Friday, November 24, 2006

Strange Light seen over Plymouth, England

This week I received an interesting report from a British Man named Robb he reported a UFO encounter he had all the way back in the year 1994. He told me that even though the sighting was 12 years ago he still clearly remembers the incident and has never stopped talking about it since. So here is the bizarre account of a light ball UFO seen over Plymouth, England -
"I've looked for so long to find a website I could tell my story to. I know it was 12 years ago, but it was something me my brother and two friends saw in Plymouth, England. It was about 8:30pm in December and we were in an old council grounds, doing what teenagers did, when we caught sight of a stationary white light on the horizon over the moors. Plymouth has the sea with a very big naval base on one side of the city and vast moor land on the other. This light we figured at first to be a plane or something, but due to not moving at all we ruled that out pretty quick. After about 30 seconds it was getting bigger and bigger thus realising it was coming towards us. as we watched this, it swung to its left as if heading towards the naval base at a pretty fast rate, not being something we had seen before, we got pretty excited about this then, but it disappeared behind a cloud and didn't see this again. The next day though someone in school had seen the same thing and reckoned it had indeed flew straight towards the base but veered out to sea and shot off. I've never really told this to people due to the fact I sound like an idiot!"

Sam Willey

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