Wednesday, June 06, 2007


WILDHEARTS frontman GINGER believes he was kidnapped and taken on board a UFO as a child.The British glam rocker - real name David Walls - says the experience as a five-year-old child forced him out of his neighbourhood.He says, "I'm sure that I was taken on board a UFO when I was five. Obviously I can't prove it so I don't know. I went into hypnotic regression to try and get to the bottom of what happened, but I couldn't target that particular instance; what it did was target an out-of-body experience I had as a kid."All I remember about the UFO was that it was huge and it came across the houses and then absolutely nothing and just running to my friends house and when I woke up it was cold and dark."My friend was in hysterics; he was crying and his mother was like 'You go away!' We moved from the area soon afterwards so I never found out what happened."

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