: Apollo 20 Flyover


First things first, there was no official Apollo 20 mission flown. It was cancelled shortly after the first Americans set foot on the dusty rock.

On January 4, 1970 NASA announced it was canceling the Apollo 20 as its Saturn V rocket was now needed for the Skylab space station and budget restrictions had limited the Saturn V production to the original 15 flight models.

However, I am a believer in public versions and private versions. I can see the US government wanting to get full potential from their investment, and that just might involve not letting the public in on everything that is going on.

The public got what they paid for. They got to see some historic landings, some rocks and some silly missions of astronauts jumping around and peeling out in the moon buggy. But for the largest and most powerful capitalist nation to just up and leave, now knowing how mineral rich it was is hard to fathom.

So lets say Apollo 20 did happen, this video is supposed to show us the approach footage for the landing when what appears to be an alien craft is spotted below. He camera shifts to a higher resolution optic and focuses on what could be a crashed or parked craft.

Apollo 20 Alien ShipThere are certainly holes in this video. Such as where are the voices? And how does he continue to pan around it and focus as the craft he's in is whizzing by. The Apollo 11 frames at the beginning is puzzling, and not to mention the "billions of years" reference. Again, no voices?

Great video though and not an easy one to fake if it is in fact that.


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Does anyone know anything about this book, The Memphis UFO, on amazon? I've heard something very special about it, and I wonder what others think, before I read it... It was also in the local news (

Also, while I was looking at it I ran across some sort of a new statistical analysis of UFO events, released by a science group called The UAP Panel. Their report on amazon gives some sort of scientific measurement on each and every reported UFO incident from about 2000 years ago to now (Unidentified Airborne Phenomena, Novel Statistical Analysis Results of UFO Reports from 250 to Present Time). Does anyone know about this, as well?


Adrian Keller
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