Sunday, January 21, 2007

Secrets from the Underground

A team of Journalists, Documentarians and UFO Investigators working with insiders within the UFO community, have released to the public from their private research files, video taped material that discloses shocking secrets from the UFO underground.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2007 -- The staff of Alien Secrets Investigations (ASI) considers it of planetary importance that the public have access to the full, raw, un-censored and un-edited controversial documentation collected during the development of the documentary on Alien/Human Hybrids and the making of the award winning film "Alien Secrets", scheduled to be released in 2007.The filmmakers have received hundreds of emails and blog communications requesting clarification of the claims made about the Alien/Human Hybrid program in America. "Alien Secrets" the movie, was loosely based on the journals of a UFO investigator and features in its plot the issues surrounding women who have been abducted by extraterrestrials, impregnated, and then presented with their half human, half alien Hybrid children. As a narrative feature film, it treats the subject respectfully and is executed as an adventurous docu-comedy; however, the movie also includes actual footage of UFOS, renowned experts and scientists in the field, and an actual interview with a woman who believes she could be an Alien/Human "Hybrid". Concerns all over the country came from viewers of pre- released limited edition DVD's that were made available to the media and the UFO underground.

Due to the un-orthodox method of interweaving a documentary on this subject into a narrative sci-fi storyline, commotion broke out amongst some scientists, abductees and UFO contactees who demanded to know whether the material was fabricated or real. The filmmakers have come to understated that this is an actual phenomenon that is taking place on this planet at this time in history and realize the importance of letting people know: what part of the movie is "story" and what part of the movie is footage from the documentary. In response to this, the producers and consulting investigators who worked on the project decided that it was time for the public to see the original video research material first hand, just as it was shot with nothing redacted or held back. To this end the web base company has released a collection of these video files entitled "Secrets from the Underground".

Testimonials from eyewitnesses, psychotherapists, scientists, military personnel, Abductees, Contactees, mothers of Alien/Human/Hybrids and experts in the field provide over 30 years of research dealing with this hidden phenomenon. For thousands of dedicated web surfers, "SECRETS FROM THE UNDERGROUND" has now become a main focus of UFO underground interaction and will soon feature the life experiences and underground activities of participating UFO subculture personalities. People who have an interest in this subject and newcomers who want to start their own investigations can access much of the research provided to Alien Secrets by visiting

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