Monday, July 17, 2006

EyeWitness Shares His Family Secret

A man who says he saw wreckage from an extra-terrestrial aircraft and is writing a book on UFOs spoke with CBS4 on Sunday about this weekend's UFO Symposium.
Many years ago Jesse Marcel, Jr. said his father worked for the Air Force and was told to go clean up debris near Roswell, N.M. On his way back to the base he stopped at home to let his son look at the strange pieces of an aircraft."What I saw in the material ... it was some very exotic material ... there was a lot of foil," Marcel said. "There were some beams that had some strange writing on it and I realized right off the bat this was not anything I'd ever seen before."When asked what the symbols on the beam looked like, Marcel said that "there were some mathematical symbols ... geometric forms."Marcel's father was then sent to Fort Worth, Texas, with the debris in a B-29 airplane."When he came back the next day from Fort Worth he sat my mother and myself down and said, 'Don't ever talk about this again,'" Marcel said.Marcel spoke this weekend at the International UFO Symposium at the Marriot Denver in the Tech Center."It's a UFO gathering of interested people investigating UFO events because they're trying to get enough evidence out there to determine if these are really extra-terrestrial craft," Marcel told CBS4.
Marcel's book, titled Roswell: It Really Happened, is set to come out at the end of this year.

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