Friday, May 19, 2006

Mystery of stone circle

A man who claims to be able to sense energy fields believes a stone circle and mound close to Preston city centre could be of major historical significance.
David Boyle, 57, who has researched ley lines and stone circles for many years, says the site, close to Lancaster Road, could hide mysteries beneath.
Six concrete stones, around two feet in height, protrude from the mound, and David, who runs the Alien, UFO and Conspiracy Museum in Blackpool is calling for help in finding out the secrets of the site.
He said: "I was walking with friends in Preston when I felt an increasing amount of energy being transferred through me as I approached the site.

"I'm a clairsentient person which means I'm able to perceive energy fields through physical sensations and when I found the stone circle, which I did not know was there, I realised why the feelings were so intense.
"I'm certain the site is at the junction of two or more ley lines and when I stood there, the church spires of Preston in view are in alignment, which lends weight to the idea that the site is significant."
David, who has researched similar phenomena at Stonehenge and Glastonbury, acknowledges the stones on the mound are a relatively recent construction but thinks the mound might have once been the location of a ancient circle or church crypt.
"Why didn't the builders use this area when they built nearby houses? I'm certain the new stones were put there to mark the location of a site a genuine historical interest," he said.

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