Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Super-conducting Quantum Interference Devices

Super-conducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) are tiny sensors that detect and measure very small magnetic fields (or more accurately magnetic flux). Very advanced SQUIDs are now helping scientists track the extraterrestrial UFOs and reverse engineer their technologies. Very advanced Low Temperature SQUIDs (LTS) because of their superior quality and sensitivity, in spite of perceived logistical problems of using liquid Helium cooling (4.2K or -269°C) are being used for UFO detection and observation.
According to defense research scientists, a network of LTS SQUIDs with sophisticated follow through detection and analyzing computation sensors can not only track the invisible extraterrestrial UFOs under electromagnetic flux generated stealth, they also model the behavior, flight patterns, propulsion systems, stealth technology in use, communication devices and techniques and also the intensity of electromagnetic flux the extraterrestrial UFOs are using.
According to some scientists, the UFOs watch us quietly, model our activities and under deep stealth study our technical achievements. Interestingly, the advanced network of SQUIDs are allowing terrestrial technologies to model, observe and reverse engineer the advanced extraterrestrial technologies from the alien UFOs. According to some scientists, the SQUIDs network can form an effective device of modeling electromagnetic flux generated from natural and artificial sources. The network can even create electromagnetic images of the interior of an UFO space craft. That helps in viewing the inside of an UFO through the magnetic imaging eyes..
With SQUIDs the extraterrestrial UFOs understand that they are being watched under an electromagnetic periscope. According to scientists they do not show any reaction as if one day human civilization would have known about their existence any way.
Courtesy : SQUIDs

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