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Alien Ship on Moon: Apollo 20 Flyover


First things first, there was no official Apollo 20 mission flown. It was cancelled shortly after the first Americans set foot on the dusty rock.

On January 4, 1970 NASA announced it was canceling the Apollo 20 as its Saturn V rocket was now needed for the Skylab space station and budget restrictions had limited the Saturn V production to the original 15 flight models.

However, I am a believer in public versions and private versions. I can see the US government wanting to get full potential from their investment, and that just might involve not letting the public in on everything that is going on.

The public got what they paid for. They got to see some historic landings, some rocks and some silly missions of astronauts jumping around and peeling out in the moon buggy. But for the largest and most powerful capitalist nation to just up and leave, now knowing how mineral rich it was is hard to fathom.

So lets say Apollo 20 did happen, this video is supposed to show us the approach footage for the landing when what appears to be an alien craft is spotted below. He camera shifts to a higher resolution optic and focuses on what could be a crashed or parked craft.

Apollo 20 Alien ShipThere are certainly holes in this video. Such as where are the voices? And how does he continue to pan around it and focus as the craft he's in is whizzing by. The Apollo 11 frames at the beginning is puzzling, and not to mention the "billions of years" reference. Again, no voices?

Great video though and not an easy one to fake if it is in fact that.


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Defining a Close Encounter

Close Encounter


With regards to UFO's and UFOlogy, a Close Encounter simply means to witness an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Well, it seems as with everything in the world of UFOlogy that there are conflicting points of view regarding, “Close Encounters.” The, “Old school” train of thought relies wholly on Hynek's interpretation and recognises only the original three types of, “Close Encounter.” While some recognise these as well as a Close Encounter of the fourth, fifth and sixth kind, with some recognizing all 6 along with the sub-types.

The original terminology and the system used to qualify and classify these encounters was first proposed and introduced by UFO researcher and astronomer, “J. Allen Hynek.” It was in contained in his book, “The UFO Experience : A Scientific Study,” which was originally released way back in 1972.

It's also worth noting that UFO sightings more than 500 feet from the witness are classified as "Daylight Discs", "Nocturnal Lights" or "Radar/Visual Reports". Sightings within about 500 feet are sub-classified as various types of "close encounter."

Close Encounter Of The First Kind: Aerial objects that are not attributable to human technology and/or a sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects; these include flying saucers, orbs, balls of light, cylinders etc.

Close Encounter Of The Second Kind: An observation of a UFO and associated physical effects from the UFO. 3-D physical tracings, or remnants, of something apparently not of this world/dimension , it would appear that Crop Circles would fall into this category, BUT only if the crop circle is found in the vicinity of a UFO sighting.

Also included in a Close Encounter of the Second kind is any damage to the terrain, interference to televisions, radios and internal combustion engines, frightened or panicked animals, heat, radiation, human paralysis etc.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind: The Third kind is when you not only encounter a UFO, but when you can also see the entities inside the UFO.

Hynek was very careful to label this encounter as one which observed, “Animate beings,” within the UFO, note how he doesn't reference aliens or extraterrestrial, this was in conjunction with his own beliefs, and he further states that they are included because Hynek felt a scientific obligation to include them, due solely to the amount of reports of this type of UFO encounter rather than because of a personal belief.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind - The Bloecher Subtypes: UFO researcher Ted Bloecher, proposed a further seven subtypes for the Close Encounters of the Third kind in direct relation to/and for inclusion in the Hynek's scale.

* A: An entity is observed only inside the UFO.

* B: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO.

* C: An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out.

* D: An entity is observed. No UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time.

* E: An entity is observed. But no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time.

* F: No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some kind of “intelligent communication”.

* G: Abduction (same as close encounter of fourth kind)

Subtypes D, E, and F may be unrelated with the UFO phenomenon.

Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind: Abductees (BUT not contactees) so a Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind is when a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.

Close Encounter Of The Fifth Kind: This one was introduced and named by Steven M. Greer's CSETI group. This is the category under which most contactees fall, if you initiate contact, contact does indeed happen, (of any of the previously mentioned first to fourth kinds) this is an encounter of the fifth kind, i.e. b ilateral contact events produced through the conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative communication with Extraterrestrial intelligence.

Close Encounter Of The Sixth Kind: Direct injury and or death as of a result of encounter with a U.F.O, extraterrestrials or abduction by E.T's.

-Michael Naisbitt

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Road to Roswell: 60 Years - Interview with Stanton Friedman

Roswell: Crash at Corona

This is the first in a special series of Raiders News Network interviews focusing on the 60th Anniversary of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Incident.

HORN: Stanton, Roswell is the pre-eminent story of Ufology. Some say whatever occurred near Roswell, NM, in July 1947 will never be known. Others like you disagree on some levels. You and Bill Moore brought this story to light many years ago. This is the most appropriate place to start this series, so please tell us how that happened.

STAN: I first heard of Roswell in the early 1970s from a woman named Lydia Sleppy whose son was a forest ranger in California. He had had a good sighting. My associate (Bobbi Ann Slate Gironda , long deceased) and I spoke with him and he suggested we talk to his mother who had had a good sighting near Albuquerque. We did speak to her and after she told us about the sighting, she mentioned that when she had been working at an Albuquerque Radio Station in the late 1940s, she was asked to type the story coming in from a broadcaster at their Roswell affiliate station for a newswire. He dictated how a flying saucer had been recovered and was being sent to Wright Field. Part way through the story the bell went off on the machine she was using to put the story on the news wire. The FBI instructed her not to continue the transmission. She remembered the names of some of the people and I located several, but came to a dead end. I should stress that New Mexico was a hotbed of classified Research and Development activities and certainly it was expected that there would be spies and counter intelligence concerns.

Stanton FriedmanIn 1978 I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at a TV station to do three interviews before my lecture "Flying Saucers ARE Real!" that evening at Louisiana State University. I had done two, but the third reporter was nowhere to be found. The station manager was giving me coffee, looking at his watch, and was embarrassed as he knew the person who had brought me to the station and that I had other things to do. Out of the blue he told me that the person I ought to talk to was Jesse Marcel over in Houma, Louisiana. I asked "Who is he?" He answered "Oh, he handled wreckage of a flying saucer when he was in the military. We are old Ham radio buddies." The reporter finally showed up and I was busy the rest of the day. Next day from the Airport I called information and then spoke with Jesse who told me his story. This is described in detail in "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Story of the Roswell Incident" by Don Berliner and myself and available from my website at Jesse didn't have a precise date. I shared the story with Bill Moore (we had known each other in Pittsburgh, years before). I also saw him months later in Minnesota the day after meeting with Vern and Jean Maltaise of Bemidji, MN, who told me a story of their friend Barney Barnett who had come across a crashed saucer and strange bodies in New Mexico. Bill had a 3rd story (From the Flying Saucer Review) about an English actor named Hughie Green who heard a story on the radio about a New Mexico crashed saucer when driving from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. He could pin down a date (early July, 1947). Bill went to the U. of Minnesota Library and found the stories in newspapers in the periodicals department. These gave us an independent check on Jesse's story and the names of many more people . By 1980 we had located 62 people. That is when the first Roswell book "The Roswell Incident" by Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz was published. Bill and I did 90% of the research. By 1986 we had published several more articles and the total was up to 92. This was all before the internet made searching a lot easier and cheaper. I instigated, and was in, the Unsolved Mysteries NBC TV program about Roswell in 1989. It was well done and was seen by 28 million people.

Many others have joined in, some of the noisy negativists from their armchairs, and, of course, the government has issued two large reports full of misrepresentation and anti-UFO propaganda. I am still checking on some leads... and correcting the false information put out by the noisy negativists.

HORN: In 1984, a Hollywood movie producer named James Shandera investigating the UFO phenomena receives an anonymously mailed package of 35 mm film. It supposedly contains images of a top secret Government report, later named the "Majestic Twelve (or MJ-12) documents." You wind up with these documents. Tell us about that, and do you still believe some of the Majestic 12 documents are genuine?

STAN: I had introduced Jaime to Bill Moore while I was living in California and worked with Jaime and Bill briefly on a fictional movie that didn't get very far in 1980 before I moved from California to New Brunswick, Canada. Jaime and Bill worked closely together, saw each other often and worked with several insiders. We kept in touch by phone and during my travels. The film had two identical sets of 8 negatives each. The document was classified TOP SECRET/MAJIC. The title on the first page is "Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12" Prepared for President Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, 18 November, 1952. I was notified about its receipt and we cooperated on trying to determine whether the original two documents, the briefing and p.8, a memo from President Truman to Secretary of Defense Forrestal (Sept. 24, 1947) authorizing Operation Majestic 12, were genuine. Another brief Top Secret Restricted document, a memo, July 14, 1954, from Robert Cutler to General Nathan Twining, one of the MJ-12 members, was discovered at the National Archives. A very important part of my research dealt with my very surprising finding that Dr. Donald Menzel, who was an astronomy Professor at Harvard and had written 3 anti-UFO books, and who was listed as an MJ-12 member, actually led a double life doing highly classified work for decades for the NSA, the CIA, and 30 companies.

My book TOP SECRET/MAJIC gives the whole story and demonstrates that none of the myriad of anti-MJ-12 arguments stand up to careful scrutiny based on my visits to 20 archives and my 14 years of work on classified programs. It also demonstrates that there are a number of phony MJ-12 documents out there as well.

HORN: I talked with Jesse Marcel Jr. not long ago. He has a new book coming out that will be launched at the Roswell festival. He does not buy the Mogul balloon explanation about Roswell. What's your take on this?

STAN: The ridiculous MOGUL explanation put forth by Colonel Richard Weaver simply doesn't stand up to careful review as is noted in "Crash at Corona" and in several other of my papers. That his specialty is disinformation becomes quite clear. Mogul doesn't cut it. The materials don't match witness descriptions in terms of the characteristics and the quantity . Dr. David Rudiak at his website shows that no Mogul balloon could have landed on the Brazel ranch. Enginer Robert Galganski shows the amount of material is a total mismatch . If it doesn't fit, one must acquit.

HORN: Could the crash test dummies explain reports of alien bodies?

STAN: This attempt to explain the bodies observed by witnesses to the Roswell crashes is certainly one of the silliest of many totally false explanations put forth by government propagandists in a long history of such nonsense. There are 3 major problems with it:

1. All were dropped in 1953 or later; a minimum of 6 years after the Roswell crash. Last I heard, nobody had invented time travel, even for crash test dummies.

2. I met with Colonel Madson, who had been in charge of that program. For the tests to be meaningful, he noted that the dummies were 6' tall and weighed 175 pounds to match pilots. There was no way to morph them down to 4 foot tall skinny little guys with four fingers and big heads..

3. The Air Force report uses the same map of test drop locations three times. There were no dummy drops near either of the 2 crash sites (Brazel Ranch and Plains of San Agustin.)

HORN: Do you believe the government is covering up the truth about flying saucers?

STAN: It isn't a question of belief. One needs only to look at the multitude of lies over 60 year period of time, as well as the blacked out UFO documents from the CIA, the whited out UFO documents from the NSA (156 pages) on which one can only read one or two sentences

HORN: Why would they do that? What benefit is it to them to cover up the truth about flying saucers?

STAN: I have a paper on my website "The UFO 'Why' Questions" which discusses this in detail. Briefly: 1. All governments would like to determine how the saucers work since they obviously would make great weapons delivery and defense systems. With wreckage, one sets up a highly classified program. The basic rule for security is one can't tell ones friends without telling ones enemies. 2. What if the other guy figures out how they work before we do? We don't want them to know what we know or to know that we know what they know. 3. If an announcement were made, there would be at least 3 major effects; Church attendance would go up as would mental hospital admissions, the stock market would go down, and the younger generation would push for an Earthling rather than a nationalistic orientation. No government wants that. 4. Certain religious fundamentalists such as the late Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have loudly claimed there is no intelligent life outside of earth and the UFO stuff is the work of the devil. They would be up the creek without a religious paddle. 5. Some people would say they obviously must be more technologically advanced then are we, so soon there will be new methods of energy production, ground and air travel, computers and communication systems.. leading to economic chaos. 6. As is noted in the new book "Shoot Them Down" by Frank Feschino Jr., military pilots in 1952 were instructed to shoot down UFOs if they wouldn't land when instructed to do so. There are indications that the UFOs on occasion returned fire. No government wants to admit it has lost planes to UFOs. In parallel it took the government more than 50 years to admit that 166 military reconnaissance aircraft crew members had been shot down when tickling Russia or China or North Korea. Families were lied to as noted in the fine 2001 book "By Any Means Necessary" by William Burrows

HORN: Now let's turn to some technical questions. Doesn't relativity prevent interstellar travel?

STAN: Of course not. Time slows down as things approach the speed of light. This has been demonstrated. At 99.99% of the speed of light it only takes 6 months pilot time to go 37 light years. I worked on nuclear fusion propulsion systems in 1961. Using the right isotopes of hydrogen and helium one can eject charged particles having 10 million times as much energy per particle as in a chemical rocket.

HORN: Wouldn't it take too much energy to get to another galaxy?

STAN: Who cares? Andromeda is over 2 million light years away. But within just 55 light years of Earth there are about 2000 stars of which roughly 50 are very similar to the sun. If I need a loaf of bread for dinner I don't worry about going to that great bakery in Sydney, Australia, or even one in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I go to the supermarket 2 miles away. The amount of energy required depends on the details of the trip. One astronomer calculating the required initial launch weight of a rocket able to get a man to the moon and back was too high by a factor of 300 Million. One thing he neglected was cosmic freeloading, letting mother nature do much of the work as we do on all our deep space flights. Astronomers have very little knowledge of space travel.

HORN: What technique might be used to move around in the atmosphere the way saucers are reported to?

STAN: One of Friedman's laws is that technological progress comes from doing things differently in an unpredictable way. Lasers aren't just better light bulbs. The nuclear fission rockets I helped test almost 40 years ago are not just better chemical rockets. Entirely different physics in both cases. As I noted in my 1968 Congressional testimony, an attractive approach is magnetoaerodynamics similar to the electromagnetic submarine successfully tested in the mid 1960s by Dr. Stewart Way, but replacing seawater, an electrically conducting fluid, with ionized air another one. One technical-report literature search I had done noted 900 references; more than 90% were classified . Gets around all the problems of highspeed flight in the atmosphere.

HORN: Here's a big question I'm personally interested in. Where do you think these visitors originate?

STAN: The only UFO case that I know of that provides an answer is the fascinating abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire in September, 1961. Betty described a star map (model) under hypnosis . She drew it as a post hypnoctic suggestion by the skilled psychiatist hypnotist Dr. Benjamin Simon. It is in the first book "The Interrupted Journey". A brilliant woman named Marjorie Fish built 25 models of the local galactic neighborhood and was able to determine that the base stars in the map were Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli in the Southern sky constellation of Reticulum. They are unique being the closest to each other pair of sun-like stars in our neighborhood. They are only 39.2 light years from here and only 1/8th of a light year apart from each other, and a billion years older than the sun. The work is described in detail in the new book due out in late July :"Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience" by Kathleen Marden (Betty's niece) and myself. We deal with the objections to both the case and the star map work. Not surprisingly none of the critics accurately described either.

HORN: Can you gives us a glimpse of what your Roswell 2007 Presentation will cover?

STAN: I will review the many technological changes that have occurred since July, 1947. Then there were no home computers, no internet, no space travel, no lasers, no supersonic aircraft, no fusion weapons, no microwaves or cell phones etc. Note will be taken of the 4 groups certain to be attracted to the Roswell story: A. Serious researchers. B. Nasty noisy negativists . C The government. (the last 2 have taken very strong stands that there can be nothing to UFOs therefore Roswell and MJ-12 can't be real). D The enthusiasts who are willing to bear false witness. I will review some of the religious aspects of the Roswell story, deal with the silliest attacks by the government and the debunkers, take note of some reasons for UFOs to be very interested in Southeastern New Mexico in July 1947. Should be fun.

HORN: Thanks for doing this interview, Stan. Please tell people where they can learn more about your research.

STAN: They can view my website at or read my books TOP SECRET/MAJIC or "Crash at Corona", or "Captured" or view my DVD "Flying Saucers ARE Real!" or read my monthly columns in UFO Magazine and the MUFON Journal. My email address is They can write me at POB 958, Houlton, ME 04730-0958

Thanks for asking. STF


From the Raiders News Network -

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NASA's Golden Gift to the Aliens: 30 Years Later

Voyager Spacecraft Golden Disk


In a few months, NASA scientists and the press will note the passing of the 30th anniversary since the launches of Voyagers I and II. By now, both interstellar probes have passed beyond Pluto's orbit and are speeding out toward neighboring star systems, carrying with them copies of the Golden Record, a phonograph record full of images, music and recordings of life on Earth intended for any extraterrestrials who might happen upon the probe and wonder who sent it. It's the same idea behind the plaque that was bolted onto the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft, both of which are currently gliding out of the solar system behind the Voyager probes.

While many Americans have heard of the record, most probably don't remember just what was on it. Fortunately, you can find the amazing images, which were chosen over the course of six months by a committee headed by Carl Sagan, compiled here.

Today it's unlikely that we would choose to include this gee-whiz shot of the U.N. headquarters; or this greenhouse gas nightmare in India to portray ourselves. Not that we'd do so much better now than we did then; the aliens would probably be just as confused by a photo of President Bush, or an image of a kid using a laptop, or a YouTube video of Dancing with the Stars.

It was the late '70s when these pictures were chosen, and Carl Sagan was probably smoking a lot of grass, but that doesn't quite explain some of the stranger images. What is this picture, exactly, and who let Archie Bunker in?

NASA Golden RecordAlthough the images don't always work, there's something admirable and humble about creating a record like this in the infinitesimal chance that it would be discovered by other intelligent beings. You could argue that launching a photo album of the human race is the height of egotism, or you can take President Jimmy Carter at his word when he says, in a message on the record:

"Of the 200 million stars in the Milky Way galaxy, some—perhaps many—may have inhabited planets and space-faring civilizations. If one such civilization intercepts Voyager and can understand these recorded contents, here is our message: This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours. We hope someday, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of galactic civilizations. This record represents our hope and our determination and our goodwill in a vast and awesome universe."

For better or worse, we don't really do things like this anymore. New Horizons, the last spacecraft NASA launched that will eventually pass beyond the edge of the solar system, carries the ashes of the man who discovered Pluto, along with a piece of another spacecraft, an American flag and, for some reason (probably because people paid for the privilege), the names of more than 430,000 people stored on a CD. Apparently we've replaced attempts at interstellar communication with marketing stunts that will seem far kitschier in 30 years than Sagan's Golden Record does today.

—Kevin Friedl

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Non-Carbon Based Life Forms: Why We May Overlook ET LIfe

Silicon Based Multi-Cells


Carbon is great molecular glue—there’s not doubt about it. Just add water and you’ve got life. Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but carbon and water do seem to be a winning combo, at least on planet Earth. That may be why we’ve been limiting ourselves in our search for extraterrestrial life. The carbon/water combo has worked so well for our own conditions, that we simply can’t imagine anything else supporting life.

Currently, our search for extra-terrestrial life forms has been focused on planets similar to ours. The perplexing idea exists, however, that what would be death to us on Earth, may be life to other beings. What we’re looking for may not lie in our version of the “sweet spot”.

It is definitely worth considering that other options do exist besides water and carbon. Alternative biochemists speculate that there are several atoms and solvents that could potentially spawn life. It is also worth considering that because humans are carbon-based beings, who do their lab work under conditions on planet Earth, we may be a bit biased towards carbon thinking.

Non-Carbon Based LifeNot everyone is a “carbon chauvinist”, however. So far, scientists have already hypothesized several interesting alternatives to carbon. Various elements become more stable and capable of forming complex molecules when under strange (from a human perspective) thermal and atmospheric conditions. For example, silicone-based chemicals would be more stable than equivalent hydrocarbons in a sulphuric-acid-rich setting, which has been noted in some extraterrestrial environments.

Even counter-intuitive elements such as arsenic may be capable of supporting life under the right conditions. Even on Earth some marine algae incorporate arsenic into complex organic molecules such as arsenosugars and arsenobetaines. Several other small life forms use arsenic to generate energy and facilitate growth. Chlorine and sulfur are also possible elemental replacements for carbon. Sulfur is capably of forming long-chain molecules like carbon. Some terrestrial bacteria have already been discovered to survive on sulfur rather than oxygen, by reducing sulfur to hydrogen sulfide.

Nitrogen and phosphorus could also potentially form biochemical molecules. Phosphorus is similar to carbon in that it can form long chain molecules on its own, which would conceivably allow for formation of complex macromolecules. When combined with nitrogen, it can create quite a wide range of molecules, including rings.

So what about water? Isn’t at least water essential to life? Not necessarily. Ammonia, for example, has many of the same properties as water. An ammonia or ammonia-water mixture stays liquid at much colder temperatures than plain water. Such biochemistries may exist outside the conventional water-based "habitability zone". One exciting example of such a location would be Saturn's largest moon Titan.

Hydrogen fluoride methanol, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, and formamide have all been suggested as suitable solvents that could theoretically support alternative biochemistry. All of these “water replacements” have pros and cons when considered in our terrestrial environment. What needs to be considered is that with a radically different environment, comes radically different reactions. Water and carbon might be the very last things capable of supporting life in some extreme planetary conditions. In any case, it is not beyond the realm of feasibility that our first encounter with extraterrestrial life will not be a solely carbon-based occasion.


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Alien Life Created From Space Dust?

Alien Life From Space Dust


Could extraterrestrial life be made of corkscrew-shaped particles of interstellar dust? Intriguing new evidence of life-like structures that form from inorganic substances in space.

The findings hint at the possibility that life beyond earth may not necessarily use carbon-based molecules as its building blocks. They also point to a possible new explanation for the origin of life on earth.

Life on earth is organic. It is composed of organic molecules, which are simply the compounds of carbon, excluding carbonates and carbon dioxide. The idea that particles of inorganic dust may take on a life of their own is nothing short of alien, going beyond the silicon-based life forms favoured by some science fiction stories.

Now, an international team has discovered that under the right conditions, particles of inorganic dust can become organised into helical structures. These structures can then interact with each other in ways that are usually associated with organic compounds and life itself.

V.N. Tsytovich of the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, in Moscow, working with colleagues there and at the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany and the University of Sydney, Australia, has studied the behaviour of complex mixtures of inorganic materials in a plasma. Plasma is essentially the fourth state of matter beyond solid, liquid and gas, in which electrons are torn from atoms leaving behind a miasma of charged particles.

Until now, physicists assumed that there could be little organisation in such a cloud of particles. However, Tsytovich and his colleagues demonstrated, using a computer model of molecular dynamics, that particles in a plasma can undergo self-organization as electronic charges become separated and the plasma becomes polarized. This effect results in microscopic strands of solid particles that twist into corkscrew shapes, or helical structures. These helical strands are themselves electronically charged and are attracted to each other.

Helical Structure for Alien LifeQuite bizarrely, not only do these helical strands interact in a counterintuitive way in which like can attract like, but they also undergo changes that are normally associated with biological molecules, such as DNA and proteins, say the researchers. They can, for instance, divide, or bifurcate, to form two copies of the original structure. These new structures can also interact to induce changes in their neighbours and they can even evolve into yet more structures as less stable ones break down, leaving behind only the fittest structures in the plasma.

So, could helical clusters formed from interstellar dust be somehow alive? "These complex, self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter," says Tsytovich, "they are autonomous, they reproduce and they evolve".

He adds that the plasma conditions needed to form these helical structures are common in outer space. However, plasmas can also form under more down to earth conditions such as the point of a lightning strike. The researchers hint that perhaps an inorganic form of life emerged on the primordial earth, which then acted as the template for the more familiar organic molecules we know today.

Source: IoP

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June Crain: Roswell UFO Debris Inspector

June Crain Roswell Story


Here is an interesting piece written by Joseph Capp about a woman who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Base during the time the debris and occupants from the Roswell UFO crash were taken there.

She claimed to have handled pieces from the craft after waiting 45 years to tell her story.

- Joseph Capp

I am so tired of these two-handed bandits, these blog gurus who pontificate the truth from their computer thrones, who debunk UFOs with no regard for the human factor.

Here is my truth: June Crain was there.

June Crain had an “above top secret” clearance.

June Crain typed secret documents and took dictation for the scientists.

June Crain kept “the secrets” for 45 years.

What secrets did June Crain keep? June handled pieces from the Roswell crash, and was friends with the person who escorted the boxes of dead bodies by transport from New Mexico. Where could June have worked? June Crain worked at Wright-Patterson Air Base for over 10 years, 1942 to 1953. June’s friend, “Master Sergeant Clarence,” (she attended his wedding) escorted the alien bodies (not Japanese or German ‘aliens’) these were “little green men” to the base. June was there, watching, as the engineers almost rolled on the floor laughing about the balloon cover story. The new management is probably still laughing.

What were the details? June knew there were pieces of “space ships”; she personally handled the fragments. An Officer handed them to her. She tried to cut the piece or make a mark on it; she couldn’t do it. She wrinkled it all up and it would smooth out to its original shape. Although rather thick, it was almost weightless. Where did it come from? The military officer’s answer was “New Mexico”. You can bet if June handled a piece of the “space ship”, then the scientists were privy to much more. She took dictation from the “engineers” and scientists. She was one of the few who could understand their terminology. She was the fastest in dictation and typing of the support staff. They spoke of three crashes, for sure, all in New Mexico. At the time, the knowledge was treated as matter-of-fact. The scientists were obsessed with, and debated, the propulsion systems. They rolled their eyes and almost lost it over the Air force explanation.

The scientists and military liked June; she was pretty, smart, and took no bull. She started working at Wright Field when she was 17. Tough, she told one Colonel to “kiss her ass” when he tried to skirt some rules. She was also instrumental in catching a spy. What a woman! She disagreed with our historians on one character at Wight Field. But I have a sneaking suspicion June is right --and the historians are wrong. Read the entire interview on PDF, unless of course, you take to the notion that our historians, like UFO skeptics, are always right.

Character – June Crain forgot more about character than most of our web pontificators, including me, will ever know. Two bouts of Cancer, the death of a husband, almost lost a child to a drunk driver, and had financial problems to boot. So what did June do? She learned carpentry and built 15 homes for low income families. Later, when she retired, she continued to help her local community by raising the funds for the local library. This is a person, real, not some caricature designed by your local spin factory. I don’t know, today maybe that just doesn’t matter anymore.

For Fame - When June came forward, she came forward anonymously. She did this because the media and the Air Force made fun of the Roswell spaceship crash theory. She was getting very old and took it personally --perhaps because she personally handled a piece of the craft. Seven years later she came forward publicly. The second time she came forward, she did so because the Air Force cast aspersions on her esprit de corps, by claiming the alien bodies were parachute test dummies. June worked with the Parachute Corps at Wright Field, and she knew that was a lie. She loved those guys and watched one test where many soldiers died. This high-mortality test was kept secret. Even though seven years had passed, the story June first leaked remained the same. No matter what these skeptics and armchair quarterbacks like me say, some things are burned into your memory…you do not forget them. All of us regular folks know that.

I know our society and the media seem to believe that when you start getting old you should go “gentle into that good night” as Dylan Thomas put it. Thomas’ poem says, instead, we should “rage…against the dying of the light.”

There was no way June was going to go gently, or in silence.

I hope if anyone reads this blog about June, and the explanations from Balloon Nuts or alternate theories given fifty years after the fact, they’ll just take a moment to give June Crain --her unique story and her heroic life-- a second look. I doubt the skeptics will. They’re never wrong, you know.

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